Gillman Barracks

12 Best Gillman Barracks Food In Singapore

Gillman camp is a place in Singapore that used to be a military camp but is now a place for modern art. This one-of-a-kind place has a wide variety of art galleries and museums, and it's also known for its great food scene. Here are the 12 best places to eat at Gillman Barracks in Singapore.


At Gillman Barracks, there is a cool food hall. There are many places to eat in this food hall. You can get burgers, sushi, and kebabs, among other things. There are also several bars inside Timbre+, where you can get a drink and enjoy the lively environment.

Finn the Naked

It is a restaurant that serves fish. This restaurant is known for its fresh seafood dishes, like its popular prawn noodles. The menu changes often based on what's in season, so there's always something new and interesting to try.

Baron Red

There is a cosy little restaurant inside. This restaurant has a lot of European-style dishes, like beef stroganoff and chicken schnitzel, which are very famous. You can also choose a beer or wine to go with your food on the menu.

47 shillings

There is a famous cafe inside of it. This cafe serves pancakes, eggs benedict, avocado toast, and other breakfast and lunch foods. There are also many choices for vegetarians and people who can't eat gluten.


There is a cute little restaurant inside of it. This diner is known for serving traditional British dishes like fish and chips, shepherd's pie, and bangers and mash. There are also several beers and ciders to choose from on the menu.


It is home to the famous ice cream shop Creamier. This shop has a lot of tasty ice cream tastes, like Earl Grey, sea salt gula melaka, and roasted pistachio. There are also a lot of toppings, like fresh fruit and crunchy oats, to choose from.

The Wine & Gourmet Friends

It has a stylish restaurant called Wine & Gourmet Friends. Many French-style meals are on the menu, such as escargot, duck confit, and bouillabaisse. On the menu, you can also choose from a wide range of wines to go with your food.


It has a well-known bar and restaurant inside. This bar offers many dishes based on American food, like burgers, ribs, and hot dogs. You can also enjoy homemade beers and cocktails at the bar while listening to live music.

Park Bench Deli

It has a well-known sandwich shop inside. This shop serves a range of gourmet sandwiches, such as roast beef, pastrami, and fried chicken. The sandwiches are made fresh when you ask for them, and there are a lot of choices for vegetarians.

Plum & Toro

It is a place with a trendy Japanese restaurant inside. This restaurant offers Japanese-style dishes, sushi, sashimi, and udon noodles. You can also choose from a range of Japanese beers and sake to drink with your food on the menu.

The Local

There is a famous cafe inside of it. This cafe serves a range of breakfast and brunch foods, like scrambled eggs, French toast, and breakfast burritos. There are also many choices for vegetarians and people who can't eat gluten.

White Rabbit

It is an upscale restaurant inside Gillman Barracks. This restaurant is in a building that has been nicely fixed up.

Best Gillman Barracks Food - All you need to know

It is a special place in Singapore that has become a centre for art and culture in the modern world. This building used to be a military camp, but now it is a lively area with galleries, museums, cafes, and restaurants. Here's all the information you need to know.


It was built in 1936 as a prison for the British army. It was named after General Sir Webb Gillman, who helped build up the British Army in Singapore. The British Army used the barracks until 1965 when Singapore got its government.

After Singapore was freed, the Singapore Armed Forces used the barracks until 1997. The site stayed empty for a few years until the government chose to turn it into a place for modern art.

In 2012, the National Arts Council of Singapore opened it to the public. Since then, the area has become where locals and tourists like to go.

Best Gillman Barracks Food - Art Galleries

It is home to several art galleries that showcase contemporary art from Singapore and around the world. These galleries include:

  1. Chan + Hori Contemporary
  2. FOST Gallery
  3. Mizuma Gallery
  4. Ota Fine Arts
  5. Richard Koh Fine Art
  6. ShanghART Gallery
  7. Yavuz Gallery

The galleries feature a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, video, and installation art. Many of the galleries host exhibitions and events throughout the year, providing visitors with a chance to see new and exciting works of art.

Best Gillman Barracks Food - Museums

In addition to the art galleries, it is also home to several museums:

  1. NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore – This museum focuses on contemporary art and provides a platform for research, experimentation, and critical discourse.
  2. The Singapore Tyler Print Institute – This museum focuses on printmaking and offers exhibitions, workshops, and residency programs.
  3. The Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore – This museum is part of LASALLE College of the Arts and focuses on contemporary art and culture.

All of the museums offer free admission to the public, making them accessible to everyone.

Gillman Barracks
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