pulau tekong camp

Pulau Tekong Camp


Pulau Tekong, also known as Tekong Island, is a small island located in the northeastern part of Singapore. It is situated off the country's mainland and serves as an important military training base for the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). It plays a crucial role in shaping and preparing the nation's soldiers through rigorous training programmes.

Purpose and Importance

The primary purpose is to train and develop recruits into competent soldiers who can serve and protect Singapore. As one of the largest training areas in the country, it provides various facilities and resources to facilitate realistic military exercises and simulations.

Training Facilities

There is a wide range of state-of-the-art training facilities that cater to different aspects of military operations. These include:

Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC): The BMTC is responsible for conducting basic combat training for all male citizens enlisted into national service. Recruits undergo physical fitness assessments, weapon handling drills, field camp exercises, live firing sessions, and other essential components of military education.

Specialist Cadet School (SCS): The SCS focuses on developing specialised skills among officer cadets who wish to pursue leadership roles in their respective units within the SAF. Trainees participate in classroom instruction as well as practical leadership exercises.

Commando Training Institute (CTI): This facility trains individuals seeking entry into Singapore's commando forces, known as "Commandos." Physical fitness requirements are stringent for aspiring commandos due to their demanding operational tasks.

Leaders' Wing: The Leaders' Wing caters to senior commanders undergoing professional development courses like tactical planning, strategizing key operations, decision-making under pressure, teamwork enhancement, and mission analysis.

Urban Operations Live-Firing Facility (UOLF): The UOLF replicates urban warfare scenarios, allowing soldiers to train in a realistic urban environment with simulated obstacles and targets. This facility enhances soldiers' skills in close-quarter combat situations.

Firing Ranges: It has various firing ranges where recruits and soldiers can practice marksmanship, improve weapon handling proficiency, and refine their shooting techniques under carefully monitored conditions.

Physical Training Area (PTA): The PTA includes obstacle courses, running tracks, training circuits, and conditioning areas to facilitate physical fitness training for military personnel.

Environmental Importance

Aside from its military significance, it also serves as an important ecological area within Singapore's landscape. The island is home to unique flora and fauna species that contribute to the country's biodiversity. The authorities make efforts to conserve these natural resources while balancing national security concerns with environmental preservation.

It plays a vital role in Singapore's military training activities. With its comprehensive facilities and rigorous programmes, it shapes recruits into capable soldiers who can defend the nation. Beyond its military function, the camp also serves as an environmental hub, with efforts made towards conserving the island's natural resources. Overall, it stands tall as a significant institution that contributes to both national defence readiness and ecological sustainability in Singapore.

Pulau Tekong Basic military training



Basic Military Training (BMT) is an essential component of military service in many countries. It serves as foundational training for individuals who are entering the armed forces and prepares them physically, mentally, and emotionally for their roles as military personnel. In this overview, we will focus on BMT in the context of Pulau Tekong Camp.

Pulau Tekong Camp

It is a training facility located on Pulau Tekong, an island north-east of mainland Singapore. It is where most Singaporean male citizens undergo their BMT to become part of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). The camp provides a controlled environment conducive to learning the various skills required for military service.

Purpose of Basic Military Training

The primary purpose of BMT is to transform civilians into disciplined soldiers who possess the basic military skills, knowledge, and values necessary for effective service in times of peace and conflict. This comprehensive training programme aims to instill physical fitness, mental resilience, teamwork abilities, leadership qualities, and a strong commitment to serving one's nation.

Components of Basic Military Training

1. Physical fitness training:

Physical fitness plays a crucial role in every soldier's life. Intensive workouts such as running drills, circuit training exercises, and obstacle courses help build stamina and strength. Soldiers are trained in areas like aerobic capacity improvement, muscular endurance development, flexibility enhancement, speed and agility drills, swimming proficiency, and combat conditioning techniques.

2. Weapon Handling:

Soldiers learn how to handle firearms safely with discipline during weapon handling classes supervised by experienced trainers. They acquire practical knowledge about weapons used by the armed forces through theoretical lessons followed by live-range practices.

3. Fieldcraft Skills:

Fieldcraft involves mastering outdoor survival skills such as building shelters, navigation techniques using maps and compasses, and signal communication methods amidst different terrains or climates characterising real-life battlefield scenarios.

4. Basic Military Tactics:

Soldiers are introduced to fundamental military tactics focused on small-unit operations like patrolling, ambushing, and defensive maneuvers. They learn the importance of coordination, communication, and decision-making under pressure while executing tactical missions.

5. Discipline and Etiquette:

In order to instill a sense of discipline and professionalism in soldiers, BMT emphasises adherence to rules and regulations governing behaviour within the military environment. Proper grooming standards, addressing superiors respectfully, and following orders promptly are some of the key areas stressed during training.

6. Personal Development:

BMT also aims at personal development by equipping soldiers with life skills such as time management, problem-solving abilities, and effective communication techniques that can be beneficial beyond their military service.

Training Environment at Pulau Tekong Camp

Facilities and infrastructure

It provides state-of-the-art facilities necessary for comprehensive training, including accommodation blocks (bunk beds) and dining halls serving nutritious meals tailored to soldiers' dietary requirements.

Drill Instructors

Experienced drill instructors lead training programmes conducted throughout the duration of BMT. These instructors are highly skilled personnel who have undergone specialised training themselves to guide recruits through various aspects of military service.

Duration and intensity

BMT varies in duration depending on the specific armed forces branch and country policies, but generally lasts for a few months. The sessions can be physically demanding due to rigorous physical fitness routines coupled with mental challenges designed to cultivate resilience amidst stressful situations frequently faced by soldiers.

Basic military training is an essential aspect of preparing individuals for military service in their respective countries. In Pulau Tekong Camp specifically, recruits undergo intensive training programmes encompassing physical fitness enhancement exercises, weapon handling classes, practical fieldcraft skill development, and appropriate disciplinary etiquette enforcement. This foundational course imparts crucial values, encourages teamwork against adversity, and fosters leadership qualities that create well-rounded professional soldiers ready to serve their nation.

Pulau Tekong Facilities


It is located in Singapore and is a military training facility that provides essential facilities and resources for various training activities. The camp is well-equipped to cater to the needs of personnel undergoing basic military training as well as more advanced, specialised courses.

Accommodation Facilities

One of the key components is its accommodation facilities. These include comfortable barracks that can accommodate a large number of recruits. Each barrack typically consists of multiple dormitory-style rooms with bunk beds and communal washroom facilities. The camp ensures that recruits are provided with clean and safe lodgings during their stay.

Training Areas

It offers an extensive range of outdoor training areas where soldiers undergo physical fitness exercises and combat skill development. These areas include obstacle courses, assault lanes, shooting ranges, and urban training grounds designed to simulate real-life combat scenarios. Soldiers receive comprehensive hands-on experience in these simulated environments, allowing them to apply their theoretical knowledge effectively.

Sports and Recreation Facilities

Recognising the importance of recreational activities for soldier morale and overall well-being, it offers various sports facilities. These include football fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, swimming pools, gyms equipped with modern fitness equipment, and jogging tracks. The camp encourages soldiers to engage in regular exercise or participate in team sports during their free time.

Mess Halls and Canteens

Nourishment plays a critical role in ensuring soldiers' physical health and stamina during demanding training sessions. It has mess halls that provide nutritious meals three times a day for all trainees. Additionally, there are canteens available throughout the camp where soldiers can purchase snacks or drinks outside of designated meal times.

Medical Facilities

The safety and welfare of trainees are prioritised at Pulai Tekong Camp through its medical facilities. A dedicated medical centre is available to cater to any medical needs that may arise during training. Highly trained medical personnel are present to provide immediate care and attend to any injuries or illnesses. The camp emphasises the importance of prompt medical attention and ensures that soldiers receive proper healthcare throughout their stay.

Classroom Facilities

To support theoretical learning, it provides well-equipped classroom facilities where soldiers can attend lectures and receive instructions on various military subjects. These classrooms feature modern audio-visual aids, ensuring effective communication between instructors and trainees.

Administrative Offices

It has administrative offices where paperwork, documentation, and other necessary procedures are carried out. These offices handle matters such as trainee enlistment, pay-related issues, welfare services, and general inquiries. Soldiers can visit these offices for assistance or clarification on administrative matters.

Overall, it offers a comprehensive range of facilities designed to cater to the needs of trainees during their stay. From accommodation and training areas to sports facilities and medical centres, every aspect is carefully considered to ensure an efficient and conducive environment for military training activities at the camp.

Pulau Tekong's Geography


It is a small island located in the northeastern part of Singapore. The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) are the owners and it serves as a military training facility. The island is divided into several camps, with each camp catering to different military branches and functions. One of the key camps on Pulau Tekong is the Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC), which is responsible for training new recruits who have enlisted in the SAF.

Location and size

It covers an area of approximately 24 square kilometres, making it one of the largest offshore islands in Singapore. It is situated between the mainland and Malaysia's Johor Bahru, specifically within the North-Eastern Islands Planning Area.


The topography of Pulau Tekong consists mainly of gentle hills, flat plains, and swamps. The island's landscape has been extensively modified to accommodate various military training facilities and infrastructure. As such, much of its natural vegetation has been cleared or replaced with man-made structures.


Despite significant modifications to its landscape, it still retains pockets of natural vegetation. These areas consist primarily of secondary forests that are home to various plant species native to Southeast Asia. The SAF has made an effort to safeguard these last remaining natural habitats on the island.


It boasts diverse wildlife despite its relatively small size. The island provides a habitat for many bird species, like hornbills, kingfishers, and eagles. There are also reptiles, like monitor lizards, present on the island. As for marine life surrounding Pulau Tekong's waters, there are various types of fish and coral reefs.


Like other parts of Singapore, Pulau Tengah experiences a tropical rainforest climate characterised by high humidity and consistent temperatures throughout the year ranging from 23°C (73°F) to 34°C (93°F). The island receives abundant rainfall, with the wettest months occurring between November and January. It is important for military personnel training on the island to be well-prepared for these weather conditions.


It is accessible primarily by boat or ferry. Regular ferry services are available from Pasir Ris Ferry Terminal, which provide transportation for both SAF personnel and visitors going to the island. However, access to certain areas may be restricted due to its military nature.

In conclusion, it offers a unique geographical setting for military training in Singapore. Its diverse topography, remaining natural vegetation, and wildlife make it an interesting environment for recruits undergoing basic military training. Despite being relatively small and heavily modified, it still manages to preserve some elements of its natural beauty while serving as an essential centre for military education and preparation in Singapore.

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