Tekka Centre

Tekka Centre

Tekka Centre is a vibrant and historic landmark located in Little India, Singapore. It has become one of the most popular destinations for both locals and tourists due to its rich history, diverse culture, and bustling atmosphere. Here is an extensive overview of the history of Tekka Centre:

Early Development

t was originally developed as a wet market in 1915 by the Municipal Commission. Indian immigrants who worked in nearby industries predominately inhabited the area. The wet market served as a central hub for locals to buy fresh produce, meat, and seafood.

Renovation and Expansion

Over time, the popularity of Tekka Centre grew exponentially, leading to overcrowding issues. To cope with the increasing demand, renovations were carried out in 1982 to expand the existing market complex. The upgraded building featured modern amenities such as escalators and increased stall capacity.

Cultural Significance

Apart from being known as a bustling marketplace, Tekka Centre holds immense cultural significance within Singapore's Indian community. Its location in Little India makes it an important social gathering spot for celebrations during Hindu festivals such as Deepavali (Diwali), Thaipusam, Pongal (Harvest Festival), and others.

Architectural Design

One notable aspect of Tekka Centre is its unique architectural design, which combines both pre-war shophouse-style elements with modern features. The colourful facade adorned with intricate motifs, represents traditional Indian aesthetics while adding vibrancy to the surrounding area.

Hawker Centre Transformation

In 2000, another set of renovations took place at Tekka Centre to transform it into a hawker centre alongside its existing wet market stalls. This created even more opportunities for local food vendors to showcase their culinary skills, offering a diverse range of dishes, including South Indian cuisine like dosas and thosais.

Relocation Plans

In recent years, discussions have been underway regarding the relocation of the Tekka Centre to a nearby site as part of urban redevelopment plans. This proposed move aims to improve overall facilities and create an integrated transport hub in the vicinity while preserving the heritage value and cultural ambience of Tekka Centre.

Present-Day Importance

Despite potential relocation plans, it remains an iconic symbol of Little India and continues to attract visitors seeking food, fresh produce, Indian textiles, spices, jewellery, and various other goods. It is not only a place for shopping and dining but also serves as a window into the rich Indian culture present in Singapore.

Tekka Centre's history spans over a century as it transformed from a small wet market into a bustling hawker centre with deep cultural roots in Singapore's Indian community. Its unique architectural design and diverse offerings make it an important landmark that showcases the vibrant tapestry of cultures coexisting harmoniously in this multicultural city.

Architecture of Tekka Centre



Tekka Centre is a renowned cultural hub and food centre located in the heart of Little India, Singapore. It is known for its vibrant atmosphere, diverse culinary offerings, and architectural brilliance. The architecture of Tekka Centre reflects the rich heritage and culture of Singapore's Indian community while incorporating modern design elements.

Cultural Influences

The architecture of Tekka Centre draws inspiration from traditional Indian designs, specifically South Indian vernacular architecture. Elements such as intricate carvings, vibrant colours, and detailed motifs can be seen throughout the building, making it an iconic landmark within Little India.

Exterior Design

The exterior facade of Tekka Centre showcases a blend of old-world charm and contemporary sensibilities. Traditional arches known as "gopurams" adorn the entrances, welcoming visitors into this bustling marketplace. These arches are often adorned with religious sculptures depicting Hindu deities that reflect the spiritual significance attributed to these spaces.

The use of vibrant colours on the walls adds to the visual drama and festive vibe associated with Indian culture. These colours also help in distinguishing different sections within Tekka Centre for easier navigation.

Interior Layoout

It follows an open-air concept where multiple small shops occupy sprawling corridors. The layout promotes natural airflow and allows visitors to explore various stalls conveniently. The high ceilings further enhance ventilation while providing ample space for air-conditioning units to keep shoppers comfortable in Singapore's tropical climate.

The central courtyard serves as a gathering place for locals and tourists alike. Here, visitors can rest their tired feet while enjoying delicious street food or simply soaking in the lively ambience created by traditional music performances.

Food Center Design

One of the highlights of Tekka Centre is its food centre located on the second floor. Here, both locals and tourists can relish an extensive array of authentic Indian cuisine alongside other Asian delicacies.

The food centre features large communal dining areas with long tables and benches, encouraging a sense of community dining. The open-plan design allows visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant food culture while engaging in conversations with fellow diners.

Modern Amenities

Though steeped in tradition, Tekka Centre also incorporates modern amenities to cater to the needs of contemporary shoppers. Overhead fans, well-designed washrooms, and escalators are strategically placed throughout the building to maximize convenience and ensure a comfortable shopping experience for all.

The architecture of Tekka Centre showcases a harmonious blend of traditional Indian designs and modern elements. Its vibrant colours, intricate carvings, and thoughtful layout make it an architectural masterpiece within Little India. Whether it is experiencing culinary delights or immersing oneself in cultural festivities, Tekka Centre offers an enriching experience that truly reflects Singapore's multicultural heritage.

Food at Tekka Centre


It is a vibrant food haven located in the heart of Little India, Singapore. It is a bustling hawker centre that offers a diverse range of delicious and authentic local cuisine. Whether you're a resident or a tourist, Tekka Centre is the perfect place to indulge in an array of flavours and experience the rich culinary heritage of Singapore.

Wide Variety of Cuisines

One of the highlights of Tekka Centre is its wide variety of cuisines. With over 80 stalls spread across two levels, you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding what to eat.

You can find traditional Indian cuisine such as biryani, dosa, and butter chicken at several stalls throughout the centre. These dishes are made using fresh spices and aromatic herbs, giving them an irresistible flavour.

If you're craving Chinese food, head over to the numerous stalls serving delectable dishes like Hainanese chicken rice, char kway teow (stir-fried noodles), wonton mee (dumpling noodles), or roast duck with rice.

For those who enjoy Malay flavours, there are stalls offering nasi lemak (coconut rice with various accompaniments), satay (grilled skewers), rendang (slow-cooked meat in coconut milk), and mee rebus (noodles in spicy gravy).

Local Delicacies

In addition to these international cuisines, it also has its fair share of local delicacies that are worth trying. Some must-try items include:

Roti Prata: A popular Indian flatbread served with various dips such as curry or sugar.

Fish Head Curry: A signature dish where a whole fish head is cooked in a flavorful curry sauce.

Laksa: A spicy noodle soup dish topped with shrimp, tofu puffs, cockles, and bean sprouts.

Murtabak: A stuffed pancake filled with minced meat, onions, and spices.

Kaya Toast: A traditional Singaporean breakfast of toast spread with coconut jam and served with soft-boiled eggs and local coffee.

Affordable Prices

One of the best things about dining at Tekka Centre is that it offers affordable prices without compromising on taste or quality. You can enjoy a satisfying meal for as little as SGD 5 to SGD 10 per person. This makes it an excellent option for budget-conscious travellers or locals looking for a quick and tasty meal.

Vibrant Atmosphere

Besides the delicious food, Tekka Centre also boasts a vibrant atmosphere that adds to the overall experience. As you wander through the centre, you'll be greeted by colourful stalls, lively chatter, and tantalizing aromas wafting through the air. The bustling nature of this hawker centre is an integral part of its character and charm.

It is a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to explore Singapore's diverse culinary landscape. From Indian classics to Chinese favourites and Malay delights, there's something to satisfy every palate. With its affordable prices and vibrant atmosphere, it's no wonder why Tekka Centre remains one of the top food destinations in Singapore. So grab your appetite and head over to this gastronomic hub for an unforgettable dining experience!

Food at Tekka Centre: Indian Food Stalls


Located in the heart of Little India, Tekka Centre is a bustling food hub renowned for its vibrant and diverse selection of Indian cuisine. The centre houses numerous food stalls that offer an array of mouthwatering dishes, each meticulously prepared to provide a truly authentic dining experience. Exploring the food options at Tekka Centre is like embarking on a culinary adventure through the rich flavours and aromas of traditional Indian cooking.

1. Roti Prata Stall

One cannot talk about Indian cuisine without mentioning Roti Prata - a beloved dish among both locals and tourists alike. At the Roti Prata stall in Tekka Centre, you can find various types of flaky, crispy flatbread served with aromatic curry sauce. Whether you prefer plain prata or one filled with egg, cheese, or even banana, this stall has something to satisfy every palate.

2. Biryani Stall

Heading over to the Biryani stall is like entering a fragrant paradise where basmati rice is cooked with an intricate blend of spices and marinated meat or vegetables for hours until they are tender and flavorful. From chicken biryani to mutton biryani and vegetarian options as well, this stall serves up generous portions that will leave you craving for more.

3. Dosai Stall

If you're looking for a delicious South Indian speciality, then make your way to the Dosai stall at Tekka Centre. Dosai is a thin pancake-like dish made from fermented rice batter and lentils which is then stuffed with various fillings such as masala potatoes or onions before being served alongside chutneys and sambar (a tangy lentil soup). Try different variations like Onion Rava Dosai or Masala Dosai for a delightful treat.

4. Tandoori Chicken Stall

For those who enjoy the tantalizing flavours of grilled meats, the Tandoori Chicken stall is a must-visit. Here, succulent chicken pieces are marinated with a blend of yoghurt and spices before being cooked in a traditional clay oven known as a tandoor. The result is smoky, tender chicken with a distinctly charred taste that pairs perfectly with naan or rice.

5. Sweet Treats Stall

To end your culinary journey at Tekka Centre on a sweet note, head over to the Sweet Treats stall. Here you can find an array of Indian desserts such as Gulab Jamun (deep-fried milk dumplings soaked in sugar syrup), Jalebi (crispy pretzel-like spirals dipped in sugar syrup), and Kheer (a creamy rice pudding). Indulge in these delightful treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Whether you're craving savoury dishes or delectable sweets, Tekka Centre's Indian food stalls offer an extensive selection that caters to every taste preference.

So why wait? Visit Tekka Centre today and immerse yourself in the vibrant flavours and rich traditions of Indian cuisine!

Food at Tekka Centre: Chinese Food Stalls


Tekka Centre, located in Singapore's Little India district, is a bustling hawker centre that offers a wide range of delectable and diverse cuisines. One of the highlights of Tekka Centre is its selection of Chinese food stalls, which serve up traditional dishes that are loved by locals and tourists alike.

Variety of Dishes

At the Chinese food stalls in Tekka Centre, you can find an extensive variety of dishes to satisfy any craving. From steaming bowls of noodles to savoury rice dishes and enticing seafood options, there is something for everyone.

Noodles: The Chinese food stalls at Tekka Centre offer a variety of noodle-based dishes like Char Kway Teow (stir-fried flat rice noodles), Hokkien Mee (noodles cooked in thick prawn broth), and Wanton Mee (noodles served with dumplings). Each dish comes with its unique blend of flavours and ingredients that will leave you wanting more.

Rice Dishes: If you prefer rice, there are numerous options available as well. You can enjoy classics such as Hainanese Chicken Rice (poached chicken served with fragrant rice) or comforting Claypot Rice (rice cooked in clay pots with various meats and vegetables).

Seafood Delights: Seafood lovers won't be disappointed either. The Chinese food stalls at Tekka Centre offer dishes like Black Pepper Crab, Butter Prawns, and Chili Crab – all featuring freshly caught seafood cooked to perfection.


Apart from the wide range of dishes available at the Chinese food stalls in Tekka Centre, several highlights make this dining experience truly special:

Affordable Prices: Compared to some high-end restaurants, the prices at these hawker stalls are significantly lower while maintaining high standards when it comes to taste and quality.

Authentic Flavors: The Chinese food stalls at Tekka Centre strive to deliver authentic flavours that stay true to traditional recipes. The dishes are prepared using time-tested cooking techniques and fresh ingredients, resulting in mouthwatering meals that are packed with flavour.

Cultural Experience: Dining at the Chinese food stalls in Tekka Centre offers a cultural experience as you immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the hawker centre. You can witness the lively interactions between customers and stall owners while savouring your delicious meal.

If you're looking for an extensive variety of Chinese cuisine in Singapore, head over to Tekka Centre's Chinese food stalls. With their wide selection of noodles, rice dishes, and seafood delights, as well as affordable prices and authentic flavours, these stalls offer a memorable dining experience. Whether you're a local or a tourist, your taste buds will be delighted by the offerings at Tekka Centre's Chinese food stalls.

Food at Tekka Centre: Malay Food Stalls



Tekka Centre, situated in the heart of Little India in Singapore, is a vibrant and bustling hawker centre that offers a wide range of mouthwatering foods. One of the highlights of Tekka Centre is its Malay food stalls, which serve authentic and delicious Malay cuisine. In this overview, we will explore the various Malay food stalls at Tekka Centre and provide you with an extensive understanding of the flavoursome dishes they offer.

Nasi Padang

One popular choice among visitors to Tekka Centre's Malay food stalls is Nasi Padang. This traditional Indonesian dish consists of steamed rice accompanied by a variety of side dishes. The rice is often infused with aromatic spices such as pandan leaves or coconut milk, giving it a distinct fragrance. Some classic side dishes found at Nasi Padang stalls include rendang (a richly spiced beef stew), sambal goreng (a mixed vegetable stir-fry), and ayam bakar (grilled chicken). Each plate can be customized according to personal preference, making it a versatile option for diners.

Mee Rebus

Mee Rebus is another delightful dish that can be savoured at certain Malay food stalls in Tekka Centre. It features yellow noodles drenched in thick gravy made from sweet potato and prawn stock. The intense flavour profiles are further enhanced with ingredients like bean sprouts, fried tofu cubes, sliced-boiled eggs, and crispy shallots. This comforting noodle dish offers a perfect balance between sweetness and tanginess while leaving you craving for more.

Roti Prata

While not exclusively found at Malay food stalls, Roti Prata has become an integral part of Singapore's culinary scene and can also be enjoyed at certain stalls within Tekka Centre. This flatbread cooked on a hot griddle until crispy outside yet fluffy inside pairs well with savoury curry. Roti Prata comes in various versions like plain, egg, or even filled with cheese and onion. The skilful flipping and stretching of the dough performed by Roti Prata chefs serve as an entertaining sight while you wait for your delicious plate to be served.


Murtabak is a must-try dish at Tekka Centre's Malay food stalls. This stuffed pancake-like delicacy usually contains minced meat (such as beef or chicken), onions, and a blend of spices enclosed within thin layers of crispy golden-brown dough. Served alongside a side of pickled onions and fragrant curry sauce, this flavorful dish offers a delightful combination of textures and tastes that will satisfy any discerning food lover.


Satay holds its special place in Malay cuisine, and several stalls within Tekka Centre offer this grilled skewered meat delight. Typically made using chicken or beef, the satay skewers are marinated in a flavorful blend of spices before being cooked over charcoal flames until succulent perfection is achieved. Served with peanut sauce, cucumber slices, and ketupat (compressed rice cakes), satay provides an explosion of flavours that meld together harmoniously to create an unforgettable culinary experience.

Tekka Centre's Malay food stalls provide an extensive array of delectable dishes that showcase the diverse culinary heritage found in Singapore. Whether you're craving Nasi Padang full of aromatic spices or indulging in Roti Prata dipped into flavorful curries, there is something to satisfy every palate at these stalls. Embrace the lively ambience and immerse yourself in the rich flavours offered by Tekka Centre's Malay food stalls for an authentic taste adventure you won't soon forget!

Food at Tekka Centre: Other Food Stalls


Tekka Centre, located in Little India, Singapore, is a bustling food haven that offers a wide variety of delicious dishes. From traditional Indian cuisine to local Singaporean favourites, this vibrant hawker centre attracts both locals and tourists alike.

Traditional Indian Cuisine:

One of the highlights of Tekka Centre is its authentic Indian food stalls. Here, visitors can indulge in various regional cuisines from different parts of India. Be prepared to tickle your taste buds with aromatic curries, flavorful biryanis, tandoori treats, and freshly baked naans. Some popular Indian stalls to visit include:

Indian Rojak: This stall specializes in serving mouthwatering rojak - a traditional Indian salad made with vegetables and tofu mixed in a spicy peanut sauce.

Muthu's Curry: Known for its signature fish head curry and other delectable South Indian dishes like masala chicken and dosai.

Komala Vilas: Offering an extensive vegetarian menu with authentic Tamil Nadu cuisine such as idli (steamed rice cakes), vadai (fried lentil fritters), and thali sets.

Local Singaporean Fare:

Apart from Indian cuisine, Tekka Centre also boasts several stalls serving beloved local dishes that embody the diverse culinary culture of Singapore. Whether you're craving laksa, chicken rice or want to try something unique like sup tulang (bone marrow soup), you'll find it all here. Notable local food stalls include:

Tekka Market Hokkien Mee: Famous for its plate of smoky Hokkien mee – yellow noodles stir-fried with prawns, squid, pork belly slices, bean sprouts, and fragrant dark soy sauce.

Bismillah Biryani: Specializing in Dum Biryani - fragrant basmati rice cooked with tender meat, flavoured with aromatic spices and topped with caramelized onions.

Lau Pa Sat Satay: Located near Tekka Centre, this famous hawker stall offers mouthwatering satay skewers, grilled to perfection and served with spicy peanut sauce.

Other Food Stalls:

In addition to Indian and local Singaporean cuisine, Tekka Centre also features stalls offering Chinese, Malay, and other international dishes. Some noteworthy options are:

Yong Xiang Xing Roasted Delights: Well-known for its succulent roasted meats such as char siew (barbecued pork) and roast duck.

Haji M Abdul Razak Stall: Serving delicious Malay specialities like nasi padang (rice served with various side dishes), mee rebus (yellow noodle dish in thick gravy), and satay bee hoon (vermicelli noodles in peanut sauce).

Kampung Glam Cafe: Offering a fusion of Western and Asian flavours including burgers, pasta, seafood dishes, and a variety of beverages.

With an extensive range of food stalls offering diverse cuisines under one roof, Tekka Centre provides visitors with a gastronomic journey through the rich cultural tapestry of Singapore. So come hungry and explore the wonderful world of food at Tekka Centre!

Shopping at Tekka Centre



Tekka Centre is a bustling multicultural market located in Little India, Singapore. It is known for its vibrant atmosphere and wide variety of goods available for sale. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the diverse shopping experience offered at Tekka Centre.

Fresh Produce and Grocery Shopping

One of the main highlights of shopping at Tekka Centre is its impressive array of fresh produce and grocery items. From colourful fruits and vegetables to aromatic spices and herbs, you can find everything you need to create delicious meals. The market offers a wide selection of local and international ingredients, catering to different culinary preferences.

Wet Market Section

The wet market section at Tekka Centre features an extensive range of seafood, poultry, meat, and exotic products like frogs or turtles. Here you can witness vendors skillfully preparing seafood on the spot or find marinated meats ready-made for cooking. This section provides a truly authentic experience that showcases the rich food culture in Singapore.

Clothing and Textiles

If you are in search of affordable clothing options or traditional Indian garments such as saris or Punjabi suits, Tekka Centre has plenty to offer. Several shops specialize in selling fabrics with intricate designs that reflect both traditional Indian motifs and contemporary fashion trends.

Accessories and Jewelry

Tekka Centre also caters to those looking for unique accessories or jewellery pieces. Shops within the market sell an assortment of items ranging from stylish handbags to elegant necklaces made with gemstones like jade or turquoise. You can find both traditional ethnic designs as well as modern styles suiting various tastes.

Household Goods

For your everyday household needs, there are numerous stalls selling essential items such as kitchenware, home décor products, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and more. These shops provide a convenient one-stop solution for all your domestic requirements.

Traditional Remedies

Within Tekka Centre's shopping complex is a section dedicated to traditional remedies. Shops here offer a wide range of herbs, roots, and spices believed to have healing properties in traditional medicine practices. If you are interested in exploring natural remedies or alternative therapies, this is the place to visit.

Food Stalls and Hawker Center

In addition to shopping, Tekka Centre is renowned for its food stalls and hawker centres that serve a tempting array of local delicacies. From aromatic Indian curries and biryanis to Malay favourites like nasi lemak or satay, food enthusiasts can indulge in diverse flavours while taking a break from their shopping activities.

Shopping at Tekka Centre promises visitors an exciting experience filled with cultural diversity and sensory delight. With its extensive selection of fresh produce, clothing options, accessories, household goods, traditional remedies, along mouthwatering street food offerings, it is no wonder that Tekka Centre remains a beloved destination for locals and tourists alike.

Shopping at Tekka Centre: Retail Shops


Tekka Centre, located in the vibrant neighbourhood of Little India in Singapore, is a bustling hub for locals and tourists alike. The centre not only offers an array of delectable food stalls serving traditional Indian cuisine but also houses numerous retail shops that cater to a diverse range of needs.

Variety of Retail Shops

At Tekka Centre, you will find an extensive selection of retail shops offering various products and services. From clothing boutiques to electronics stores, grocery stores to tailors, there is something for everyone at this bustling shopping destination.

Clothing and Accessories

If you are looking to update your wardrobe or accessorize with some unique pieces, Tekka Centre has several clothing and accessory stores to explore. These stores offer a mix of traditional Indian attire such as sarees, kurtas, and lungis alongside modern fashion options including Western-style clothing.

Electronics and Appliances

For tech-savvy shoppers on the lookout for gadgets or household appliances, Tekka Centre boasts several electronics stores where you can browse through a wide range of products. Whether you need a new smartphone, laptop, or kitchen appliance, these retailers provide affordable options from renowned brands.

Grocery Stores

Tekka Centre is also home to several grocery stores offering fresh produce and pantry staples. These shops provide a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Indian spices, herbs, lentils (dals), rice varieties (such as basmati), and exotic fruits and vegetables commonly used in Indian cooking. You can stock up on ingredients for traditional dishes or explore new flavours as you experiment with your culinary skills.

Tailoring Services

Many visitors come to Tekka Centre seeking custom tailoring services offered by skilled artisans specializing in ethnic wear. Whether it's getting fitted for a tailored kurta or designing your bespoke saree blouse patterned with intricate embroideries - the talented tailors here ensure that you leave with a perfectly tailored garment that suits your preferences and style.

Specialty Shops

Apart from the aforementioned categories, Tekka Centre also features an array of speciality stores catering to unique interests. You can find retailers specializing in jewellery, religious artefacts, home decor, herbal remedies, and much more. These shops provide opportunities to explore traditional Indian craftsmanship and cultural artefacts that make for memorable souvenirs or personal keepsakes.

Shopping at Tekka Centre retail shops offers a vibrant and culturally enriching experience. With its diverse array of stores spanning clothing, electronics, groceries, tailoring services, and speciality items - there is something here for every shopper's needs. Soak in the vibrant atmosphere as you browse through the bustling aisles filled with myriad options at this lively Singaporean marketplace.

Shopping at Tekka Centre: Wet Market


Tekka Centre Wet Market is a bustling and vibrant marketplace located in the heart of Little India, Singapore. It is famous for its wide variety of fresh produce, meats, seafood, and spices, making it a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. In this overview, we will explore the different aspects of shopping at Tekka Centre Wet Market.

Location and Opening Hours

Tekka Centre is conveniently situated along Serangoon Road, just a short walk from the Little India MRT station. The market opens daily from early morning until late afternoon. It is advisable to visit during weekdays to avoid heavy crowds.

Fresh Produce

One of the main attractions of Tekka Centre Wet Market is its extensive array of fresh fruits and vegetables. Local farmers bring in their produce daily, ensuring that customers have access to high-quality ingredients. From leafy greens to exotic tropical fruits like durian and mangosteen, shoppers can find an abundance of choices at reasonable prices.

Meats and Seafood

For meat lovers, Tekka Centre offers a range of fresh cuts such as beef, chicken, pork, lamb, and even speciality meats like mutton or duck. These are sourced directly from local suppliers known for their quality products. The market also boasts an impressive selection of seafood including fish varieties like pomfret or red snapper along with prawns, crabs, and lobsters - all guaranteed to be freshly caught.

Spices and Condiments

With its strong Indian influence due to its location in Little India, Tekka Centre Wet Market excels in offering an extensive assortment of spices and condiments commonly used in Indian cuisine. Shoppers can find aromatic spices like turmeric powder or garam masala along with various types of lentils (dals), rice varieties (basmati), pickles (achaar), and chutneys - everything you need to recreate authentic Indian flavours.

Other Food Products

Aside from fresh produce, meats, and spices, the market also houses other food-related stalls. Visitors can explore a wide range of gourmet snacks, traditional sweets (mithai), freshly baked bread (chapati or naan), as well as hot food stalls serving delicious local dishes like biryani, dosa, or curry rice. This makes Tekka Centre Wet Market not just a place for grocery shopping but an ideal spot to indulge in Singapore's diverse culinary experiences.

Tips for Shopping at Tekka Centre Wet Market

Come early to get the best selection of fresh produce and avoid crowds.

Bring your reusable bags for convenience and sustainability.

Don't be afraid to ask the vendors for advice on selecting the freshest ingredients or recipe ideas - they are often friendly and knowledgeable.

Bargaining is common practice at some stalls, especially when purchasing large quantities.

Take your time to explore every nook and cranny of the market; you might stumble upon hidden gems or unique products.

Overall, shopping at Tekka Centre Wet Market promises a delightful experience where visitors can immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of sights, sounds, and aromas while gathering ingredients for their culinary adventures.

Shopping at Tekka Centre: Food Stalls


Tekka Centre is a popular hawker centre located in the heart of Little India, Singapore. It is well-known for its bustling atmosphere and wide array of food stalls offering delicious local cuisine. In this comprehensive overview, we will explore everything you need to know about shopping at Tekka Centre food stalls.

1. What are Tekka Centre Food Stalls?

Tekka Centre is home to numerous food stalls that cater to various tastes and preferences. These stalls specialize in an assortment of cuisines, including Indian, Malay, Chinese, and more. Each stall offers unique dishes cooked with authentic flavours and traditional recipes.

2. Range of Food Options

At Tekka Centre, you can find an extensive range of food options suitable for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Some popular dishes include chicken rice, roti prata (Indian flatbread), nasi biryani (fragrant rice with meat), mee goreng (fried noodles), satay (grilled skewered meat), and fish head curry.

3. Quality and Authenticity

One of the highlights of shopping at Tekka Centre food stalls is the high quality and authenticity of the dishes served. The stall owners take pride in using fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods to deliver flavorful meals that showcase Singaporean culinary traditions.

4. Affordable Prices

Another advantage of dining at Tekka Centre food stalls is their affordability. The prices at these establishments are generally lower compared to upscale restaurants or cafes in other parts of Singapore. This allows visitors to enjoy scrumptious meals without breaking the bank.

5. Ambience

With its vibrant atmosphere filled with mouth-watering aromas and energetic crowds, shopping at Tekka Centre food stalls provides a unique dining experience unlike any other setting in Singapore. You can savour your meal while soaking up the lively ambience created by the hustle and bustle of the hawker centre.

6. Food Hygiene and Safety

Tekka Centre places a strong emphasis on food hygiene and safety. All food stalls are regularly inspected by the authorities to ensure that they meet strict standards for cleanliness and proper handling of ingredients. This ensures that customers can enjoy their meals with peace of mind.

7. Opening Hours

Tekka Centre is typically open from early morning until late at night, making it convenient for both early risers and night owls. However, do note that some individual food stalls have their operating hours, so it's advisable to check beforehand if you have a specific stall or dish in mind.

8. Locals' Favorites

Locals often have their go-to favourites when shopping at Tekka Centre food stalls. Some popular choices include the famous prawn noodles from Blanco Court Prawn Mee, tender chicken rice from Yakader Muslim Food Stall, and mouth-watering mutton soup from Alhambra Padang Satay & Meat Soup.

Tekka Centre food stalls offer an incredible culinary journey into Singaporean cuisine. From savoury curries to spicy noodles, you'll find a wide variety of delicious options that cater to different tastes and budgets. So grab your appetite and head over to Tekka Centre for an unforgettable dining experience!

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