Singapore Military Army Ranks

SAF Ranks

Ranks denote the command status of individual soldiers in the hierarchy in the Singapore Army Military Ranks. The clearly-stated hierarchy makes it possible for a large fighting body such as the Army to accomplish tasks with speed and efficiency, and properly established chain of command.
Enlisted Personnel Ranks

Once Recruits complete their Basic Military Training, they attain the rank of Private. Enlisted personnel form the basic foundation of the Army’s manpower. These ranks are worn on both sleeves.Privates and Recruits do not wear ranks on their sleeves.

Promising enlistees with command potential will go to SCS (Specialists Cadet School) for Specialist courses or Officer Cadet School (OCS) for Officer Cadet courses. Officer Cadets have a whole array of unique ranks simulating actual command ranks during their training.







Specialist Ranks

Expert soldiers who have undergone professional military training courses are known as Specialists. They progress from Third Sergeant (3SG) to Second Sergeant (2SG) to First Sergeant (1SG). If they prove themselves to be capable and responsible, they may even attain staff-level ranks, such as Staff Sergeant (SSG) or Master Sergeant (MSG). Specialists usually serve as instructors or are put in charge of groups of men. They serve as the link between the Officers and the men, and are recognised as being a cut above the enlistees.







Warrant Officer Ranks

Warrant Officers are Specialists who have distinguished themselves with their dedication and professionalism. With more than 10 years of service, they are the most experienced personnel in the Army. Because they are given Officer-type duties, their ranks are worn on the epaulettes. They have similar responsibilities and authority as Junior Officers.







Junior Officer Ranks

The Junior Officers wear bars on their epaulettes. Commanding platoons or companies of men, they oversee the execution of orders and ensure the welfare of the men under their command. They are most important in small-unit combat, and earn the respect of their men by leading by example. As exemplary soldiers, they bring their men into action with dedication and energy. Junior Officers graduate from OCS with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant (2LT), and are promoted to Lieutenant (LTA) after they have had sufficient experience. They may later be moved to higher appointments and assume the rank of Captain (CPT).







Senior Officer Ranks

The Senior Officers wear the National Coat of Arms on their epaulettes, more affectionately known as ‘crabs’. They make command decisions in combat and peacetime, taking charge of units or important branches. Senior Officers are crucial in the formulation and execution of missions, as well as overseeing the training and direction of their charges. Commanding Officers begin their duties at the rank of Major (MAJ), and only the few who can distinguish themselves will attain the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (LTC). It is an even greater challenge and responsibility for a senior officer to attain the rank of Senior Lieutenant Colonel (SLTC) or Colonel (COL).







General Level Ranks

The people with the highest ranks in the Army are known as the Generals. The stars on their epaulettes reflect the enormous responsibilities on their shoulders. They are responsible for the planning of policies which affect the entire Army, including Command of Divisions. Presently, the three levels of generalship are : Brigadier-General (BG), Major-General (MG) and Lieutenant-General (LG).







Military Domain Experts Ranks

The SAF Military Domain Experts are professional experts in various military domains and pursue deep specialisation and expertise. They possess the technical knowledge in their field and provide the subject matter expert opinions to support the SAF mission requirements. These military competencies can include technical, engineering, medical, nursing and intelligence.

There are eight contiguous Military Expert ranks from ME1 to ME8, with ME8 as the highest rank. This allows continual advancement from ME1 to Senior ME ranks for outstanding performers.










SAF Volunteer Corps

The SAF Volunteer Corps (SAFVC) is a uniformed volunteer scheme that allows more Singaporeans and Permanent Residents to contribute to National Defence, show support for National Service, and deepen their understanding and ownership of National Defence.

The SAFVC rank structure comprises 5 tiers, enumerated by winged chevrons. Click here for more infomation on SAFVC.





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