kranji camp 3

Kranji Camp 3

A Comprehensive Guide to Kranji Camp 3: Home of the SAF Military Police

It is a key military facility located in the northern region of Singapore within the Kranji area. It serves as the main base hosting the headquarters and training school of the Singapore A Comprehensive Guide to Kranji Camp 3: Home of the SAF Military Police

It is a key military facility located in the northern region of Singapore within the Kranji area. It serves as the main base hosting the headquarters and training school of the Singapore Armed Forces Military Police (SAF MP).

This provides an in-depth look at Kranji Camp 3, its history, layout, training facilities, and operations that support the SAF MP in maintaining discipline and security across the SAF.

Introduction to Kranji Camp 3

It is situated along Kranji Road, just opposite Kranji Camp. It sits on 14 hectares of land primarily occupied by the SAF MP. Key facts:

- Main base hosting HQ SAF MP and SAF MP Training School

- Location: Along Kranji Road near KJE and Bukit Panjang

- Completed in 1995 after relocation from Old Police Academy

- Conducts 14 SAF MP training courses averaging 6000 trainees annually

- Houses detention barracks for discipline offenders

As the headquarters and main training node of the SAF MP, Kranji Camp 3 performs a vital role.

History of Kranji Camp 3

It has its roots at the site of the Old Police Academy. Key milestones:

1975: The site housed the former Old Police Academy after relocation from Thomson Road

1992: Designated future site for SAF MP relocation

1995: Completed construction of new camp for SAF MP

1995: SAF MP units officially relocated from Mount Vernon Camp to Kranji Camp 3

2003: New 4-story camp headquarters building completed

Having taken over the former Police Academy site, it became purpose-built to meet the needs of the SAF MP.

Key Features and Infrastructure

Let’s examine the key features and infrastructure within Kranji Camp 3:

Parade Square

The main parade square is where daily parades, drills, inspections, and key ceremonies are conducted.

Headquarters Block

The 4-storey building houses the offices of the HQ SAF MP Commander, departments, and auditorium.


Several blocks accommodate the personnel posted to the SAF MP units and HQ.

Combat Training Facilities

Include obstacles course, shooting range, and close combat facilities.

Training Block

Classrooms for lessons and SAF MP Training School administration.

Detention Barracks

Housing for SAF detention personnel undergoing military corrective training as punishment.

MT Line

Vehicle depot housing fleet of vehicles like prisoner transport vehicles, ambulances, and Land Rovers.

With key facilities tailored for SAF MP training and operations, it serves its purpose optimally.

Kranji Camp 3 Heritage Assets

Some heritage landmarks offer a glimpse into its past:

- Parade square with old floor tiles dating from the former Police Academy days.

- Old training facilities like the detention barracks and obstacle course dating from the 1970s.

- Perimeter fence of concrete and granite construction originally built in 1975.

- Preserved antique equipment like old 1970s-era SAF MP incident response vehicles.

- Historical photos and displays of the first SAF MP intake doing training activities.

These heritage assets provide a window into Kranji Camp 3’s journey from its predecessor history as the former Police Academy site.

Key SAF MP Units Based in Kranji Camp 3

The SAF MP units based in it include:

- Headquarters SAF MP

- SAF MP Training School

- 1st, 3rd and 5th Battalion SAF MP

- K9 Unit SAF MP

- SAF MP Band

Other minor tenant units like the Dental Centre.

HQ SAF MP commands and administers all MP battalions across SAF Camps. The Training School develops all SAF MP personnel.

Training Facilities

It houses a range of SAF MP training facilities:

Detention Barracks

Actual barracks are used to hold discipline offenders for realistic corrective training exposure.

Investigation Facilities

Interview rooms to practice policing investigation skills like suspect interview methods.

Defensive Tactics Gym

For training in control, restraint, and unarmed combat techniques when managing aggressive subjects.

Traffic Circuits

Driving courses replicated with traffic markings, traffic lights, and simulated roads to learn escort convoy driving.

Shooting Ranges

For training in handling the MP-specific weapons like the taser guns and revolvers.

These specialized facilities equip SAF MP personnel with vocational capabilities from policing, corrections, and surveillance to armed guard duties.

Key Activities in Kranji Camp 3

Typical training activities conducted in it include:

Foot Drills

Practicing foot drills like saluting, turnout, and marching to uphold discipline.

Investigation Training

Learning evidence gathering, suspect interview methods, and surveillance tactics.

Defensive Tactics

Training in hand-to-hand combat, restraining techniques, baton, and taser use for managing violent subjects.

Crowd control and riot control using gear like shields, helmets, and tear gas.

Regimental Retreat Ceremony

Lowering of the National Flag at sunset accompanied by a bugle is a regimental tradition.

Driving Training

Learning escort and defensive driving skills using the traffic circuit and vehicles.

Shooting Practice

Range practice for pistols, revolvers, and MP-specific less lethal weapons like beanbag rounds.

Fitness Training

General physical training, route marches, obstacle course, and fitness conditioning to build stamina.

It provides rigorous and specialized training to equip SAF MP officers with a diverse skill set.

Importance of Kranji Camp 3

It is vital because it:

- Hosts HQ SAF MP where command and control of all MP units is exercised.

- Centralizes all MP training to uphold standards under the SAF MP Training School.

- Provides extensive customized facilities tailored for SAF MP vocational skills.

- Allows coordinated deployment as all MP units mobilize swiftly from the camp location when activated.

- Strengthened SAF presence and operations in Northern Singapore.

- Location for final rehearsals for National Day Parades and other key events where the SAF MP provides ceremonial duties.

As the main headquarters and training base, Kranji Camp 3 is indispensable in enabling the operations and capabilities development of the SAF MP.

Amenities and Infrastructure

Key amenities available in it:

- Air-conditioned mess halls with halal food catering.

- Minimart for shopping convenience.

- Sports facilities like badminton courts and soccer fields.

- Internet connection and Wi-Fi hotspots.

- Parade square for mass ceremonies.

- ATMs for cash withdrawal.

- Camp medical centre and dental clinic.

- Cookhouse providing meals round the clock.

These amenities ensure personnel posted to it enjoy proper rest and respite from training.

Interesting Facts about Kranji Camp 3

Some fascinating facts:

- Hosts the largest SAF MP Dog Unit housing over 30 dogs like German Shepherds to assist in law enforcement duties.

- Home to the SAF MP Band that performs during parades and ceremonies. It consists of bagpipe and percussion sections.

- Detention barracks are enclosed by high perimeter fencing and contain offender rehabilitation facilities like counseling rooms.

- Has specialized tactical vehicles like armored personnel carriers for transporting detainees securely.

- Range complex allows firing practice with taser guns using non-lethal ammunition.

- Also trains specialists like Military Working Dog handlers who are posted to other camps.

- Conducts over 110 training courses across 14 different vocations annually.

It plays a unique role in training diverse policing and security capabilities for the SAF MP.

Contributions to National Defence

For over 25 years, it made invaluable contributions:

- Training generations of SAF MPs since 1995 to uphold discipline.

- Providing operationally ready MP contingents for major events like the National Day Parade.

- Swift one-stop mobilization for contingencies as all MP assets are based there.

- Enables commands to spotlight operations while MPs handle security.

- Instilling confidence when MPs visibly protect key installations.

- Managing military offenders through corrective training programs.

- Point of pride for having high standards of discipline and training.

As the main SAF MP base, Kranji Camp 3 equipped thousands of MPs to fulfill their crucial role of safeguarding SAF security and discipline with professionalism.

In conclusion, it is an indispensable base enabling the high standards and operational readiness of the SAF MP in upholding safety, security, and discipline.

With its heritage tracing back to the former Police Academy, Kranji Camp 3 has ably served the specialized needs of the SAF MP since 1995. Its training facilities equip MPs with diverse skillsets while its location allows coordinated deployment.

It will continue in its vital role to train and empower future generations of SAF MPs, instilling confidence that the SAF’s integrity is in safe hands.

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