Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore


Science Centre Singapore is a prominent institution dedicated to promoting science and technology education in Singapore. Established in 1977, it has become a popular destination for visitors of all ages, including students, educators, families, and the general public. The Centre aims to engage and inspire individuals through interactive exhibitions, immersive experiences, educational programmes, and scientific events.

Exhibition Galleries

The Science Centre boasts multiple exhibition galleries that cover a wide range of scientific disciplines. These galleries are designed to be interactive and hands-on, allowing visitors to explore various topics engagingly. Some notable exhibit areas include:

Physics Gallery: This gallery showcases the fundamentals of physics through captivating exhibits such as optical illusions, sound wave demonstrations, and electromagnetism experiments.

Chemistry Gallery: Visitors can discover the wonders of chemistry through hands-on activities, such as creating chemical reactions, exploring molecular structures, and understanding the properties of different elements.

Biology Gallery: The biology gallery delves into the fascinating world of living organisms. Visitors can learn about ecosystems, genetics, and biodiversity through interactive displays featuring plants and animals.

Human Body Gallery: This gallery provides insights into the human body's structure and functions through models and informative displays covering anatomy, physiology, and health-related issues.

Earth & Space Gallery: In this gallery, experience cosmic phenomena from meteorites to space weather, where visitors can take virtual flights across the universe while learning about astronomy-related concepts.


The Science Centre also houses an impressive OMNIMAX Theatre with a giant domed screen that offers a unique cinematic experience. Audiences are immersed in visually stunning films about various scientific subjects, such as nature documentaries or deep-sea exploration journeys. The OMNIMAX Theatre enhances viewers' understanding by providing breathtaking visuals that bring science alive on an epic scale.

Enrichment Programmes

The Science Centre offers various educational programmes catering to students, teachers, and other interested individuals to enhance science education beyond visiting exhibitions. These programmes include hands-on workshops, science camps, school outreach activities, and specialised courses for educators.

Festivals and events

It organises various festivals and events throughout the year that celebrate science in fun and interactive ways. These events may involve special exhibitions, live demonstrations by scientists and researchers, or themed activities focusing on specific scientific subjects like astronomy or robotics. Such occasions create unique opportunities for visitors to engage with cutting-edge research worldwide.


The Science Centre collaborates with academic institutions, government agencies, and industry partners nationally and internationally. These collaborations enable the Centre to stay at the forefront of scientific advancements while fostering innovation through joint research initiatives and knowledge-sharing platforms.

It is vital in promoting science literacy among people of all ages. It is an exceptional learning hub that inspires curiosity and encourages inquiry-based learning methods while making science accessible through its extensive exhibition galleries, immersive theatre experience, enriching programmes, and workshops. Thus, it creates a vibrant platform where everyone can explore the wonders of science.

Exhibitions and galleries


Exhibitions and galleries play a crucial role in the Science Centre Singapore, offering visitors an immersive and educational experience. This overview will provide a simple yet comprehensive understanding of exhibitions and galleries at the Science Centre Singapore.

Permanent Exhibitions:

Eco garden: This outdoor exhibition showcases various plants, biological diversity, ecosystems, and sustainable living practices. Visitors can explore themed gardens like the Rainforest Garden or learn about composting in the Compost Corner.

Eco-pond: Located within the Eco Garden, this exhibit lets visitors observe aquatic habitats up close. Visitors can observe fish species, tadpoles, dragonflies, and other water creatures while learning about their importance in maintaining ecological balance.

Kinetic Garden: Showcasing interactive exhibits related to motion and energy conversion, this exhibition engages visitors through hands-on experiences using pendulums, seesaws, pulleys, gears, and more.

The Mind's Eye: The Mind focuses on optical illusions and perception experiments that challenge our senses. With interactive displays like The Ames Room or Infinity Mirror, visitors can uncover how our brain processes visual cues.

Waterworks: An exploration into water conservation and management techniques aiming to create awareness of sustainability through visually appealing installations

Temporary Exhibitions:

In addition to permanent exhibitions, it frequently hosts temporary exhibitions that cover a wide range of scientific topics. This ensures that there is always something new for returning visitors.

1. Example:

"Beyond Rubik's "Cube": Rubik's by Liberty Science Centre USA This exhibition explores the iconic puzzle cube from every angle: historical puzzles that predate Rubik's Cube, Rubik's creative competitions, cube workshops, etc. It aims to show how art, colour, mathematics, and engineering have combined to form an object that has remained popular for generations. Remember, you need separate tickets for these temporary ones.

2. What else?

Touring Exhibitions:

In addition to housing its permanent and temporary exhibitions, it also hosts touring exhibitions worldwide. These limited-time exhibits cover diverse scientific topics such as space exploration, human anatomy, robotics, and ancient civilisations.

These touring exhibitions allow visitors to learn about new developments in science and technology while experiencing unique hands-on activities and interactive displays.

It is advisable to check the Science Centre's website or visit the Centre's information counters during your visit for information on current touring exhibitions.

Gallery Highlights:

Aside from specific themed exhibitions, it houses several galleries that offer unique experiences:

The Observatory: Visitors can explore celestial wonders through telescopes and stargaze on selected nights.

Human Body Experience: This gallery allows visitors to journey through an interactive exhibit showcasing the intricacies of the human body systems.

Omni-Theatre: Situated within the Centre is a dome-shaped IMAX theatre where you can immerse yourself in educational movies with spectacular visuals and sound.

Remember, access differs from one gallery or exhibition to another. Sometimes, the availability of tickets or hours might vary, so it must be checked at their respective places before exploring or visiting, which organises all these events, exhibits, etc. Students may check online resources and marketing content related to pre-visit preparations.

By leveraging permanent exhibitions, hosting tours, and conducting cultural and special events when possible, it ensures that there is always something fascinating for everyone!

Singapore Science Centre Singapore Programmes and Events


It offers various programmes and events catering to individuals of all ages. These initiatives are designed to provide visitors with a unique and engaging experience, combining education with entertainment. Here is an overview of some of the exciting programmes and events you can expect to find:


It hosts numerous exhibitions annually, each exploring different aspects of science and technology. These exhibitions often feature interactive displays, hands-on activities, and multimedia presentations that help visitors deepen their understanding of scientific concepts. Some notable past exhibitions include "Human Body Experience," where visitors" could learn about the human body through immersive experiences, and "Einstein: A Journey Through Time," which celebrated Albert Einstein's modern physics.


The Science Centre conducts workshops on various topics that allow participants to engage in hands-on learning experiences. These workshops cover multiple subjects, including robotics, coding, astronomy, chemistry experiments, and more. Participants get a chance to develop their practical skills and gain valuable insights from experts in the field.


Regular demonstrations take place at different galleries within it. Skilled educators perform captivating experiments or showcase intriguing phenomena related to specific disciplines such as physics or chemistry. Visitors can witness scientific theories come alive before their very eyes while gaining a better understanding of these concepts through real-world examples.

Science Shows

Science shows are among the highlights at the Science Centre Singapore, where educators present exciting performances that blend science with entertainment. Spectators are on a journey filled with mind-boggling experiments focusing on various scientific principles, such as electricity, forces, or light waves. The shows aim to captivate audiences by making complex ideas accessible.

Festivals and special events

Throughout the year, it hosts several festivals and special events celebrating scientific achievements and innovation. These events include science-themed festivals, exhibitions by international scientists, career fairs focused on STEM fields, and special screenings of science-related movies. These events allow visitors to engage with experts, learn about cutting-edge research, and gain inspiration from the scientific community.

Outreach Programmes

In addition to hosting programmes within its premises, it also conducts outreach activities at schools and community centres. These programmes aim to bring the wonders of science directly to students and communities who may need more accessible access to the Centre. By collaborating with educators, scientists, and local organisations, the Science Centre ensures educational experiences are accessible to a broader audience.

From engaging exhibitions and workshops to captivating shows and special events, it offers many programmes suitable for individuals of all ages. Whether you're a curious kid looking to explore hands-on exhibits or an adult seeking knowledge in specific science or technology fields, there's something for everyone at this renowned centre dedicated to promoting scientific understanding and innovation.

Science Centre Facilities


Wide range of facilities that aim to provide visitors with an immersive and interactive learning experience. These state-of-the-art facilities are designed to engage visitors of all ages in science and technology. Here are some of the notable facilities at the Science Centre Singapore:

1. Omni-Theatre

The Omni-Theatre is a dome-shaped theatre that showcases stunning 3D movies on its giant hemispheric screen. With its advanced projection technology, viewers can enjoy a truly immersive cinematic experience. This facility enables visitors to explore various scientific phenomena in a captivating and engaging way.

2. Science Centre Observatory

For astronomy enthusiasts, the Science Centre Observatory offers a unique opportunity to observe celestial bodies up close. Equipped with telescopes, visitors can gaze at stars, planets, and astronomical objects while learning about their characteristics and significance.

3. Kinetic Garden

The Kinetic Garden is an outdoor exhibit where visitors can explore various aspects of energy through interactive installations and hands-on activities. Through playfully designed installations like water fountains, pendulums, and wind systems, this facility educates visitors about different forms of energy and their applications.

4. Eco garden

Taking inspiration from nature as a source of knowledge, the Eco Garden provides a serene environment for learning about biodiversity conservation practices in urban areas. Visitors can take guided tours or explore independently while discovering different plant species, eco-friendly gardening techniques, and tropical rainforest flora and fauna.

5. Genome Exhibition

At the Genome Exhibition facility, visitors delve into the fascinating world of genetics and genomics through multimedia displays and interactive exhibits aimed at unravelling DNA's secrets. DNA explores genetic traits to understand how genes influence our health conditions or even follows forensic investigations using DNA profiling techniques; this exhibition creates awareness about the applications of DNA science in everyday life.

6. Beautiful Science Gallery

The Beautiful Science Gallery showcases a collection of stunning visual representations of scientific discoveries and mathematical concepts. Visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of nature through high-resolution images, intricate sculptures, and captivating videos that demonstrate the aesthetic aspects hidden within science.

7. Tinkering Studio

The Tinkering Studio is an innovative space where visitors can use hands-on activities to engage their creativity and problem-solving skills. Equipped with various tools and materials, this facility encourages visitors to explore engineering principles, build prototypes, and discover the joy of making things.

These are just a few examples of the extensive range of facilities at the Science Centre Singapore. Each facility is designed to provide unique learning experiences tailored to different areas of science and technology. Whether you're interested in astronomy, genetics, or energy systems or want to explore interactive exhibits to foster curiosity, it has something for everyone!

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Visitor Information


Visitors should be aware of a few key details when planning a visit. This section provides an overview of the necessary information to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience at one of Asia's leading science centres.

Location and Directions

It is conveniently located within the Jurong Lake District at 15 Science Centre Road. It is close to other notable attractions, such as the Omni-Theatre and Snow City. Visitors can easily reach the centre using various modes of transportation.

Public Transport: The most convenient way to the Science Centre is by MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). Alight at Jurong East Station (NS1/EW24), which serves the North-South and East-West lines. From Jurong East Station, take Exit E towards the JEM shopping mall. Walk through JEM and continue along Jurong Gateway Road until reaching Venture Avenue, then turn right onto Innovation Drive. From here, follow the signs directing you to the Science Centre.

Car: If driving, visitors can access two car parks near Science Centre Singapore: Car Park A (with limited lots), located in front of Omnimax Theatre, or Car Park B next to the Chesterfield Road entrance.

Opening Hours

It is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and is closed on Mondays except during school or public holidays.

However, before visiting, it is recommended that visitors check the official website for any updates or changes in operating hours. On visitor information:

Ticket Prices.


When planning a visit, it is essential to understand the ticket prices to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. The science centre offers various options for different visitor categories, providing flexibility for everyone.

General Admission Rates

The general admission rates vary based on age groups and types of visitors. The rates are as follows:

Adult (age 22–59): $12.00 per person

Child (Ages 3–12): $8.00 per person

Senior Citizen (Age 60 and above): $8.00 per person

Special promotions and discounts

It frequently runs special promotions and discounts to provide visitors with added value. It is advisable to check their website or promotional brochures for ongoing deals, including discounted ticket prices or bundled packages.

Membership Options

For frequent visitors who wish to explore the Science Centre regularly, membership options are available at affordable rates:

Family Membership:

Price: $120 per year.


Free unlimited entry to Science Centre Singapore annually for up to two adults and two children.

Exclusive invitations to member-only events, workshops, and exhibitions.

Discounts on workshops, educational programmes, retail outlets, and dining establishments within the Centre.

Individual Membership:

Price: $49 per year.


Free unlimited entry throughout the year for one adult.

Exclusive invitations to member-only events, workshops, and exhibitions.

Discounts on workshops, educational programmes, retail outlets, and dining establishments within the Centre.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips regarding ticket purchases:

Tickets can be purchased online through their official website or offline at the entrance counter upon arrival. Online booking is recommended to avoid any last-minute queues or disappointment in case of capacity limits.

Visitors are encouraged to check the availability and opening hours of specific exhibitions, shows, or events before planning their visit.

School groups and educational institutions can inquire about group discount rates and special programmes designed specifically for educational visits.

It aims to make science exploration accessible for everyone, and the ticket prices cater to a wide range of visitors' needs. With these options, you can find the most suitable admission rate or membership package that suits your preferences and budget, providing an enriching experience at this world-class science centre.