Hendon Camp 1

Hendon Camp 1


Hendon Camp 1, located in Singapore, has a rich history that dates back several decades. Originally built as a military camp, it has served various purposes over the years. This overview will provide you with an extensive understanding of the history of Hendon Camp 1.

Early Years

The British colonial government established it in 1938 as a part of their military infrastructure. The camp was strategically located near Upper Thomson Road and covered a significant area of land. Its primary purpose was to serve as a training facility for British soldiers stationed in Singapore during colonial times.

World War II

During World War II, Hendon Camp 1 played a crucial role in defending Singapore against Japanese forces. In February 1942, however, the camp fell to Japanese invaders during the Battle of Singapore. It became an internment camp, where prisoners of war were held captive by the Japanese military until their eventual liberation at the end of the war.

Post-War Reconstruction

After World War II ended, efforts were made to rebuild and restore Hendon Camp 1. The British military took over control again and used it as a base for units deployed to support post-war operations in Southeast Asia.

Independence Era

Following Singapore's independence from Britain in 1965, Hendon Camp 1 continued to operate under newly formed national defense structures. The camp underwent modernization and expansion projects throughout this period to enhance its facilities and accommodate more troops.

Present Day

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) continue to manage it as an operational military installation today. It serves multiple purposes, including training grounds for troops across various branches such as infantry, logistics, and medical units.

The camp also houses administrative offices, mess halls, accommodation blocks for personnel on duty or training exercises, workshops for equipment maintenance and repair services, and other essential facilities needed to support military operations.

Significance and Legacy

It holds significant historical value as it witnessed crucial events during the British colonial era, World War II, and Singapore's journey towards independence. The camp serves as a reminder of Singapore's military heritage and its continuous commitment to national defense.

Its strategic location near key transportation routes contributes to its ongoing importance in military training exercises. Hendon Camp 1 continues to be an essential hub for honing the skills of Singaporean soldiers and ensuring their preparedness for both domestic emergencies and regional security cooperation.

In conclusion, Hendon Camp 1 has a storied past that reflects the broader historical context of Singapore. It has transformed from a colonial-era training ground to an iconic symbol of Singaporean military strength and resilience.

2Military Units at Hendon Camp 1


Hendon Camp 1, located in Singapore, plays a crucial role in the defense and security of the nation. It serves as a base for various military units that contribute to Singapore's overall military capabilities. This extensive overview will provide you with essential information about the different military units stationed at Hendon Camp 1.

Special Operations Task Force (SOTF)

The Special Operations Task Force (SOTF) is one of the prominent units based in Hendon Camp 1. Comprising highly trained personnel from all branches of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), SOTF specializes in conducting special operations missions both within and beyond national borders. They are adept in counter-terrorism, reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, and unconventional warfare.

With their advanced tactics and specialized training, SOTF operates under high-risk situations such as hostage rescue, sabotage operations, and infiltration behind enemy lines. The unit employs cutting-edge technology along with rigorous physical endurance training to achieve their objectives efficiently.

Army Training Evaluation Centre (ATEC)

The Army Training Evaluation Centre (ATEC) is responsible for evaluating and enhancing the operational readiness of army formations stationed at Hendon Camp 1. ATEC conducts realistic and challenging exercises aimed at testing soldiers' skills across various scenarios relevant to modern warfare.

By assessing troops' performance during these exercises, ATEC identifies areas for improvement within army units. It then provides feedback and guidance to ensure continuous development of soldiers' competence, cohesion, and professionalism. ATEC assists in maintaining a high state of combat readiness among army personnel stationed at Hendon Camp 1.

Logistic Support Battalion (LSB)

The Logistic Support Battalion (LSB) plays an essential role in providing logistical support to various military units deployed across Singapore's operational theaters. Situated within Hendon Camp 1, LSB ensures smooth coordination between logistics operations and frontline troops.

LSB oversees the procurement, distribution, and maintenance of essential supplies, including ammunition, fuel, food, equipment, and medical resources. Their efficient handling of logistics ensures that soldiers have access to requisite resources necessary for their operational effectiveness.

Medical Support Unit (MSU)

The Medical Support Unit (MSU) at Hendon Camp 1 is responsible for providing comprehensive medical services to military personnel in need. MSU comprises expert healthcare professionals who ensure the well-being of troops stationed at the camp.

From routine medical care to emergency response during training or deployment exercises, MSU provides critical aid and support. They also conduct regular health assessments and implement preventive measures to maintain a high level of physical fitness and mental resilience among military personnel.

Signals Battalion

The Signals Battalion stationed at Hendon Camp 1 handles all aspects of communication and information systems within the military framework. The battalion manages secure networks for transmitting vital information between different units deployed both nationally and internationally.

The Signals Battalion ensures seamless communication during operations by establishing reliable connectivity through advanced technology infrastructure. They are also responsible for maintaining cybersecurity protocols to safeguard sensitive data from potential threats.

It houses various crucial military units serving diverse functions such as special operations capabilities, training assessment, logistical support provision, medical assistance, and efficient communication networks upkeep. These units contribute significantly to Singapore's defense readiness by ensuring operational preparedness across multiple domains.

Hendon Camp 1: Republic of Singapore Air Force


It is a military installation located in Singapore, specifically designed to accommodate the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF). As one of the key bases for the RSAF, Hendon Camp 1 is home to several military units that play vital roles in ensuring the defense and security of Singapore.

1. Fighter Wing

The Fighter Wing stationed at Hendon Camp 1 comprises a variety of aircraft squadrons equipped with advanced fighter jets. These squadrons are responsible for safeguarding Singapore's airspace, conducting air defense operations, and providing rapid response capabilities. The personnel in this unit undergo rigorous training to enhance their combat skills and ensure their readiness for any potential threat or aggression.

2. Helicopter Group

The Helicopter Group stationed at Hendon Camp 1 specializes in rotary-wing aircraft operations. They are responsible for various missions such as search and rescue operations, aerial reconnaissance, transport support, and medical evacuation. Highly skilled pilots and ground crew work together to ensure optimal performance and safety during these critical operations.

3. Aerial Defence Group

The Aerial Defence Group stationed at Hendon Camp 1 acts as the main line of defence against airborne threats targeting Singapore. This unit operates sophisticated air defence systems, including surface-to-air missiles, to intercept hostile aircraft or missiles attempting to breach national airspace or harm strategic targets within Singapore.

4. Maintenance Squadrons

Several maintenance squadrons are based at Hendon Camp 1 to provide comprehensive technical support for the RSAF's aircraft fleet deployed there. Skilled technicians carry out scheduled maintenance, repairs, modifications, and equipment upgrades under stringent quality control standards to ensure maximum operational efficiency and longevity of RSAF assets.

Training Institutes

In addition to operational units, it also houses training institutes that play a crucial role in developing the future force of the RSAF. These institutes conduct various training programmes and courses covering a wide range of subjects, including aviation training, technical expertise, leadership development, and specialised skills required for different roles within the RSAF.

It serves as a critical hub for the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) military units. With its diverse range of units specialising in fighter operations, helicopter support, aerial defence capabilities, maintenance support, and training facilities, Hendon Camp 1 plays an integral role in ensuring the readiness and effectiveness of RSAF forces to protect Singapore's airspace and national security.

Hendon Camp 1: Republic of Singapore Navy


Hendon Camp 1, a military camp in Singapore, serves as an important base for the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN). This camp is home to various naval units that are responsible for ensuring the defence and security of Singapore's maritime interests. Through their rigorous training and strategic operations, these units play a vital role in safeguarding Singapore's waters.

Naval Logistics Command (NALCOM)

The Naval Logistics Command (NALCOM) operates from Hendon Camp 1 and plays a crucial role in supporting the operational readiness of the RSN. NALCOM is responsible for the procurement, maintenance, and supply chain management of equipment and assets used by the navy. They ensure that ships are well-supplied with provisions, spare parts, ammunition, fuel, and other necessary resources.

Supply & Transport Division

Situated within Hendon Camp 1 is the Supply & Transport Division (S&T Div). This division handles all logistics-related matters for RSN units operating out of this base. S&T Div oversees transportation activities such as movement planning, packaging, storage, distribution coordination, and fleet management of vehicles required for day-to-day operations.

Underwater Warfare Training Centre

The Underwater Warfare Training Center (UWTC) at Hendon Camp 1 is responsible for training naval personnel in anti-submarine warfare techniques. UWTC conducts theoretical lectures as well as practical exercises using advanced underwater detection equipment like sonars and simulators. Their mission is to develop highly skilled underwater warfare specialists who can effectively counter potential submarine threats to Singapore's waters.

Maritime Security Task Force

It houses one component of the Maritime Security Task Force (MSTF), a coordinated effort between different branches of the military to enhance maritime security in Singapore's waters. MSTF focuses on countering various potential threats, such as piracy or smuggling activities, through surveillance, patrols, and rapid response capabilities. The units based at Hendon Camp 1 contribute to the MSTF's overall objective of maintaining peace and stability in the maritime domain.

Naval Military Police Command

The Naval Military Police Command (NMPC) is responsible for maintaining discipline, security, and law enforcement within the RSN. As part of their duties, NMPC personnel stationed at Hendon Camp 1 ensure the safety and well-being of camp residents by conducting regular patrols, enforcing regulations, investigating offences, and providing overall security support to naval operations conducted from this base.

In summary, it serves as an important hub for various military units under the Republic of Singapore Navy. These units include NALCOM for logistics support, Supply & Transport Division for efficient distribution and transportation services, UWTC for specialised underwater warfare training, MSTF for enhanced maritime security efforts, and NMPC for internal discipline and law enforcement. Together, they form a cohesive force that contributes significantly to Singapore's defence capabilities in protecting its waters and ensuring national security.

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