Depot Road Camp

Depot Road Camp


It is a prominent military installation located in Singapore. It has a rich history and plays a crucial role in the defence and security of the nation. The camp serves as a base for various military units and provides essential facilities to support their operations.


It has a long and illustrious history, dating back to its establishment in 1933 by the British colonial authorities. Originally known as Alexandra Barracks, it was primarily used as a training ground for infantry units of the Singapore Volunteer Corps.

When Japanese forces took control of the camp after Singapore fell in 1942, it saw significant action during World War II. It became an internment centre for prisoners of war (POWs) and local civilians during this period.

After the war, it underwent extensive redevelopment by the British Army. It continued to serve as an important military facility until Singapore gained independence in 1965.


Training Areas

It encompasses vast training areas that cater to various armed forces' needs. These areas include shooting ranges, obstacle courses, mock towns for urban warfare simulation exercises, and helicopter landing zones for air-assault training.

Administrative Buildings

The camp houses several administrative buildings where different departments manage day-to-day operations. These buildings include offices for personnel administration, logistics support, finance management, medical facilities, and command centres.


To cater to troops stationed at Depot Road Camp or undergoing training there, several accommodation blocks are available within its premises. These blocks provide comfortable living quarters with amenities such as dormitories or private rooms, depending on rank status.

Sports and Recreation Facilities

Recognising the importance of well-being among soldiers, it offers various sports and recreational facilities. There are gyms equipped with modern fitness equipment, swimming pools for leisure activities or aquatic training sessions,

Support Services

In addition to deploying troops, it provides various support services to facilitate the day-to-day operations of military units stationed there. These include maintenance workshops for vehicles and weapon systems, supply warehouses storing essential equipment and supplies, and transport infrastructure.

Units Stationed at Depot Road Camp

Several significant military units are housed within the premises:

Singapore Armed Forces Training Institute (SAFTI)

SAFTI is responsible for training future officers of the Singapore Armed Forces. The institute offers a comprehensive officer-cadet course that focuses on both academic study and physical fitness.

Armour Formation Headquarters

The Armour Formation Headquarters commands all armoured units in the Singapore Army. It oversees training programmes, maintenance schedules, and operational readiness to ensure effective armour capabilities in defence operations.

36th Battalion, Singapore Combat Engineers (36 SCE)

As part of the combat engineering corps, 36 SCE specialises in critical tasks such as bridging obstacles, constructing field defences, and clearing mines or other explosives. They play an integral role in supporting ground forces during offensive or defensive operations.

Military Police Command (MPC)

The Military Police Command is responsible for enforcing discipline and maintaining law and order within the military community. They handle investigations related to military offences and perform security duties within Depot Road Camp.

It stands as a testament to Singapore's commitment to national defence. With its vast array of facilities catering to training needs, administrative requirements, accommodations, sports and recreational activities, support services infrastructure, and housing important military units, it plays a pivotal role in shaping the armed forces' effectiveness. The camp continues its legacy by adapting itself to changing times while always remaining vital for maintaining a capable defence force in Singapore.

Depot Road Camp Infrastructure


Road Camp is a military installation located in Singapore. It serves as an important training facility for the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), specifically for the training of recruits and national servicemen. The camp provides essential infrastructure and resources to support various aspects of military training and operations.

Training Facilities

One of the key features is its wide range of training facilities designed to simulate real-life scenarios. These facilities include:

Live Firing Ranges: Equipped with state-of-the-art target systems, live firing ranges allow soldiers to practice their shooting skills using different weapons, including rifles, machine guns, and pistols.

Urban Operations Training Village: This purpose-built village replicates urban environments found in urban operational settings. It consists of mock buildings, streets, and other structures that enable realistic training exercises such as room clearing, close-quarter combat drills, and hostage rescue operations.

Obstacle Courses: Various obstacle courses are available within the camp to help build soldiers' physical stamina and agility. These courses feature challenging obstacles like walls, ropes, balance beams, and water elements.

Combat Training Schools: Depot Road Camp hosts several specialised combat schools offering courses on areas such as infantry tactics, armoured vehicle manoeuvring, artillery operations, and engineering tasks.


To cater to the needs of soldiers during their training periods, various accommodation facilities are provided:

Barracks: There are multiple barracks buildings within the camp premises that serve as temporary living quarters for trainees undergoing their military training. These barracks offer basic yet comfortable amenities such as beds or bunks for sleeping arrangements.

Mess Halls and Canteens: In order to provide meals for large groups efficiently, mess halls and canteens are set up within the camp where trainees can have their daily meals together.

Support Infrastructure

The following infrastructural components play a crucial role in managing and maintaining smooth operations:.

Command and Control Facilities: The camp houses administrative buildings, command centres, and communication facilities to coordinate training activities effectively and ensure efficient administration.

Medical Facilities: The camp has medical clinics or centres with staff members who are qualified to handle any medical emergencies that may arise during training.

Transportation Networks: Adequate road networks are present within the camp to facilitate the movements of personnel, equipment, armoured vehicles, and troop carriers.

Sports and Recreation

It recognises the importance of physical fitness for soldiers' overall well-being. Consequently, it offers a range of sports and recreational amenities, such as:

Sports Fields/Courts: It features various sports fields where trainees can engage in team-based sports such as football (soccer), rugby, basketball, and volleyball. These facilities encourage camaraderie among soldiers while promoting physical fitness.

Gyms/Fitness Centres: Equipped with modern exercise machines and weights, gyms are available for trainees to maintain their physical health. Fitness centres also offer services like aerobics classes or personal trainers at times.

Recreational Areas: There may be designated spaces within the camp where individuals can relax or socialise during their free time. This could include common rooms with entertainment systems like televisions or recreational games.

In conclusion, it provides comprehensive infrastructure tailored for military training purposes. With its diverse range of training facilities coupled with support infrastructure for accommodation and recreation needs, it enables the effective preparation of Singapore's armed forces personnel for their operational duties.

Operations at Depot Road Camp


It is a military training facility located in Singapore. It serves as a central hub for the training and operations of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). This overview will cover various aspects of the operations conducted at Depot Road Camp.

Training Programmes

It offers a wide range of training programmes designed to enhance the skills and capabilities of SAF personnel. These programmes include:

Basic Military Training (BMT): Upon enlistment, recruits undergo an intensive BMT programme at Depot Road Camp. Here, they learn essential military skills such as weapon handling, physical fitness, navigation, and fieldcraft.

Advanced Specialist Training: After completing BMT, servicemen proceed to advanced specialist courses tailored to their specific roles within the SAF. These courses train individuals in specialised areas such as medical support, engineering, logistics, communications, and combat tactics.

Leadership Development: It also plays a vital role in nurturing leadership qualities among SAF officers through various leadership development programs. Officers receive comprehensive training on decision-making, effective communication, strategic planning, and mission execution.


It boasts state-of-the-art facilities that cater to diverse training requirements.

Classroom Facilities: Equipped with modern audiovisual technology and interactive teaching tools for theoretical instruction.

Shooting Ranges: Providing realistic shooting simulations using advanced target systems for live-firing exercises.

Indoor Gyms: Well-equipped gyms offer comprehensive fitness facilities catering to strength conditioning and cardiovascular workouts.

Combat Training Facilities: realistic mock-up environments simulate different terrain types for troops to practice tactical manoeuvres effectively.

Medical Centres: Fully staffed medical centres provide healthcare services ranging from routine check-ups to emergency care during training exercises.

Operations Support

It ensures operational readiness by providing essential support services:

Logistics Support: The camp manages inventory control systems, ensuring proper distribution of equipment, supplies, and rations to support operational requirements.

Maintenance: Depot Road Camp houses maintenance workshops responsible for the repair and upkeep of military vehicles, weapons, and other equipment.

Administrative Support: The camp's administrative staff handles personnel management, records-keeping, finance, and other administrative functions vital for overall operations.

Safety Measures: Emphasising safety at all times is a critical aspect of operations. Stringent protocols and safety checks are implemented to reduce the risk of accidents during training activities.

Security: The camp maintains strict security measures to safeguard classified information and protect its personnel from potential threats.

It serves as a crucial training centre for the Singapore Armed Forces. Its comprehensive training programmes, modern facilities, and robust support systems play a significant role in developing well-trained soldiers capable of executing their duties effectively. With its emphasis on continuous improvement and adaptability to evolving operational needs, it plays an essential part in ensuring Singapore's national security.