KK Hospital Shuttle Bus

KK Hospital Shuttle Bus

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Free shuttle bus services to KKH are available from:

  • Novena Route
  • Shuttle bus point at Novena Square 2 (opposite taxi stand) along Irrawaddy Road
  • Proceeds to KKH@Halifax clinics, then to KKH main building
  • Bugis Route
  • Shuttle bus points at Rochor MRT station (DT13) Exit B along Perak Road, and bus stop in front of Fu Lu Shou Complex on Rochor Road
  • Proceeds to KKH main building, then to KKH@Halifax clinics (See maps below)

For safety:

  • Shuttle bus capacity is limited to 23 seated passengers only (no standing allowed).
  • Only one folded pram is allowed on board at any one time.
  • Items larger than a folded pram are not allowed on board for safety reasons.


The National Tertiary Referral Centre for women and children in Singapore is KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH), which offers the convenient and effective KK Hospital Shuttle Bus service. It aims to bridge the gap between various transport modes, providing patients, visitors, and staff with a hassle-free commute to and from the hospital.

Key Features of KK Hospital Shuttle Bus

Accessibility: It operates within specific routes, ensuring that essential locations such as MRT stations, shopping centres, residential areas, and other key landmarks are easily accessible for commuters.

Frequency: It operates at regular intervals throughout the day, ensuring that patients, visitors, and staff have ample opportunities to travel conveniently during their designated shifts or appointments.

Safety Measures: The hospital places the utmost importance on passenger safety. As such, each shuttle bus is well-equipped with safety features such as seat belts and CCTV cameras to monitor any untoward incidents during transit.

Comfortable Ride: They are designed specifically for the comfort of passengers. They boast air-conditioned interiors and comfortable seating arrangements to ensure a pleasant commuting experience for everyone on board.

Free Service: One of the key benefits is that it’s offered free of charge to all users, be they patients visiting KKH or its affiliate clinics or hospitals or staff members travelling between different hospital buildings.

Priority Seating: Special provisions are made for pregnant women or those with young children who require priority seating onboard the shuttle buses.

Eco-Friendly Initiative:

To contribute towards sustainable transport practices, KKH ensures that every shuttle bus used complies with emission standards set by relevant authorities.

Whenever possible, KKH utilizes energy-efficient vehicles within its fleet, reducing the carbon footprint and promoting environmental sustainability.

Benefits of Using KK Hospital Shuttle Bus

Convenience: It operates on various routes, making it easy for patients, visitors, and staff to travel to and from KKH without worrying about parking or navigating through public transportation systems.

Cost Savings: By providing a free transport service, KKH helps individuals save on commuting expenses that they would otherwise incur if using other modes of public transportation or private vehicles.

Reduced Traffic Congestion: As a significant number of people opt for instead of personal vehicles, congestion in the area surrounding KKH is significantly reduced, leading to smoother traffic flow for all commuters.

Enhanced Patient Experience: For patients who may be physically weak or facing mobility challenges due to medical conditions, accessing dedicated hospital transport services like the shuttle bus ensures a smooth and stress-free journey during their often challenging times.

Environmental Impact: The use of eco-friendly shuttle buses further contributes towards reducing air pollution and carbon emission levels in Singapore, thereby making an overall positive impact on the environment.

In summary, it offers a safe, convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution for patients visiting KK Women's and Children's Hospital as well as staff members moving within different buildings of the hospital complex. With its extensive route network and commitment to passenger safety and comfort, KKH ensures that every individual can commute effortlessly while contributing towards sustainable transport practices.

KK Shuttle Bus Routes


It routes refer to the designated paths followed by shuttle buses to transport passengers between specific locations. These routes are crucial in providing efficient transportation services, particularly in areas where public transportation options may be limited or inaccessible. Shuttle buses are commonly used for various purposes, such as airport transfers, hotel shuttles, university campus transportation, and hospital shuttle services.

Benefits of Shuttle Bus Routes:

It offer several benefits that contribute to their popularity and widespread use:

Convenience: It provide a convenient mode of transportation for individuals who need to reach specific destinations regularly. By following fixed routes and schedules, passengers can rely on these services without worrying about finding parking spaces or dealing with traffic congestion.

Cost-Effective: Compared to private car usage or hiring taxis, it routes offer cost-effective solutions for regular commuting needs. Many shuttle services charge reasonable fares or even operate on a complimentary basis, making them an affordable option for passengers.

Reduced Environmental Impact: Utilizing it routes helps reduce individual carbon footprints as it minimizes the number of cars on the road. Since multiple passengers share a single vehicle, it decreases overall emissions and contributes positively towards sustainability efforts.

Accessibility: By offering reliable transportation options across different locations within a specified area, the routes enhance accessibility for individuals who may not have access to personal vehicles or face mobility challenges.

Safety: It operate under strict safety regulations ensuring passenger well-being during transit. Drivers undergo thorough training programs while vehicles receive regular inspections for maintenance and compliance with safety standards.

Considerations in Designing Shuttle Bus Routes:

Designing effective routes involves careful planning and consideration of various factors:

Passenger Demand Analysis: It is essential to assess passenger demand by studying peak travel times, identifying popular destinations within the service area (such as hospitals, universities, and shopping centres), and analyzing customer feedback. This analysis helps determine the necessary frequency and capacity of shuttle services.

Route Optimization: Routes should be designed to connect origin and destination points efficiently while minimizing travel time and distance. Factors like existing road infrastructure, traffic patterns, and potential congestion areas need to be taken into account for route optimization.

Timely Schedule Creation: It must adhere to well-defined schedules that cater to the requirements of passengers. Schedules should consider peak hours when demand is high, ensuring punctuality and reliability in service delivery.

Effective Signage and Communication: Clear signage at pick-up points, along with accurate information regarding shuttle bus routes and timings, facilitates a seamless passenger experience. Real-time communication channels, such as websites or mobile applications, can provide updates on delays or changes in services.

Collaboration with Stakeholders: Collaborating with stakeholders such as local authorities, organizations (e.g., hospitals or universities), and communities is crucial for establishing successful shuttle bus routes. Engaging in dialogue ensures alignment with community needs while addressing any potential concerns related to noise pollution or congested pick-up/drop-off locations.

It play a vital role in providing convenient transportation solutions to individuals seeking regular commuting options across specific locations. Their cost-effectiveness, reduced environmental impact, accessibility benefits, safety measures, thoughtful planning regarding passenger demands and effective route design contribute significantly towards meeting the diverse mobility needs of commuters within an area.

KK Shuttle Bus Routes: Route 1


They are an essential transportation service that KK Hospital offers. These routes aim to facilitate the travel of patients, visitors, and staff within and around the hospital premises. Among these is Route 1, a vital route that serves specific locations crucial for patient care and accessibility.

Route Description:

Route 1 covers various key stops both within KK Hospital and its surrounding areas. It operates on a scheduled timetable which ensures efficiency and timeliness in serving passengers' needs. The route primarily focuses on connecting important facilities within the hospital campus as well as nearby public transport hubs.

Key Stops:

1a. KK Hospital Main Entrance: This stop acts as the starting point for Route 1 and is conveniently located at the main entrance of KK Hospital. Passengers boarding here can expect a convenient connection to other parts of the hospital complex.

1b. Specialist Outpatient Clinic: Located within the hospital campus, this stop caters specifically to patients visiting outpatient clinics for specialized consultations, tests, or follow-up appointments.

2a. Bus Stop A—Nearby MRT Station: This strategic location serves as a boarding point for passengers who wish to connect seamlessly with Singapore's public transport network beyond KK Hospital grounds.

2b. Hospital Block ABCD Level L3A: Situated in proximity to popular medical departments such as Obstetrics & Gynecology or Pediatrics, this stop allows patients with appointments in these areas swift access without navigating through extensive hospital facilities.

3a. Social Services Department: Catering specifically to individuals seeking assistance from social services offered by KKH's Social Service Hub (SSH), this stop aims to provide convenience while accessing these support systems during challenging moments in health care journeys.

4a. Basement Lift Lobby B8/9: Being one of several basement-level stops along Route 1, this particular stop offers convenient access to key departments and amenities within the hospital's lower levels.

5a. Hospital Auditorium (Main Block Level 1): This stop benefits visitors and participants attending medical seminars, conferences, or events held at KK Hospital's auditorium located on the main block's first level.

5b. Academic Centre: Catering to staff, students, and conference attendees involved in educational activities within the hospital campus, this stop provides easy access to KK Hospital's Academic Centre for continuous professional development opportunities.

6a. Basement Carpark B2E Exit: Located near one of the hospital's primary parking areas, this stop offers convenience for those driving to KK Hospital while utilizing shuttle bus services during their visit.

7a. Analysis Laboratory Entrance (Research Building): Serving researchers and lab personnel primarily based in the KKH Research Building or engaging with research-related facilities at KK Hospital, this stop aims to facilitate smooth transit while minimizing walking distances across the campus.

Operating Hours:

Route 1 operates during regular working hours from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. It is designed to align with most patient appointments and shift changes within different departments at KK Hospital effectively.

Please note that operating hours are subject to adjustments based on evolving circumstances or specific needs arising within KK Hospital's operations. Passengers are encouraged to refer to official announcements or contact KK Hospital directly for any updates related to Shuttle Bus Route 1 timings or potential disruptions.

Remember that various other routes are available as well, covering different parts of the hospital premises and catering specifically to the needs of patients, staff members, and visitors alike.

KK Shuttle Bus Routes: Route 2


Shuttle Bus Route 2 is one of the shuttle bus routes operating at KK Hospital. Designed to provide convenient transportation for patients, visitors, and staff, this route covers a specific area and follows a certain schedule. The route serves several important locations within the hospital campus, ensuring easy access to various facilities and departments.

Shuttle Bus Route Details

It connects key destinations within KK Hospital's vast campus. The route starts at the designated pick-up point outside the main entrance of the hospital building. From there, it follows a predefined path that allows passengers to hop on and off at different stops along the way.

Stops Along the Route

The following are some of the notable stops along Shuttle Bus Route 2:

Main Entrance: This is where passengers can board or alight from the shuttle bus. Located just outside the main entrance of KK Hospital, it provides easy access for those entering or leaving the premises.

Women's Tower: Passengers travelling to or from Women's Tower can make use of this stop. It caters specifically to patients requiring services in this area.

Specialist Outpatient Clinics (SOC): SOC is an essential facility within KK Hospital providing comprehensive outpatient care services. This stop makes it convenient for patients visiting these clinics.

Children's Tower: As one of Singapore's leading pediatric hospitals, KK Hospital houses specialized departments for children's healthcare needs. It stops here to facilitate transportation for patients accessing these services.

KK Executive Wellness Center: This dedicated centre offers healthcare programs tailored for executives seeking preventive measures and health check-ups in a comfortable environment.

KK Fertility Center: Specifically catering to individuals seeking fertility treatments and consultations, this stop ensures seamless connectivity between different areas of interest on campus.

7 . Burn Center & Rehabilitation Department: Patients receiving burn treatments or undergoing rehabilitation services can access these facilities with ease thanks to this designated shuttle bus stop.

Schedule and Frequency

Shuttle Bus Route 2 operates on a fixed schedule, adhering to specific time slots throughout the day. The frequency may vary based on demand and hospital operating hours. Passengers should check the current schedule provided by KK Hospital's transportation services to plan their journeys accordingly.

Benefits of Shuttle Bus Route 2

Convenience: It streamlines transportation within KK Hospital, ensuring easy access to multiple departments and facilities.

Time-Saving: By offering a direct route between key locations within the campus, this eliminates the need for patients and visitors to navigate through complicated paths.

Comfortable Travel: Passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride in air-conditioned buses equipped with seating arrangements that prioritize passenger comfort.

Accessibility: With regular timings and reliable service, Shuttle Bus Route 2 ensures that individuals with mobility challenges have equal access to essential areas within KK Hospital's premises.

In summary, it serves as an integral mode of transport connecting various parts of the hospital's extensive campus. Operating on a defined schedule and stopping at key locations such as Women's Tower, Specialist Outpatient Clinics (SOC), Children's Tower, Burn Center & Rehabilitation department, and more – it ensures seamless connectivity for patients, visitors, and staff seeking healthcare services or accessing different facilities within KK Hospital.

KK Shuttle Bus Routes: Route 3


It is a convenient transportation service provided by KK Hospital in Singapore. This route offers easy access to and from various locations, ensuring the smooth commute of hospital staff, patients, and visitors. Here is a simple and extensive overview of Shuttle Bus Route 3:

Route Description

It operates within designated areas around the hospital facility, covering nearby neighbourhoods and important landmarks. The precise details of the routes may vary depending on operational factors such as traffic conditions or road closures.

Stops Covered

It includes several stops strategically placed to serve key destinations along its path. Some notable stops covered by this service include:

KK Hospital Main Entrance: Located at the main entrance of KK Women's and Children's Hospital, this stop serves as a starting point for commuters heading towards other destinations.

Nearest MRT Station: The route also includes a stop near a nearby Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station, allowing passengers to connect with broader public transportation networks easily.

Housing Estates: To make it more accessible for staff members residing in housing estates around the area, it incorporates residential stops at various locations.

Nearby Medical Facilities: In addition to serving KK Hospital itself, this route may encompass necessary healthcare facilities situated close by or affiliated with the hospital.

Other Key Landmarks: Depending on local demand and convenience factors, certain essential landmarks like shopping centres or educational institutions might be included as part of the route.


It typically operates during peak hours when there is high demand from both staff members and visitors needing transportation assistance to reach KK Hospital efficiently. However, timing is subject to change based on evolving requirements and logistical considerations mandated by authorities or hospital administration.


The frequency of buses operating along Shuttle Bus Route 3 is generally set to be frequent enough to minimize waiting times for passengers. During peak hours, the interval between buses may decrease to ensure efficient transportation.


It prioritizes accessibility and aims to accommodate individuals with various mobility needs. The vehicles used for Route 3 are designed to be wheelchair-friendly and equipped with features that facilitate easy boarding and alighting.


Shuttle Bus Route 3 offers numerous benefits, including:

Convenience: Commuters can rely on this service for a hassle-free commute since it provides direct transportation from residential areas or MRT stations to KK Hospital.

Time-Saving: By using it, hospital staff members, patients, and visitors can save time by avoiding potential delays caused by traffic congestion or difficulties in finding parking spaces.

Cost-Effective: Taking advantage of this service eliminates the need for expensive private transport options or reliance on other public transportation modes during specific hours.

Environmental Consideration: They are a more sustainable mode of transportation compared to individual car journeys as they help reduce carbon emissions and alleviate traffic congestion within the vicinity of KK Hospital.

In summary, it is an essential component of KK Hospital's comprehensive transport system that plays a vital role in ensuring smooth connectivity for all who rely on its services.

Shuttle Bus Schedule


an essential component of transportation services provided by KK Hospital. It is designed to facilitate the movement of patients, visitors, and staff members between different locations within the hospital campus. The schedule outlines specific timings and routes, ensuring that everyone can conveniently travel to their desired destinations.

Importance of Shuttle Bus Schedule

The schedule plays a crucial role in promoting efficiency and convenience for individuals using KK Hospital's transportation services. By having a well-planned and comprehensive schedule in place, users can anticipate the arrival and departure times of the buses accurately. This helps them plan their journeys effectively, avoid any unnecessary waits or delays, and reach their destinations on time.

Types of Shuttle Buses

KK Hospital operates various types of shuttle buses to cater to different transportation needs within its premises. These may include:

Main Route Shuttles: These are large buses that follow fixed routes connecting key areas within the hospital campus. They usually have multiple stops at strategic locations such as entrances, wards, clinics, pharmacies, canteens, administrative buildings, etc.

Speciality Clinic Shuttles: Some departments or speciality clinics within KK Hospital may provide dedicated shuttle services specifically for patients visiting those areas regularly. These shuttles operate on specific schedules designed to accommodate patient appointments and ensure timely arrivals.

Staff Shuttles: In addition to serving patients and visitors, KK Hospital also runs designated shuttles exclusively for its staff members. These shuttles transport hospital employees between office buildings, parking lots/stations near public transport hubs (such as MRT stations), accommodation facilities (if available), etc., enabling smooth commutes for staff.

Emergency Response Shuttles: In emergencies when prompt medical attention is required or if there is an urgent need to transfer patients quickly from one area to another within the hospital premises (e.g., during mass casualty incidents), special shuttles equipped with medical facilities may be deployed to carry out these critical tasks.

Schedule Information

Typically, it includes the following information:

Timings: The schedule lists the departure and arrival times for each shuttle bus. It is important to note that the timing of buses may vary on different days of the week or at specific hours due to traffic conditions, peak periods, or off-peak hours.

Routes: A detailed map of the routes that each shuttle bus covers is available. This information helps users identify which bus they should take based on their intended destination within KK Hospital.

Stops: The schedule highlights all designated stops along each route where passengers can board or alight from the buses. These stops are strategically placed across the hospital campus to ensure accessibility to various areas and facilities.

Frequency: Some schedules also include frequency details, indicating how often a particular bus departs from its starting point. This allows users to plan their wait time accordingly and manage their schedules more efficiently.

Accessing Shuttle Bus Schedules

KK Hospital makes its schedules readily available through various channels, like:

Online Platforms: The official website of KK Hospital features an up-to-date online version of the schedule that can be viewed and downloaded as necessary.

Information Counters: Information counters located throughout the hospital provide physical copies of updated schedules for those who prefer offline access.

Mobile Apps: Dedicated mobile applications developed by KK Hospital might offer real-time updates on shuttle timings and any changes in routes or cancellations, allowing users to stay informed while on the go.

Notice Boards/Fliers: Important updates related to alterations in schedule or temporary changes are typically displayed on notice boards within key locations around KK Hospital premises.

By ensuring easy access to these schedules, KK Hospital aims to facilitate smooth transit for all users of their services and enhance the overall user experience.

Shuttle Bus Schedule: Weekday Schedule


It schedule for weekdays at KK Hospital is designed to provide convenient and reliable transportation services for patients, visitors, and staff. The schedules are carefully planned to ensure timely pickups and drop-offs, allowing individuals to arrive at their desired destinations efficiently.

Morning Schedule

The weekday morning service at KK Hospital typically starts early in the morning to cater to early risers. The first buses generally begin their routes before the hospital's peak hours start, ensuring that patients with morning appointments can reach the hospital on time.

Buses usually operate on a fixed interval during this period to accommodate the influx of passengers. This schedule ensures that everyone has a chance to board a shuttle bus without any unnecessary delays or overcrowding.

Mid-Day Schedule

As the day progresses, the mid-day schedule comes into effect. During this period, additional buses may be added or scheduled more frequently due to increased traffic between different buildings within the hospital grounds or between other nearby medical institutions.

This schedule also considers meal breaks for staff members who may need convenient transportation options during their lunch breaks. These buses maintain regular intervals and continue serving commuters throughout these hours.

Afternoon/Evening Schedule

In the afternoon and evening hours, when patient visits tend to decrease slightly, there might be some adjustments made in terms of frequency and route coverage. However, KK Hospital management always makes an effort to ensure that anyone in need of transportation assistance is not inconvenienced, regardless of any changes made to service intervals or routing plans during these times.

Special attention is given near closing hours when staff members may require shuttles after finishing their shifts. Buses are scheduled accordingly so that all passengers can safely return home even after working extended hours at the hospital.

Late Night Service (if applicable)

Depending on specific requirements or operational considerations, such as night shifts for certain departments or special events taking place within KK Hospital premises that need transportation support, there may be additional shuttle services available during late-night hours. These services are normally pre-planned and communicated to staff members or patients well in advance.

Overall, the weekday shuttle bus schedule at KK Hospital strives to cater to diverse needs and ensure convenient transport options for patients, visitors, and staff throughout the day. The schedules are carefully designed to meet demand fluctuations while providing efficient service, ensuring that everyone can avail of safe and reliable transportation services when visiting or working at KK Hospital.

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