Pasir Laba Camp

Pasir Laba Camp


Pasir Laba Camp is a military training facility located in western Singapore. It serves as an important part of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) training infrastructure and has a rich history dating back several decades.

Early Years:

It was originally established in the early 1970s as a British Army camp known as "Lorong Sesuai." During this time, it primarily served as a training ground for British troops stationed in Singapore.

Handover to Singapore:

When Singapore gained independence from Malaysia in 1965, the responsibility for defence fell upon the newly formed SAF. As part of this transition, many of the former British military facilities were handed over to the SAF, including Lorong Sesuai. In 1971, it was officially renamed Pasir Laba Camp.

Expansion and Modernization:

Over the years, it underwent significant expansion and modernization efforts to accommodate larger numbers of troops and more advanced training requirements. Facilities such as firing ranges, obstacle courses, barracks, administration buildings, and vehicle maintenance areas were constructed or upgraded during this period.

Development into a Specialist Training Centre:

In addition to general military training activities, it has also developed into a specialist training centre for specific branches of the armed forces. Notably:

Armour Formation: The camp houses specialised facilities catered to armoured vehicle operations training.

Combat Service Support Command (CSSCOM): CSSCOM provides logistics support and services to various units within SAF. It houses its headquarters and other related support infrastructure.

These developments have positioned Pasir Laba Camp as one of the essential hubs for specialised military skills development in Singapore.

Collaborative Exercises:

It regularly hosts joint exercises with foreign militaries that aim at strengthening cooperation and enhancing operational capabilities between nations.

One notable exercise held is Exercise Wallaby, an annual training exercise between the Singapore Armed Forces and the Australian Defence Force. This exercise involves both ground and air forces from both countries in a series of joint manoeuvres, live-fire exercises, and simulations.

Today, it stands as a critical military training facility within Singapore's defence infrastructure. Its rich history, starting from its origin as Lorong Sesuai to its present-day role as a specialised training centre, highlights the camp's continuous adaptation to meet evolving military requirements. Through collaborative exercises and ongoing development efforts, it continues to play a vital role in strengthening the capabilities of the Singapore Armed Forces.

Pasir Laba Camp Location and Facilities


It is a military training facility located in the western part of Singapore. It serves as one of the major military camps in the country, providing essential training and accommodation services for both regular and national service personnel.


It is situated close to major transportation hubs, making it easily accessible for trainees and staff. It is located near Lim Chu Kang town, just off Choa Chu Kang Road. The camp covers a vast area surrounded by lush greenery, offering a serene and conducive environment for training purposes.


Training Areas: It houses several dedicated training areas designed to cater to various military exercises. These include open fields for physical drills, shooting ranges for marksmanship practice, obstacle courses for agility training, and simulated urban environments for combat scenarios.

Accommodation: The camp offers comfortable living quarters for trainees during their stay. The accommodations are equipped with amenities such as bunk beds, lockers, showers, toilets, and common areas where trainees can relax after long days of training.

Mess Halls: Multiple mess halls within the camp provide nutritious meals to all personnel. Trainees can enjoy a variety of local and international dishes prepared by professional caterers.

Medical Facilities: It has its own medical centre which provides basic healthcare services to soldiers in need of medical attention or routine check-ups.

Recreational Amenities: To promote work-life balance and relaxation, it offers recreational facilities like sports fields (soccer field or basketball court), gymnasiums equipped with fitness equipment allowing individuals to maintain physical fitness levels, recreation centres offering various activities like table tennis or pool tables, batting cages etc where trainees can unwind during their free time.

6.. Training Facilities: The camp is equipped with state-of-the-art training facilities, including classrooms for theoretical lessons, specialised training rooms for technical skills development, and simulation centres that mimic real-life combat situations.

Vehicle Maintenance: It provides vehicle maintenance services to ensure the fleet of military vehicles is properly maintained and ready for use during training exercises or operations.

Security Measures: The camp prioritises security and maintains a robust security system to ensure the safety of all personnel within its premises. Access control measures are implemented at various entry points, and security patrols are conducted regularly.

9.. Support Services: It also houses administrative offices, welfare services, banks, postal services, internet access centres,and convenience stores within its vicinity to cater to the needs of trainees and staff.

In summary, it offers comprehensive facilities and amenities necessary for effective military training and comfortable accommodation. Its strategic location and modern infrastructure contribute to a conducive learning environment for both regular troops and national service personnel alike.

Pasir Laba Camp Location


It is a military training camp located in Singapore. It is situated along Upper Jurong Road, near the western part of the country. The camp covers a large area and is easily accessible by road.

Facilities at Pasir Laba Camp

It boasts various facilities to cater to the training needs of the military personnel stationed there. Some of the key facilities include:

Training Areas: It provide ample space for conducting various types of military training activities. There are open fields, obstacle courses, shooting ranges, and urban warfare simulation areas available for soldiers to train and hone their skills.

Accommodation: The camp offers accommodation for both enlisted personnel and officers. There are barracks buildings with dormitory-style rooms that can comfortably house a significant number of soldiers.

Canteen and Mess Halls: Soldiers stationed at Pasir Laba Camp have access to canteens and mess halls where they can grab meals throughout the day. These facilities ensure that soldiers receive adequate nutrition during their training periods.

Sports Facilities: To promote physical fitness among its personnel, it features sports facilities such as football fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts, and gymnasiums. These amenities allow soldiers to engage in recreational activities when they are off-duty or during leisure time.

Medical Center: A well-equipped medical centre operates within its premises to provide medical support to military personnel if they fall ill or sustain minor injuries during training exercises or daily routines.

Administrative Buildings: Various administrative offices are present within the camp complex to handle paperwork, logistics management, and other administrative tasks relating to military operations carried out from Pasir Laba Camp.

Vehicle Depots: The camp houses vehicle depots where maintenance and repairs of military vehicles take place. This ensures that the camp's fleet of vehicles remains in optimal condition for training exercises and operational requirements.

Ammunition and Equipment Storage: It possess secure facilities for storing ammunition and military equipment, ensuring the safety and availability of necessary resources for training purposes.

Training Facilities: The camp is equipped with specialized training facilities like simulators and mock-up structures that allow soldiers to practice various scenarios they might encounter during their missions or deployments.

Communication Infrastructure: It maintains a robust communication infrastructure with state-of-the-art radio systems, internet connectivity, and secure networks to facilitate effective communication among its personnel.

Overall, it provides a comprehensive range of facilities designed to support military training activities while also catering to the needs of its stationed personnel.

Pasir Laba Camp: Infrastructure and facilities


It is a military camp located in the western part of Singapore. It is situated in Lim Chu Kang, near the borders with Malaysia. The camp covers a large area and is easily accessible by road.


It offers a range of facilities to support training and operations for military personnel. Some key facilities include:

Training Areas: The camp provides various training areas, such as firing ranges, obstacle courses, and combat training facilities. These areas are designed to simulate real-world scenarios and provide soldiers with hands-on experience.

Barracks: The camp has well-maintained barracks to accommodate personnel during their stay at the camp. These barracks offer comfortable living quarters equipped with essential amenities such as beds, lockers, toilets, and showers.

Mess Halls: It has multiple mess halls where soldiers can dine together during meal times. The mess halls offer a variety of nutritious meals to cater to different dietary requirements.

Fitness Facilities: To promote physical fitness among personnel, the camp provides well-equipped fitness centres and sports courts for various sports activities like basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc. Some gymnasiums house modern exercise equipment for individual workouts.

Medical Centre: A medical centre operates within the camp premises to cater to the healthcare needs of soldiers. It provides medical services ranging from routine check-ups to emergency care.

Recreation Centres: Soldiers stationed at Pasir Laba Camp have access to recreation centres that feature recreational activities such as gaming consoles, pool tables, karaoke rooms, libraries, and television lounges for relaxation during their free time.

Training at Pasir Laba Camp


Training is designed to provide individuals with a comprehensive and immersive experience in various aspects of military training. Located in Singapore, Pasir Laba Camp offers state-of-the-art facilities and a conducive environment for optimal learning.

Facilities and Amenities

It boasts a wide range of modern facilities that support effective training. These include:

Multiple parade squares for conducting drills and formations.

Outdoor obstacle courses to develop physical strength, agility, and teamwork.

Shooting ranges equipped with the latest firearms and simulation systems.

Gymnasiums are equipped with top-notch exercise equipment for physical conditioning.

Lecture rooms and classrooms for theoretical instruction.

Mess halls that provide nutritious meals to sustain trainees throughout their training programme.

The availability of these facilities ensures that trainees have access to everything they need to enhance their skills during their time at Pasir Laba Camp.

Training Programmes

It offers diverse training programmes catering to different branches of the armed forces. Experienced instructors who specialise in particular fields of expertise carefully plan and carry out these programmes. Some key areas covered in the training programmes include:

Combat Training

Trainees undergo rigorous combat training aimed at developing their tactical skills, survival abilities, marksmanship, navigation skills, close-quarters combat techniques, ambush strategies, and more. This prepares them effectively for real-world scenarios where they may be required to protect themselves or execute military operations.

Physical Fitness Training

Physical fitness forms an integral part of any military personnel's life. At Pasir Laba Camp, trainees engage in regular physical fitness activities designed to improve strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, and overall cardiovascular health. These activities may involve running drills, circuit training sessions, and team-based exercises conducted on obstacle courses.

Leadership Development

Leadership development is another critical aspect emphasised during training. Trainees are taught the principles of effective leadership, including communication skills, decision-making abilities, and problem-solving techniques. Through group activities and simulations, trainees have ample opportunities to put their leadership skills into practice and learn from experienced mentors.

Specialised Training

It also offers specialised training programmes focusing on specific roles within the armed forces. These include medical training for military medics, technical training for engineers or mechanics, communications training for signal personnel, and more. These specialised programmes equip trainees with the niche knowledge and expertise required in their respective fields.

Training offers individuals a comprehensive platform to acquire essential military skills, physical fitness development, leadership abilities, and specialisation in various roles. The modern facilities, combined with experienced instructors, create an environment conducive to growth and learning in a military setting. Whether you are an aspiring soldier or seeking professional development within the armed forces, it provides a valuable opportunity to enhance your capabilities and contribute effectively to national defence efforts.

Pasir Laba Camp: Basic Military Training


It is a significant training facility in Singapore, known for its rigorous Basic Military Training programme. This comprehensive overview will provide you with insights into the various aspects of training at Pasir Laba Camp.

1. Purpose and Objective

The primary purpose of Basic Military Training (BMT) is to transform civilian individuals into capable soldiers who are prepared to serve in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). The training is intensive and aims to develop physical fitness, mental resilience, discipline, teamwork, and proficiency in basic military skills.

2. Duration

Training typically lasts for approximately 9 weeks. During this period, recruits undergo a structured progression that encompasses physical conditioning, weapon handling drills, field exercises, as well as theoretical lessons on military operations and protocols.

3. Physical Fitness

Physical fitness plays a fundamental role in the BMT programme at Pasir Laba Camp. Recruits undergo regular physical training sessions aimed at improving endurance, strength, agility, and overall fitness levels. These sessions include activities such as runs, obstacle courses, circuit training, swimming tests, and team sports.

4. Weapon Handling Drills

To ensure recruits become proficient in handling firearms safely and effectively during their military service, it conducts thorough weapon handling drills. Recruits receive extensive instruction on different types of weapons used by the SAF's forces and undergo practical exercises focusing on marksmanship skills.

5. Field Exercises

Field exercises are an essential component of BMT since they allow recruits to experience realistic scenarios in simulated combat environments. Recruits learn vital tactical skills such as navigation techniques using a compass or global positioning system (GPS) and building field defence structures like fighting positions, barriers, or wire obstacles, alongside more dynamic activities including patrolling, raid exercises, and mock combat situations.

6. Theory Lessons

In addition to physical training and practical field exercises, recruits also attend theory lessons to gain a comprehensive understanding of military concepts and procedures. These lessons cover topics such as military history, first aid and CPR training, standard operating procedures (SOPs), weapons systems, and the code of conduct expected of SAF soldiers.

7. Disciplinary Culture

It instills a strong sense of discipline in its trainees by enforcing strict rules and regulations throughout the training process. This includes adherence to grooming standards, punctuality for all activities, maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness within living quarters and barracks, and collective responsibility for equipment accountability.

8. Teamwork and Leadership Development

It emphasises teamwork and leadership development skills essential for effective collaboration within a unit setting. The experienced trainers who place recruits in squads or platoons lead them through a variety of team-building exercises that foster effective communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills while nurturing individual leadership potential.

9. Graduation

Upon successful completion of the BMT programme at Pasir Laba Camp, recruits graduate with increased levels of confidence and physical fitness, along with substantial knowledge of basic military tactics and protocols necessary for serving effectively as part of the SAF's active duty personnel or continuing to additional professional courses within their chosen vocations or specialisations.

In summary, training is an intense journey designed to transform civilians into disciplined soldiers ready to serve Singapore with dedication, resilience, and proficiency across various military disciplines during their national service tenure.

Pasir Laba Camp: Specialist Cadet School


Training is a rigorous and comprehensive programme designed to prepare individuals for specialised roles in the military. Located in Singapore, it is known for its state-of-the-art facilities and expert instructors who provide top-notch training.

Specialised Training Programmes

At Pasir Laba Camp Specialist Cadet School, there are various specialised training programmes offered to cater to different vocational roles within the military. Some of the key training programmes include the following:

Infantry Specialist Cadet Course: This course focuses on developing infantry soldiers with advanced combat skills, physical endurance, and leadership abilities.

Signals Specialist Cadet Course: The Signals Specialist Cadet Course equips individuals with knowledge and skills in communication systems, networks, and encryption technologies.

Armour Specialist Cadet Course: Participants in this course will learn how to operate armoured vehicles effectively and gain expertise in armament systems.

Combat Engineers Specialist Cadet Course: This programme trains participants in constructing field fortifications, demolitions, mine warfare techniques, and bridging operations.

Medical Specialists Training Scheme: Aspiring medical professionals can undertake this course to acquire the specialised skills required for providing healthcare support during military operations.

Intense Physical Conditioning

Physical fitness is a crucial aspect of training at Pasir Laba Camp Specialist Cadet School. All cadets undergo intense physical conditioning activities that aim to improve their strength, endurance, agility, and overall fitness level. Regular fitness tests are conducted to assess each cadet's progress throughout the training period.

Core Components of Physical Conditioning:

Cardiovascular exercises

Strength training

Endurance-building activities

Obstacle courses

Team-based sports such as rugby or soccer

Leadership Development

In addition to technical proficiency within their chosen speciality areas, leadership skills are integral to the training programme. Cadets go through various leadership development modules that focus on effective communication, decision-making, teamwork, and problem-solving.

Simulated Training Exercises

It incorporates realistic simulated training exercises to expose cadets to real-life military scenarios. These exercises aim to enhance their situational awareness, decision-making abilities, and operational readiness.

The camp provides access to cutting-edge simulation technologies that replicate combat environments accurately. This allows participants to apply their knowledge and skills in a controlled yet dynamic setting.

Instructors and Mentors

It boasts a team of experienced instructors who are experts in their respective fields. They provide guidance, mentorship, and technical expertise throughout the training process. These instructors bring years of operational experience from both national and international missions into the classroom and field settings.

Training at Pasir Laba Camp Specialist Cadet School is an immersive experience designed to prepare individuals for demanding roles within the military. Through specialised programmes, physical conditioning activities, leadership development courses, simulated exercises, and expert instruction, cadets gain the necessary skills and knowledge required for success in their chosen vocations.

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