Jurong Camp 2

Jurong Camp 2


Jurong Camp 2, located in Singapore, is a significant military installation that plays a crucial role in the defence and security of the country. It serves as a training and operational base for the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), housing various military units and supporting facilities.


Jurong Camp 2 has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1968. Originally known as Old Ford Motor Works Barracks, it was used as a storage facility by the British Army during colonial times. After Singapore gained independence, the camp was renamed Jurong Heavy Vehicles Depot before being transformed into one of Singapore's largest military bases.

Role and Importance

As one of Singapore's key military installations, it fulfils multiple roles:

Training Centre: The camp serves as an essential training centre for both national servicemen (NSFs) and regular soldiers. Various field training exercises are conducted here to enhance combat readiness and sharpen skills across different branches of the SAF.

Operational Base: it hosts several operational units responsible for safeguarding national security, including infantry battalions, armoured units, artillery batteries, logistic support companies, engineering groups, and medical detachments.

Logistics Hub: With its comprehensive infrastructure and wide range of facilities, including workshops and storage depots, it acts as a logistics hub for equipment maintenance and supply management within the SAF.

Coordinating Headquarters: The camp also houses coordinating headquarters that oversee regional command operations for specific areas or specialised functions within the SAF's overall structure.


It boasts an impressive array of facilities designed to support its various functions:

Accommodation: The camp provides comfortable living quarters for personnel stationed there during their service period.

Training Areas: Vast training areas are available within the camp to simulate real-world scenarios, enabling soldiers to hone their combat skills and tactics.

Firing Ranges: The camp features firing ranges for infantry, artillery, and other weapon systems used by the SAF. These ranges allow soldiers to practice marksmanship and precision targeting.

Workshops and Maintenance Facilities: There are well-equipped workshops in Jurong Camp 2 where vehicles, weapons, and other military equipment undergo maintenance, repair, and servicing.

Medical Facilities: The camp includes medical facilities such as clinics and hospitals to provide healthcare services to servicemen when needed.

Integration with Surrounding Areas

It is strategically located in the western part of Singapore, close to industrial zones and residential areas. This proximity allows for effective integration between military training activities and civilian infrastructure.

Moreover, a strong community outreach programme facilitates a harmonious relationship between residents living near Jurong Camp 2 and the military personnel stationed there. It often involves joint initiatives such as open houses or community events that aim to foster closer ties between the SAF and local communities.

In conclusion, it plays a crucial role in Singapore's defence capabilities as it serves as a vital training centre, operational base for various units, logistics hub, and coordinating headquarters. With its extensive facilities catering to the different requirements of the SAF's diversified land operations, this military installation remains an integral part of Singapore's national security apparatus.

Units Stationed at Jurong Camp 2


It is a military installation located in Singapore. It serves as a base for several important units that play crucial roles in the defense and security of the country. This extensive overview will provide you with information about some of these units stationed at Jurong Camp 2.

Artillery Formation (J-Corps)

The Artillery Formation, also known as J-Corps, is one of the key units based at Jurong Camp 2.

Their primary role is to provide indirect fire support and long-range strike capabilities to the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

J-Corps operates various artillery systems such as self-propelled howitzers, rocket launchers, and mortars.

They conduct regular training exercises and maintain readiness for rapid deployment if needed.

Combat Service Support Command (CSSCOM)

CSSCOM plays a vital role in providing comprehensive support to SAF operations from logistics to medical services.

They ensure that troops have the necessary resources, equipment, and supplies required for their missions.

CSSCOM oversees various logistical functions such as transportation management, supply chain operations, maintenance support, and fuel distribution.

The unit also houses medical facilities and provides healthcare services for soldiers stationed at Jurong Camp 2.

Special Operations Task Force (SOTF)

The Special Operations Task Force is an elite unit based at Jurong Camp 2 specializing in special operations warfare.

SOTF conducts highly specialized covert operations including counter-terrorism activities, hostage rescue missions, intelligence gathering, and reconnaissance missions.

Comprised of highly trained personnel from different branches of the SAF, SOTF operates with precision under challenging conditions both locally and overseas.

Western Brigade

The Western Brigade is responsible for coordinating defense efforts on Singapore's western region which includes areas like Tuas and Boon Lay

-Tasks include force integration, optimizing collaboration with external agencies and managing regional assets. -The brigade ensures the security of critical installations located in the western region such as key transport nodes, industrial areas, and national landmarks.

Commando Formation (CDOF)

The Commando Formation is a specialized unit stationed at Jurong Camp 2 renowned for its intensive training regimen and high combat readiness.

CDOF undertakes various missions that include reconnaissance, direct action, close-combat engagements, and amphibious operations.

They are known for their physical fitness, mental resilience, and elite capabilities to operate behind enemy lines or in challenging environments.

These units are just a few examples of the prominent ones stationed at Jurong Camp 2. Each unit plays an essential role in safeguarding Singapore's sovereignty and maintaining its national defense posture. Their collective efforts contribute towards creating a safe and secure environment both locally and regionally.

Units Stationed at Jurong Camp 2: Current Units


It is a military camp located in the western part of Singapore. The camp serves as a critical training and operational base for various units in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). Let's explore some of the current units stationed at Jurong Camp 2:

Army Logistics Training Institute (ALTI)

The Army Logistics Training Institute (ALTI) plays a crucial role in equipping soldiers with essential logistics skills needed to support Singapore's defense operations. ALTI provides comprehensive training programs, such as stocktaking, warehousing, and supply chain management, to develop competent military logisticians.

Specialist Cadet School (SCS)

Specialist Cadet School (SCS) is responsible for training junior enlisted personnel to become specialists in their respective vocations. SCS conducts rigorous courses that enhance soldiers' proficiencies and knowledge in specialized areas like combat engineering, signals intelligence, medics, and more.

Combat Service Support Command Headquarters (CSSCHQ)

The Combat Service Support Command Headquarters (CSSCHQ) oversees all logistical aspects within the army. CSSCHQ ensures timely delivery of equipment and supplies required by frontline troops during both peacetime and wartime conditions. They also coordinate movements of personnel, vehicles, ammunition, rations, fuel, and other vital resources.

Signal Institute Singapore

Signal Institute Singapore is the center of excellence for communications and information systems within the SAF. They are responsible for developing communication strategies across different platforms while ensuring seamless connectivity between units on the battlefield.

Central Manpower Base

Central Manpower Base handles manpower-related matters for Jurong Camp 2. This unit plays a significant role in deploying soldiers effectively throughout various operations while managing their well-being and career progression within the army.

Various Operational Units

Aside from training institutes and command headquarters mentioned above, it hosts numerous operational units from different branches of the SAF, such as the Army, Navy, and Air Force. These units include combat personnel, engineers, intelligence operatives, medics, logistic support teams, and more.

These units work collaboratively to ensure the readiness and effectiveness of Singapore's defense capabilities. With their collective efforts and specialized skills honed through rigorous training at Jurong Camp 2, they contribute to maintaining peace and security in Singapore and its surrounding region.

It is important to note that this overview provides a glimpse of some key units stationed at Jurong Camp 2. There are several more specialized units within the camp that fulfill essential roles in safeguarding national security.

Units Stationed at Jurong Camp 2: Past Units


Jurong Camp 2, located in Singapore, serves as a key military training facility and administrative center for the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). Over the years, Jurong Camp 2 has been home to several units that have played significant roles in safeguarding national security and carrying out various operations. This overview provides information about some of the past units that were stationed at Jurong Camp 2.

1. Commando Formation Headquarters

The Commando Formation Headquarters was established at Jurong Camp 2 to support and oversee the Republic of Singapore Army's (RSA) elite commando units. Commandos are an elite infantry formation specializing in unconventional warfare, including specialized counter-terrorism operations and reconnaissance missions. The headquarters unit provided essential planning, logistics, and operational support to ensure readiness and effectiveness.

2. Combat Service Support Battalions

It housed several Combat Service Support Battalions required for effectively supporting frontline combat troops during military operations. These battalions comprised personnel from different specializations such as supply chain management, transportation, engineering works, maintenance services, medical support, and more. Their role was crucial in ensuring smooth logistical operations and providing continuous maintenance of equipment.

3. Military Police Command

The Military Police Command established one of its major bases within Jurong Camp 2. The Military Police is responsible for maintaining discipline within the SAF and safeguarding the welfare of service members through law enforcement activities both during peacetime and conflict situations. The presence of this unit ensured a safe environment within the camp premises as well as comprehensive protection against potential threats from external sources.

4. Specialist Training Institutes

Various specialist training institutes operated within Jurong Camp-2 to provide advanced training courses for RSA soldiers from multiple domains or skill sets specific to their military occupations or specialties. These included:

Artillery School: Providing specialized training in artillery operations and tactics.

Engineer Training Institute: Conducting courses related to combat engineering and construction of various field infrastructure.

Medical Training Institute: Equipping medical personnel with knowledge and skills necessary for battlefield medical support.

5. Infantry Units

Several infantry units were stationed at Jurong Camp 2 for their training and operational requirements. These units could include regular infantry battalions, as well as specialized infantry formations such as the Guards Formation or the Singapore Armed Forces Commando Formation's Battalion. Infantry soldiers undergo intensive training in conventional warfare techniques, including urban operations, jungle warfare, marksmanship, and physical conditioning.

It is important to note that unit assignments at military bases can change over time due to strategic considerations or evolving operational needs. While past units have been stationed at Jurong Camp 2, it is crucial to stay updated on the current composition of units based on the most recent information from official sources.

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