Bedok Camp 2

Bedok Camp 2


Bedok Camp 2 is a prominent military training facility located in Singapore. It serves as one of the core camps for the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and plays a vital role in training and preparing soldiers for their national defence duties.


Bedok Camp 2 is situated in the eastern region of Singapore, specifically in the neighbourhood of Bedok. Known for its strategic location, it provides easy access to various military training grounds and resources within the city-state.


The primary purpose of Bedok Camp 2 is to train SAF personnel across multiple branches, including infantry, artillery, combat engineering, logistics, signal formation, and support units. The camp focuses on equipping soldiers with the necessary skills and knowledge to fulfil their roles efficiently during peacetime operations or in times of conflict.


Training Areas: The camp boasts extensive outdoor training areas where soldiers engage in physical conditioning exercises such as route marches and obstacle courses. These areas are designed to simulate battlefield conditions and provide practical experience.

Parade Square: A large parade square serves as a venue for ceremonial events like Passing Out Parades (POP), where recruits officially complete their basic military training.

Training Blocks: Numerous accommodation blocks within the camp are equipped with dormitories that offer comfortable living quarters for troops during their stay at Bedok Camp 2.

Indoor Training Facilities: There are indoor facilities dedicated to enhancing soldiers' technical skills through simulated exercises using advanced simulation tools and equipment.

Mess Halls: Several mess halls on-site cater to dining needs by providing well-balanced meals for servicemen throughout their training period.


Soldiers undergo a wide range of activities at Bedok Camp 2:

Basic Military Training (BMT): New recruits receive an intensive introduction to military life during BMT before being assigned to specialised vocations.

Specialist Training: After completing BMT, soldiers train in their respective branches, acquiring specialised skills and knowledge necessary for their chosen roles.

Leadership Development: As servicemen progress in their military careers, leadership courses are conducted to groom them for positions of responsibility within the SAF.

Unit Training: Regular training exercises are organised to sharpen soldiers' combat readiness and team cohesion.

Professional Courses: Bedok Camp 2 is also a hub for professional development courses related to various military disciplines. These courses range from technical subjects to strategic planning.

Bedok Camp 2 serves as a critical training institution within the Singapore Armed Forces. With its state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive training programmes, it plays a vital role in preparing soldiers for their national defence duties. The camp's dedication to excellence ensures that Singapore maintains a strong and capable defence force at all times.

Bedok Camp 2 Units and Personnel


At Bedok Camp 2 in Singapore, various military units are stationed to support the country's defense and protect its interests. These units are comprised of dedicated personnel who undergo rigorous training to ensure operational readiness at all times. In this overview, we will delve into the different units and their respective tasks, as well as the personnel serving in those units.

The Army Units

Infantry Formation:

At Bedok Camp 2, there is an infantry formation responsible for ground combat operations.

This formation consists of a diverse range of infantry units specialising in different types of terrain and combat tactics.

Infantry soldiers undergo extensive physical and tactical training to develop their skills in close quarters battle, marksmanship, urban warfare, jungle survival techniques', reconnaissance missions', etc.

Armoured Formation:

The Armoured Formation is tasked with mechanised warfare using tanks and armoured vehicles.

Soldiers assigned to these units operate state-of-the-art armoured assets and receive specialised training on driving, maintaining, and firing weapons from within armoured vehicles’, defensive formations', etc.

Combat Engineer Unit:

The Combat Engineer unit provides crucial support during military operations by building infrastructure such as bridges'''

Additionally, they provide demolition capabilities’

They also carry out mine clearance'

Engineering soldiers go through intensive training programmes that equip them with knowledge across various engineering disciplines, including demolitions

Supporting Units:

Medical Corps:

Medical professionals serve under the Medical Corps' umbrella, providing healthcare services'.

From medics on the field to specialist doctors managing clinics,

Signals Formation:

Responsibility for establishing communication networks among military forces is required''.

This includes setting up mobile command centres and organising telephone lines, among others'

Key Personnel


Officers are the leaders of military units and hold command positions.

They are responsible for planning and executing operations, maintaining discipline within their ranks, and ensuring the welfare of their personnel.

Warrant Officers:

Warrant officers are senior-enlisted personnel who serve as technical experts in their respective fields.

They provide guidance to junior officers and supervise the execution of tasks using their specialised knowledge.

Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs):

NCOs act as a bridge between officers and enlisted soldiers.

They provide leadership, mentorship, training, and ensure discipline among troops under their command.

Enlisted Soldiers:

Corporals & Privates:

These soldiers make up the majority of the military workforce at Bedok Camp 2.

They receive basic military training before specializing in various roles such as infantryman or armored vehicle operator based on unit assignment.

The units stationed at Bedok Camp 2 in Singapore bring together highly trained personnel from different backgrounds to form a cohesive force ready to fulfill various defense roles. From combat operations to support functions such as medical care and communication infrastructure development, these units work together diligently to safeguard Singapore's security interests both domestically and abroad.

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Bedok Camp 2: Ranks and roles of personnel


In Bedok Camp 2, there are several units and personnel who play different roles to ensure the smooth operation and security of the camp. These units function as a cohesive team, working together to support their mission objectives. Let's take a closer look at the various units and the ranks and roles of the personnel within them.

Infantry Units

Infantry Battalion: The infantry battalion is one of the main combat units in Bedok Camp 2. It consists of multiple companies led by officers with varying ranks such as Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) or Major (MAJ). The infantry battalion undertakes ground operations, including offensive attacks, defensive positions, patrols, and urban warfare.

Company: A company is made up of three to four infantry platoons. Each company has its own specific role within the battalion.

Infantry Platoon: An infantry platoon typically comprises about 30 soldiers led by an officer cadet (OCT) or a second lieutenant (2LT). The platoon executes missions assigned by their higher-ranking officers.

Section: A section is led by a non-commissioned officer (NCO) known as a section commander or Lance Corporal (LCPL). It consists of around eight to ten soldiers who work closely together during operations.

Fire Team: A fire team functions under the command of a fire team leader and usually consists of two riflemen armed with assault rifles or light machine guns.

Support Units

Combat Service Support Command: The Combat Service Support Command provides essential logistical support for operations within Bedok Camp 2. They perform functions such as supply management, maintenance work for vehicles, and equipment deployment.

Supply Company: This unit manages all aspects related to logistics, including accommodation supplies, transport needs manpower needs, etc. The head of the supply company usually holds a staff rank, typically Captain (CPT) or Major (MAJ).

Logistics Platoon: The logistics platoon is responsible for inventory management and ensuring that supplies are distributed to the various units within Bedok Camp 2 in an efficient manner.

Storeman: They work under the supervision of the Logistics Platoon Commander. They manage and organise the storage areas, ensuring items are readily available when required.

Maintenance Unit The maintenance unit is responsible for servicing and maintaining all vehicles and equipment within Bedok Camp 2.

Vehicle Technician: Vehicle technicians handle repairs, maintenance checks, and troubleshooting on all military vehicles. These individuals possess specialised knowledge in mechanical engineering.

Equipment Technician: Equipment technicians perform maintenance on various specialized equipment used by different units. They ensure functional readiness of essential gear such as communications systems, weapons systems etc

Command Staff

Camp Commandant Office: The command staff at Bedok Camp 2 includes officers from various branches and departments who oversee daily operations, planning exercises, training programmes, etc.

Camp Commandant: The highest-ranking officer in Bedok Camp 2 holds this position. Typically assigned to an LTC or higher-ranking officer.

Other senior officers include heads from different sections, such as training officer (TO), medical officer (MO), personnel administration department etc.

It's important to note that these roles may vary depending on specific organisational structures and requirements within Bedok Camp 2. This overview provides a general understanding of units and personnel ranks you can find within this camp in Singapore

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