Best Online Business Degree Programs, Accredited And Affordable

An online bachelor’s degree in business can often lead students to careers in marketing, sales and entrepreneurship. These programs typically offer the education and skill set needed for graduates to enter the world of business with confidence. Online business programs are typically cost-effective and may offer customizable schedules. Explore different online programs for a bachelor’s in business degree, learn which schools rank the highest and find out what it takes to earn your degree.

Top Online Bachelor’s Business Programs

1. Montana State University – Northern Region – BBA The MBA program at Montana State University is ranked No. 24 in the nation, offering students extensive learning opportunities in seven different areas of business. This online MBA program includes online lessons, assignments, presentations, group projects and a capstone project. The program is worth 36 semester credits, and requires 13 hours of coursework per week, with the option to take a 10-credit class outside of the online format. The program also requires 7.5 hours of class participation per week. A bachelor’s degree from Montana State University is available in a wide range of programs, including pre-medical, pre-law, business, education and social sciences. 2.

Why Earn an Online Bachelor’s in Business?

Online business programs can be completed in as little as 16 weeks, and the flexibility of online learning can be a great benefit. For example, those who are working full-time jobs can complete an online degree program. Often these programs don’t require students to relocate, and student affordability is a priority. Additionally, since students can complete the degree programs at their own pace, it can be great for those with full-time jobs or those who have other commitments. The Best Online Business Degree Programs, Accredited and Affordable Consider the following factors when choosing a degree program in business: Degree Level : Some online business degrees provide a formal degree, while others are designed for adult learners.

What to Consider When Selecting an Online Business Program

Online business degree programs must be accredited, and that means they must adhere to national standards. Candidates for bachelor’s degree must have at least 18 college credits. This can be earned in a relatively short time, and the duration of the online program is usually four years. Online business degree programs must be affordable. The most affordable degrees typically fall between $2,000 and $5,000. Schools with low tuition have limited class sizes, offering opportunities for students to get hands-on experience. Learn more about online business degrees and how to choose one that best fits your needs. Business Degrees Ranked As Highly Effective Online programs are a great option for students who are looking to begin a business career, or improve their current one.

The Best Online Bachelor’s in Business Programs

Any one of the below business degrees may be the right choice for you if you are working towards your degree while employed full-time. Associate’s Degrees Most associate’s degree programs in business have a full four-year degree and can be completed in a little more than two years, depending on the school. An Associate’s degree in business can also be used toward a bachelor’s degree. Some colleges offer accelerated associate’s degrees, which are more affordable. If you want to take advantage of these programs, make sure you sign up for the classes that work best for you. This can help you find the class schedule and class times that best work for you. Online Business Degree Programs A bachelor’s degree in business can be a great way to give yourself more options.


The world of online business is growing rapidly and will continue to grow for years to come. The future for online business courses and degree programs is bright, and more and more students are attending and earning degrees through online business degrees. However, getting the most out of these degrees will require a significant commitment to time and effort.

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