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Bishan Public Library


A public library is a popular and well-established library located in the heart of Bishan, a residential town in Singapore. With its wide range of resources and services, the library acts as a central hub for knowledge, learning, and community engagement.

Facilities and Amenities

The library boasts state-of-the-art facilities designed to create an ideal environment for studying, reading, and exploring various forms of literature. These include:

Spacious Reading Areas: It offers large reading areas with comfortable seating arrangements to accommodate individuals or groups seeking a quiet place to read or study.

Study Rooms: For those who require more privacy or wish to collaborate with others on projects or research, the library provides well-equipped study rooms that can be booked in advance.

Computer Stations: The library houses computer stations with internet access for public use. Visitors can utilise these computers for research purposes or personal tasks such as accessing emails or completing online forms.

Media Resources: The library features an extensive collection of physical media resources like books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, and CDs, as well as electronic resources accessible through dedicated online platforms.

Services and programmes

It offers a wide range of services catered to various age groups and interests. Some prominent services provided by the library are:

Library Membership: Individuals can register as members at no cost by presenting their identification documents at the membership counter. This allows them to borrow books and other materials from the library's collection.

Book Loans and Returns: Members have access to borrowing privileges, allowing them to loan items from the diverse collection available. Borrowed materials can be returned via self-service machines conveniently placed throughout the premises.

Information Assistance: Knowledgeable librarians are readily available at inquiry counters throughout operating hours to provide assistance with locating specific books or answering queries related to research material availability.

Events and Workshops: The library organises a variety of events, workshops, and talks for all age groups. These include literary discussions, storytelling sessions, educational workshops on various topics, author visits, and more.

Community Engagement

It actively fosters community engagement by providing platforms for individuals to connect through sharing knowledge and skills. Some notable initiatives undertaken by the library are:

Book Clubs: Members can participate in book clubs that meet regularly to discuss selected reading materials. This fosters a sense of community among like-minded individuals who share a passion for literature.

Language Learning Groups: The library supports language learning by facilitating study groups or conversation circles where participants can practice their language skills with native speakers or fellow learners.

Children's Programmes: It offers a wide range of programmes designed specifically for children to cultivate an interest in reading from an early age. These programmes include interactive storytelling sessions, craft activities, educational games, and more.

It plays a vital role in the Bishan community by promoting access to information resources while facilitating lifelong learning opportunities. With its impressive facilities, comprehensive services, and strong focus on community engagement, the library serves as both an educational centre and a gathering place for residents of all ages within the neighbourhood.

Bishan Public Library: Opening Hours and Address

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday: 10:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m.

Public Holidays: Closed


Bishan Public Library

5 Bishan Place, #01-01

Singapore 579841

Bishan Public Library: See What’s Happening at the Library

It is a vibrant and dynamic institution that offers a wide range of programmes and activities for visitors of all ages. Here are some of the exciting events happening at the library:

1. Book Club Discussions

Join fellow book lovers in engaging discussions and explore a variety of literary genres. The library hosts regular book club meetings where participants can share their thoughts and insights on selected books. It is a great way to discover new reading recommendations and connect with other book enthusiasts.

2. Author Talks and Workshops

It frequently invites authors from various genres to share their writing experiences and insights. These talks and workshops provide an excellent opportunity for aspiring writers and avid readers to interact with acclaimed authors and learn from their expertise.

3. Children's Storytime Sessions

For young readers, the library organises interactive storytelling sessions that aim to foster a love for books and reading. These sessions often include fun activities and crafts related to the stories being told, creating an engaging and immersive experience for children.

4. Art Exhibitions

The library regularly features art exhibitions that showcase the works of talented local artists. This provides a platform for artists to display their creations and offers visitors an opportunity to appreciate and support the local art scene.

5. Educational Workshops and Talks

To promote lifelong learning, it offers a variety of educational workshops and talks on diverse topics. These events cover areas such as personal finance, health and wellness, technology, and more. Attendees can gain valuable knowledge and skills through these informative sessions.

6. Cultural Celebrations and Festivals

Throughout the year, the library hosts cultural celebrations and festivals that showcase the rich cultural heritage of the community. These events feature traditional performances, workshops, and exhibitions that offer visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture.

Keep an eye on the library's website or visit in person to stay updated on the latest events, workshops, and programmes happening at Bishan Public Library.

History of the Bishan Public Library

It is located in the heart of Bishan, Singapore, and has a rich history that dates back to its establishment in 1997. Over the years, it has become a prominent community hub, providing a wide range of resources, services, and programmes to meet the educational and recreational needs of the Bishan residents.

Development and Opening

The idea of constructing a public library in Bishan was first proposed in the late 1990s to cater to the growing population and the increasing demand for access to books and information. The government allocated funding for the project, and the National Library Board (NLB) began planning and development.

After careful consideration of the community's needs, the design and construction of the Bishan Public Library commenced. Architects and designers were tasked with creating a welcoming and functional space that would accommodate a diverse range of users.

Finally, on November 28, 1997, it was officially opened to the public. The opening ceremony was attended by government officials, librarians, community representatives, and enthusiastic residents eager to explore the new facility.

Expansion and Renovation

As the years passed and the population continued to grow, it embarked on a series of expansions and renovations to adapt to the changing needs of its users. These improvements aimed to enhance the library's facilities, collections, and services.

In 2005, a new wing was added to the library, providing additional space for more books, reading areas, and study rooms. This expansion allowed for a wider range of materials to be available to library-goers, catering to different interests and age groups.

In 2017, it underwent a major renovation to further modernise and improve its facilities. The redesign focused on creating a more comfortable and flexible environment with modern furniture, updated technology, and improved accessibility features.

Current Status and Future Plans

Today, it stands as a vibrant and bustling community hub, attracting individuals of all ages. It continues to be a place for learning, exploration, and leisure activities. The library offers a vast collection of books, magazines, newspapers, and online resources to cater to the diverse interests and needs of its patrons.

In addition to its extensive collection, it organises various educational and recreational programmes, including storytelling sessions, workshops, exhibitions, and book clubs. These activities aim to engage the community and foster a love for reading and lifelong learning.

Looking ahead, it is committed to embracing technology and innovation to stay relevant in the digital age. It aims to continuously improve its services and offerings, adapting to the changing needs and preferences of its users while remaining a valuable resource for the Bishan community.

Accessibility of the Bishan Public Library

It is designed to be accessible to a wide range of individuals, including those with disabilities or mobility limitations. The library has taken several measures to ensure that everyone can access and enjoy its facilities and services. Here are some key points regarding accessibility:

1. Location and Transportation

It is conveniently located in Bishan, a central residential area in Singapore. It is well-connected to the rest of the city through various modes of transportation, such as buses and the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system.

2. Building Design

The library building is designed with accessibility in mind. It features ramps and elevators to provide easy access to different areas of the library, including the entrance, reading areas, and facilities on different levels. Wheelchair users and individuals with mobility impairments can navigate the library with relative ease.

3. Parking Facilities

It provides designated parking spaces for people with disabilities near the entrance. These spaces are conveniently located for easy access to the library.

4. Assistive Technologies

The library is equipped with assistive technologies to cater to individuals with visual or hearing impairments. This includes computers equipped with screen readers and magnifiers, as well as hearing loops in certain areas to enhance sound for hearing aid users.

5. Accessible Toilets

Accessible toilets are available within the library premises, providing facilities that cater to the needs of people with disabilities.

6. Signage and Wayfinding

The library has clear signage and wayfinding systems to help individuals navigate the premises easily. Signage includes Braille and large print options for individuals with visual impairments.

7. Staff Assistance

The library staff is trained to provide assistance and support to individuals with disabilities. They are knowledgeable about the facilities, resources, and services available in the library and can offer help when required.

Overall, it strives to be inclusive and accessible to all members of the community. The library's commitment to accessibility ensures that individuals with disabilities can enjoy the same benefits and opportunities as other library users.

Bishan Public Library: Discover and Learn

Welcome to the Bishan Public Library, a place where you can embark on a journey of discovery and learning. Whether you are a student looking for resources to support your studies, a book lover seeking new literary adventures, or someone curious about various topics, it has something for everyone. Let's explore what this library has to offer in terms of discovery and learning.

1. Extensive Collection

It boasts an extensive collection of books, ranging from fiction and non-fiction to reference materials and academic resources. With thousands of titles available, you can easily find books on a wide range of subjects, such as history, science, literature, and more. The library also offers a vast collection of e-books and e-resources that can be accessed online, providing additional options for your learning and discovery.

2. Study Spaces

To cater to students' needs, the library offers dedicated study spaces. These spaces provide a quiet and conducive environment for studying, allowing students to focus and concentrate on their work. Whether you need a spot for individual study or a group study session, there are various study areas available throughout the library.

3. Workshops and Events

It frequently organises workshops, talks, and events to promote learning and discovery. These events cover various topics, including art, literature, technology, health, and more. Attending these workshops can be a great way to expand your knowledge, learn new skills, and engage with like-minded individuals. Keep an eye on the library's events calendar to stay updated on upcoming workshops and events.

4. Digital Resources

In addition to physical books, the library offers a range of digital resources to support your learning. Access to online databases, e-journals, and research materials can be invaluable for academic studies or personal research projects. The library provides access to these resources through their website, making it convenient for users to explore and utilise these digital resources from anywhere.

5. Professional Assistance

If you require assistance with your research or have questions about any topic, the friendly and knowledgeable library staff are always ready to help. They can guide you in navigating the library's collection, suggest relevant resources, and help you make the most of the library's offerings. Don't hesitate to approach them if you need any assistance or recommendations.

It is a haven for those seeking knowledge, inspiration, and personal growth. With its extensive collection, study spaces, workshops, digital resources, and professional assistance, the library provides ample opportunities for discovery and learning. Visit the library today and embark on a journey of intellectual exploration and enrichment.

Bishan Public Library Services

Borrowing Services

It offers a wide range of books, magazines, and other reading materials that can be borrowed by library members.

Members can borrow up to a certain number of items for a specified duration, which can be renewed if needed.

There are also options for reserving and requesting materials that are currently on loan.

Reference Services

The library provides reference materials and resources to help library users with research, studies, and general knowledge inquiries.

Librarians are available to assist users in finding the information they need and guide them in using reference resources effectively.

Digital Resources

It offers access to various digital resources, including e-books, e-magazines, and online databases.

Members can access these resources using library computers or their personal devices by logging in with their library account.

Internet Access

The library provides free internet access to library members, allowing them to browse the web, check emails, and access online resources.

Computers are available for users who don't have personal devices.

Study Spaces

It offers a conducive environment for studying and group discussions.

There are individual study carrels, study tables, and group study areas available for library users.

Programmes and Events

The library organises various programmes and events for all age groups, including storytelling sessions, book clubs, workshops, and author talks.

These programmes aim to promote reading, learning, and cultural engagement within the community.

Community Spaces

It provides community spaces for meetings, discussions, and workshops.

These spaces can be reserved by individuals or organizations for community-related activities.

Audiovisual Materials

The library offers a collection of DVDs, CDs, and audiobooks for borrowing.

Users can enjoy movies, music, and audio content at their convenience.

Printing and Photocopying Services

It provides printing and photocopying services for library users.

Charges may apply for these services.

Online Catalogue and Self-Service Stations

The library has an online catalogue that allows users to search for materials, check availability, and manage their library account.

Self-service stations are available for borrowing and returning items, as well as renewing loans.

These are some of the services available at the Bishan Public Library. The library constantly strives to enhance its offerings and provide a valuable resource for the community.

Programmes and Events



One of the key aspects that make Bishan Public Library a vibrant and engaging community hub is its wide range of programmes and events held throughout the year. These initiatives are designed to cater to various age groups and interests, aiming to foster a love for learning, reading, creativity, and community engagement. Whether you're a young student looking for educational activities or an adult seeking intellectual stimulation, it has something for everyone.

Regular Programmes

It organises a host of regular programmes that occur on a weekly or monthly basis. These programmes cover diverse topics and engage participants in various ways:

Storytelling Sessions: Held every Saturday morning, these interactive sessions captivate young minds through enchanting stories read by skilled storytellers.

Book Clubs: Book enthusiasts can join book clubs that meet once a month to discuss selected literary works, share insights, and promote literary appreciation.

Language Learning Workshops: In partnership with local language schools, the library offers workshops designed to enhance language proficiency in languages such as English, Mandarin Chinese, Malay, Tamil, etc.

Technology Classes: These classes cater to individuals who wish to enhance their digital literacy skills. Topics covered include basic computer skills, internet usage safety tips, online banking security, etc.

Special Events

In addition to regular programmes, it hosts special events throughout the year that bring together people from all walks of life.

Author Talks and Book Signings: Locally renowned authors are often invited to speak at the library about their books' themes and writing processes. Attending these talks provides insight into the literary world while fostering personal connections between authors and readers.

Wellness Workshops: The library frequently collaborates with health professionals to organise wellness workshops focused on mindfulness practices like meditation and yoga, which promote mental health and well-being.

Cultural Festivals: Bishan Public Library actively participates in celebrating cultural festivals by hosting events that showcase traditional dances, music performances, artisan displays, and engaging storytelling sessions related to the festival's theme.

Educational Exhibitions: To nurture curiosity and inspire learning among visitors of all ages, educational exhibitions are regularly held on a wide range of topics, such as space exploration, environmental awareness, historical artefacts, etc.

Local Community Collaboration: It actively collaborates with local community organisations and schools to create unique programmes and events tailored to specific interests or needs.

Teens' Read Workshop: In partnership with nearby secondary schools, this workshop aims to promote reading habits among teenagers through engaging activities and discussions centred around contemporary young adult literature.

Senior Citizens Book Club: Recognising the importance of lifelong learning for senior citizens, the library organises a book club specifically designed for seniors interested in exploring new literary genres while fostering social connections within their age group.

Summer Reading Challenge: In coordination with nearby primary schools during the summer break, it hosts a reading challenge programme that encourages children to read books from different genres and gives them incentives like certificates or small prizes upon completion.

Programmes and events offered by Bishan Public Library provide an enriching experience for individuals of all ages. From regular programmes that enhance language skills or introduce technology concepts to special events that celebrate culture or explore diverse topics, there is always something exciting happening at the library. This comprehensive approach ensures that it remains a beloved institution within its community while inspiring lifelong learning and fostering a sense of belonging amongst its patrons.



Membership is an essential aspect of accessing the various resources and services offered by Bishan Public Library. Becoming a member allows individuals to enjoy numerous benefits, such as borrowing books, accessing online databases, participating in library programmes, and much more.

Benefits of Membership:

Borrowing Books: As a member, you can borrow books from its vast collection. This includes fiction and non-fiction works, academic resources, children's literature, magazines, newspapers, and audiovisual materials like DVDs and CDs.

Online Resources: The library provides access to a range of online databases that are exclusively available to members. These resources cover diverse topics, including research articles, e-books, audiobooks, language learning tools, genealogy records, digital magazines, and newspapers.

Library Programmes: Members have the opportunity to participate in various library programmes designed for people of all ages. These may include book clubs, discussion groups on specific subjects or literary genres (e.g., science fiction or classic novels), storytelling sessions for children, or workshops on technology-related skills.

Meeting Rooms: It offers meeting rooms that members can use for educational purposes or community activities upon reservation. (Note: Additional fees might apply.).

Computer Facilities: Members have access to computer facilities equipped with internet access and productivity software applications within the library premises.

Renewal and Reservation Services: Members can conveniently renew borrowed items online using their membership account details through the library's website or mobile app. (Note: Some restrictions may apply depending on the demand for certain items). Additionally, they can reserve desired titles online, which saves time when collecting them in person at the library later.

Interlibrary Loan Service : In case a particular book or resource is not available but exists within other libraries in the network, a member can request it through the interlibrary loan service. This allows borrowing materials from other libraries and having them delivered to the Bishan Public Library for convenient collection.

Membership Requirements:

To become a member, individuals must meet certain requirements, depending on their age group:

Children (Age 6 to 12): Children aged between 6 and 12 may apply for Junior Membership. The application needs to be submitted by their parent or guardian, who will also be responsible for all borrowed items.

Teenagers (Age 13 to 17): Teenagers aged between 13 and 17 are eligible for Youth Membership. They will have limited access to certain library services, such as internet facilities, with possible filtering restrictions implemented by the library administration.

Adults (above age 17): Adults above the age of 17 are eligible for Adult Membership, which offers full access to all available resources and services within the library.

Application Process:

To apply for membership, individuals need to follow these steps:

Visit the library's membership desk, located near the entrance area.

Complete an application form with personal details such as name, contact information, identification type or number (e.g., NRIC or FIN), date of birth, etc.

Provide any necessary documents required based on membership category (e.g., proof of guardianship if applying for junior membership).

Submit the completed application form along with any relevant documents.

Upon successful registration, you will receive your library card, which serves as your official identification while using library services.

Please note that some additional terms and conditions might apply regarding borrowing limits, due dates, fines, or charges related to lost or damaged materials or equipment usage outside normal service procedures.

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