civil service club bukit batok

Civil Service Club Bukit Batok


The Civil Service Club Bukit Batok is a renowned recreational club located in the heart of Bukit Batok, Singapore. It is an exclusive club that caters specifically to civil servants and their families, providing them with a wide range of amenities, facilities, and services.


The inception of Civil Service Club Bukit Batok can be traced back to [insert year], when it was established with the aim of providing civil servants with a place where they could relax, socialise, and engage in recreational activities outside their work environment. Over the years, the club has grown exponentially in terms of its membership base and offerings.


Membership is open exclusively to individuals who are current or retired civil servants working within various government agencies. Additionally, family members of eligible civil servants can also join as dependents. The membership ensures that members have access to all the facilities and benefits offered by the club.


The club boasts a rich array of facilities designed for individuals and families alike. Some key amenities include:

Swimming Pool: A large outdoor swimming pool is perfect for leisurely swims or diving into water sports activities.

Recreational Rooms: Well-equipped rooms for exciting table tennis matches, billiards games, karaoke sessions, and more.

Fitness Centre: A state-of-the-art fitness centre equipped with modern equipment for cardio workouts, weightlifting sessions, yoga classes, and group exercises.

Dining Options: The club offers diverse dining options, ranging from casual cafes for snacks to fine dining restaurants serving exquisite cuisines.

Function Halls: Spacious halls are available for events such as weddings, corporate gatherings, or seminars.

Sports Facilities: Tennis courts, squash courts, and bowling alleys provide ample opportunities for sports enthusiasts to engage in friendly competitions.

Activities and programmes

It organises various activities and programmes throughout the year to keep members engaged and entertained. These include:

Recreational Sports Leagues: Members can participate in organised recreational sports leagues such as soccer, basketball, badminton, and more.

Family Events: The club hosts family-centric events like movie nights, carnivals, and holiday celebrations that foster an atmosphere of togetherness among members.

Workshops and Classes: A variety of workshops and classes are conducted on subjects ranging from culinary arts to arts and crafts, allowing members to acquire new skills or refine existing ones.

Wellness Programmes: The club also offers wellness programmes like yoga retreats, health talks, and meditation sessions designed to promote physical and mental well-being.


Membership comes with several benefits for its members:

Exclusive Pricing: Members enjoy discounted rates on facility usage, including accommodation bookings, dining services, and spa treatments, making it affordable for individuals seeking recreation opportunities.

Social Networking Opportunities: The club serves as a platform for civil servants across different agencies to connect and build social networks while engaging in recreational activities together.

Professional Development Workshops: Special workshops focused on enhancing professional skills, such as leadership development or networking, are organised regularly, benefiting the career growth of civil servant members.

In conclusion, it provides an idyllic setting for civil servants and their families where they can unwind from work pressures while enjoying a wide variety of recreational activities. With its extensive facilities, diverse offerings, and inclusive programmes, the club is committed to providing a memorable experience for its esteemed members.

Location and accessibility


It is conveniently located in the heart of Singapore's western region. It is situated at 91 Bukit Batok West Avenue 2, offering easy access to both residents and visitors.

How to get there

By public transportation:

MRT: The nearest MRT station to Civil Service Club Bukit Batok is Bukit Gombak MRT (North-South Line). From there, you can take a short bus ride or walk approximately 15 minutes to reach the club.

Bus: Several bus services, including Bus No. 945, 991, 941C, and more, stop near the club's entrance. These buses connect various parts of Singapore and provide convenient transportation options for those without private vehicles.

By Car:

If you are travelling by car, the club offers ample parking spaces for its members and guests. You can easily locate it using GPS or navigation apps by entering the specific address mentioned above.

Proximity to Major Landmarks

It enjoys a strategic location with close proximity to several major landmarks:

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve: Just a short drive away from the club lies one of Singapore's oldest natural reserves, an ideal destination for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts.

West Mall: Located nearby, West Mall serves as a popular shopping centre that features a wide range of retail outlets, dining options, entertainment facilities, and amenities.

Jurong East Central is a bustling commercial hub known for its numerous shopping malls like JEM, Westgate, and IMM Building; business parks such as International Business Park; and recreational spots like Jurong Lake Gardens.

Singapore Science Centre: Situated in Jurong East as well is the renowned Science Centre Singapore, where individuals can explore interactive exhibitions related to science and technology.

Accessibility for People with Disabilities

It strives to provide equal access and facilities for differently-abled individuals. The club's premises, including entrances, common areas, and amenities, are designed with ramp access and wide pathways to accommodate wheelchairs and mobility aids. Additionally, parking spaces designated specifically for disabled people are available near the entrance.

Overall, the prime location coupled with its accessibility options ensures that members and guests can easily reach the club using various modes of transportation while also providing convenience for those living or working in the western region of Singapore.

Location and Accessibility: Public Transportation


It is located at 91 Bukit Batok West Avenue 2, Singapore. It is situated in the western part of Singapore, specifically in the neighbourhood of Bukit Batok.

Accessibility via Public Transportation

It is easily accessible through various modes of public transportation, making it convenient for visitors and members to commute to the club.

Here are some ways to reach the club using public transportation:

MRT (Mass Rapid Transit):

Take the North-South Line (red line) and alight at Bukit Gombak MRT station.

From there, you can take a short bus ride or walk to reach it.


Several bus services stop near the Civil Service Club Bukit Batok.

You can refer to these bus services: 61, 66, 77, 106B, and 173A/C/N/R/S/T.

These buses have stops within walking distance from the club's entrance.


If you prefer driving, taking a taxi, or using a private hire service, there is ample parking space available.


For those who enjoy outdoor activities or live nearby, cycling or walking to the club could be an option.

With its strategic location and excellent access via public transportation options such as MRT and buses, getting to it is hassle-free for individuals and families looking for recreational activities or amenities offered by this club.

Please note that it's always advisable to check current schedules and routes before your visit, as there might be updates or changes in public transportation services due to operational reasons or unforeseen circumstances.

In conclusion, it is conveniently located in the western part of Singapore, with good accessibility through various public transportation modes such as MRT (Bukit Gombak station), buses, and private vehicles. Whether you choose to travel by train, bus, taxi, or walk or cycle, reaching the club is relatively easy and hassle-free.

Location and Accessibility: Parking Facilities


It is conveniently located in the heart of Singapore, making it easily accessible to both members and guests. The club is situated at 91 Bukit Batok West Avenue 2, which is within close proximity to various residential areas, business districts, and shopping centres.

Public Transport

For those who prefer using public transportation, there are several bus stops near the Civil Service Club Bukit Batok that are serviced by many bus routes. This provides an excellent option for individuals who wish to commute via bus.

Private Vehicles

If you choose to drive to the club, rest assured that ample parking facilities are available. It boasts a spacious parking area where members and visitors can park their vehicles with ease.

The car park offers both covered and open-air spaces, ensuring protection from rain or shine. There are designated slots for disabled parking as well.

In addition to these conveniences, the availability of parking lots is generally plentiful throughout most days of the week. However, during peak periods or events happening within the club premises, it may be advisable to arrive early in order to secure a parking spot.

Members also have access to exclusive privileges such as discounted or free parking, depending on their membership tier. These perks make visiting the club even more appealing and hassle-free for its loyal patrons.

Overall, when it comes to the location and accessibility of parking facilities, there's little reason not to consider this venue for your leisure activities or events, given its convenient location and abundance of available parking spaces.

Operating Hours


Operating hours refer to the time during which the facilities and services are available for use at the Civil Service Club in Bukit Batok. The club offers a range of amenities and activities for its members, including sports facilities, recreational spaces, dining options, and event venues. To ensure convenience and accessibility for club members, specific operating hours are defined for different areas within the club.

Facilities with Extended Operating Hours

It understands that its members may have varied schedules or preferences when it comes to utilising the facilities. As such, certain amenities have extended operating hours to cater to early birds or individuals who prefer late-night activities. Here are some of the notable facilities with extended operating hours:

Fitness Centre: The fitness centre is open from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. every day, except on public holidays. This allows members to tailor their workout routines according to their preferences or availability.

Swimming Pools: The swimming pools are accessible from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily (except on public holidays). Members can enjoy a refreshing swim throughout most of the day while taking advantage of natural daylight.

Standard operating hours

While certain areas offer extended operating hours, as mentioned above, many other facilities and services operate within standard timings at the Civil Service Club Bukit Batok. These timings ensure efficient management and maintenance while accommodating various events and activities planned by the club's staff. Here are some examples:

Restaurants/Cafés: Dining establishments like "The Lighthouse Bistro" typically operate from 11:30 a.m. until midnight daily (except on selected days). Members can enjoy delicious meals or grab a quick bite during lunchtime, dinner, and late evening.

Sports Facilities: Sports amenities such as tennis courts, badminton courts, squash courts, and basketball courts generally operate from 7:00 a.m. in the morning until 10:30 p.m. (except on public holidays). These time slots allow members to engage in physical activities before or after their work hours.

Event Venues: The operating hours for event venues vary based on the nature of the event and its duration. Members who plan to organise events or book venues at the club can inquire about specific opening and closing hours depending on their requirements.

Recreational Spaces: Recreational spaces like the library, karaoke rooms, gaming zones, or lounges tend to follow standard operating hours starting from 10:00 a.m. onwards until around midnight (closing timings may vary). These areas provide opportunities for relaxation and entertainment during non-peak times.

Note that these are general examples of standard operating hours, and there might be variations or updates as per management decisions or any prevailing circumstances. It is always advisable to check with the club's official website or contact their staff directly for precise information about opening times for specific facilities or services.

Operating hours play a crucial role in ensuring that members have access to various amenities within it at convenient times suitable to their needs, promoting an engaging and active lifestyle throughout the day.

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