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It is a centralised facility located in Toa Payoh, Singapore, that serves as the headquarters for the Housing & Development Board (HDB), which is responsible for public housing in Singapore. It is an essential resource for both homeowners and tenants, providing easy access to a wide range of services and information related to public housing.

Key Functions and Facilities:

Customer Service Centre: It offers a dedicated customer service centre where individuals can seek guidance and support on various matters relating to public housing. Knowledgeable staff members are available to assist with queries regarding eligibility criteria, rental issues, lease renewals, flat sales transactions, and more.

Exhibition Spaces: The facility features exhibition spaces that showcase informative displays about HDB's history, achievements, sustainability initiatives, urban planning efforts, and architectural designs. These exhibitions contribute to educating visitors about the evolution of public housing in Singapore.

Model Showflats: It provides model showflats that demonstrate different types of flats available for purchase or rental from HDB. These fully furnished showflats allow prospective buyers or tenants to visualise the layout options and interior design schemes offered by HDB.

Financial Advisory Services: For those seeking financial assistance or advice related to purchasing an HDB flat or managing their existing mortgage payments, professional counsellors are present at the hub's Financial Advisory Services corner. They provide personalised advice on home loans from partner banks as well as government grants available for eligible buyers.

Sales/Resale Flat Information Counter: Homeowners looking to sell their flat or interested buyers exploring resale options can obtain comprehensive information at this counter. Personnel provide guidance on transaction procedures such as valuation requests and registering intent to buy or sell flats online through the Resale Portal system managed by HDB.

Amenities: Various amenities within the hub include an auditorium, meeting rooms, a library, and an HDB shop. These facilities cater to different needs related to public housing, such as community events, workshops on renovation guidelines or homeownership programmes, research resources on urban planning, and real estate development.

Essential Services: It also hosts essential services like banks, clinics, and food outlets within its premises for the convenience of visitors dealing with administrative matters or requiring other immediate assistance.

Benefits of HDB Hub:

Efficiency: The centralised nature ensures that individuals can conveniently access various housing-related services under one roof, saving time and effort.

Expert Assistance: Staff members at the hub are knowledgeable about all aspects of public housing policies and procedures. They can provide accurate information and expert guidance tailored to individual needs.

Information Dissemination: The exhibitions and displays in the hub help educate the public about Singapore's public housing initiatives while highlighting sustainable practices.

Community Space: The amenities provided create opportunities for gathering, fostering community engagement among residents with shared interests or concerns.

In summary, it plays a crucial role in providing access to comprehensive information, support services, exhibition spaces, and showflats for potential buyers and tenants concerning public housing in Singapore. Its efficient setup aims to ensure an optimal customer service experience while promoting awareness about public housing policies and fostering community engagement.

Toa Payoh HDB Hub: Getting There


It is located near the Toa Payoh MRT station. You can take the North-South Line (red line) and alight at Toa Payoh station. From there, you can easily walk to HDB Hub.

By Bus:

There are several bus services that pass by HDB Hub. The bus stops are located along Lorong 2, Toa Payoh, and Toa Payoh Central. You can refer to the bus services and bus stop numbers below:

Bus Service:

8, 26, 31, 73, 88, 90, 139, 142, 145, 155, 157, 159, 163, 231, 232, 238, 241, 242, 243W, 335, 506

Bus Stop Numbers:

52109, 52099, 52089, 52079, 52069, 52059, and 52599

By Car:

If you are driving, you can access HDB Hub via Lorong 2 Toa Payoh or Lorong 6 Toa Payoh. There are parking facilities available at HDB Hub, but do take note that they can be quite limited during peak hours.

Remember to check the traffic conditions beforehand to plan your journey accordingly.

HDB Hub Contact Number

Enquiries on Tenancy Matters 

Contact Number: 6490-2999

Rental of Convention Centre Rooms and Facilities

Contact number: 6490-2927

Rental of Office or Commercial Retail Space

CBRE Pte. Ltd.

C&W Services (S) Pte. Ltd.

Knight Frank Pte Ltd.

Edmund Tie & Company (SEA) Pte. Ltd.

HDB Hub Operating Hours

Monday to Saturday, 8:30 – 5:00PM. Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays.

HDB Hub Parking (Toa Payoh)

480 Toa Payoh Lorong 6, S(310480)

Mon - Fri (Before 5/6pm)

$0.60/30min from 7am to 6pm

Mon - Fri (After 5/6pm)

$1.50/entry from 6pm to 10.30pm , $5.00/entry from 10.30pm to 7am the following day


Charges are the same as weekdays

Services at HDB Hub


It is a one-stop hub that provides a wide range of services for residents and homeowners in Singapore. Located at Toa Payoh Central, it offers convenience and accessibility to individuals seeking assistance with their public housing needs. Whether you are looking to buy or sell an HDB flat, apply for housing grants, or access other related services, it has got you covered.

Services Offered

1. Flat Purchasing and Resale Services

Buy an HDB flat

Assistance in the selection process based on eligibility and budget.

Provides information on current available flats through the Sale of Balance Flats (SBF) exercise.

Offers guidance on financial planning, home loans, and government schemes such as CPF Housing Grants.

Sell an HDB flat

Assists homeowners in navigating the process of selling their flat.

Provides information on resale procedures, pricing guidelines, and timelines.

Offers resources to aid in finding suitable buyers through the Enhanced Contra Facility (ECF).

2. Renovation and Home Improvement Services

Registered Renovation Contractors Directory

Offers a directory listing registered renovation contractors to assist with home improvement needs.

Provides updated information on qualified contractors who have met certain criteria stipulated by HDB.

3. Essential Housing Administration Services

Basic Maintenance

Facilitates maintenance requests for common areas such as lifts, elevators, or block cleaning services in your housing estate.

Allows users to report any malfunctioning facilities or infrastructural issues within their precincts.

Payment Schemes

Offers various channels for payment-related matters, including property tax assessment and collection notices issued by IRAS; service/maintenance charges and conservancy fees issued by town councils; parking summonses and season parking charges; and HDB season parking appeals.

Property Ownership and Transfers

Assists users with property transfer-related matters, including updating personal particulars for property ownership and the application, termination, and surrender of leasing options for residents and lessees.

4. Housing Grants and Financing Assistance

Central Provident Fund (CPF) Housing Grants

Guides users on available grants such as the Family Grant, Proximity Housing Grant, and Enhanced CPF Housing Grant.

Provides detailed eligibility criteria, application procedures, and relevant deadlines.

Home Loan Eligibility (HLE) Letter

It helps users apply for an HLE letter to determine their loan eligibility when purchasing an HDB flat.

Offers information on the required documents needed to apply for this letter.

5. Citizen Connect Centre Services

CPF Advisory Services

Provides advisory services related to Central Provident Fund (CPF) accounts, contributions, withdrawal policies, and retirement planning.

Community Mediation Service

Handles community disputes through mediation efforts between parties involved in the dispute.

Aims to provide individuals with a peaceful resolution while strengthening communal harmony within estates.

It serves as a comprehensive resource centre that offers a wide range of services catered towards assisting homeowners in managing their public housing needs. From purchasing or selling flats to accessing grants and financing assistance programmes, individuals can rely on the expertise of trained professionals. Additionally, by providing avenues for renovation services and addressing administrative matters related to housing estates, it aims to enhance the overall quality of living within Singapore's public housing communities.

Services at HDB Hub: Housing Services


HDB (Housing and Development Board) Hub is a one-stop integrated hub that provides various services related to housing needs in Singapore. From buying a new flat to renting out your existing property, it offers comprehensive services and resources for homeowners, tenants, and potential buyers. This overview will highlight some of the key services available at HDB Hub Housing Services.

1. Flat-Purchasing Services

BTO (Build-to-Order) Flats: It provides information on the latest BTO launches, eligibility criteria, application processes, and financial considerations for aspiring homeowners.

Sales of Balance Flats: Homebuyers can explore available unsold flats from previous BTO exercises or surplus flats through this service.

Resale Flats: Those looking to buy a resale flat will find comprehensive guidance on eligibility requirements, finding suitable flats, financing options, grants available, and the necessary paperwork procedures.

2. Financial Advisory Services

It offers personalised financial advisory services to assist homebuyers in making informed decisions about their housing finances. These services include:

Loan Eligibility Tools:

Buyers are provided with tools to assess their loan eligibility based on income details and other factors.

Financing Options:

Information on different financing schemes, such as bank loans or HDB loans, is provided along with their respective pros and cons.

3. Rental Assistance Services

For individuals looking to rent an HDB flat or need assistance renting out their existing property:

Renting a flat:

Detailed information on eligibility criteria for rental applications, including income ceilings and household composition guidelines.

Guidelines regarding tenancy agreements are provided, along with important considerations when searching for a rental unit.

Renting Out Your Property:

Guidance is given on mandatory conditions landlords must adhere to when renting out their HDB flats.

Information on HDB's policies towards rental properties and guidelines for setting rent prices are provided.

4. Enquiries and Feedback

If you have any queries or require assistance related to any housing matters, it offers a channel to seek clarification or provide feedback on the services provided.

5. Community Services

It also provides various community-focused services:

Home Renovation Guidelines:

Homeowners can access information about renovation guidelines set by HDB and useful tips when renovating their homes.

Living in an HDB Estate:

Information is available on the facilities, schemes, programmes, and initiatives offered within the surrounding community of an HDB estate.

Overall, the services aim to ensure that Singapore residents are well-equipped with accurate information regarding flat purchase processes, financing options, rental procedures, renovation guidelines, and community resources. Whether you are looking to become a homeowner or require assistance with your existing property, it serves as an essential resource hub for all your housing needs.

Services at Toa Payoh HDB Hub: Commercial Services


It is a one-stop hub that offers an extensive range of commercial services to cater to the needs of residents, businesses, and visitors. These services are designed to provide convenience, efficiency, and accessibility in various aspects of daily life. Whether you are looking for financial assistance, healthcare services, or retail options, it has got you covered.

Financial Services

There are several banks located within it that offer a wide array of financial services, such as ATM withdrawals, banking transactions, loan applications, and account opening.

Employees from these banks also provide advisory services on financial planning and investment options.

Retail Outlets

It houses numerous retail outlets where visitors can indulge in some retail therapy or purchase everyday necessities. These outlets include clothing stores, bookshops, electronics shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, and more.

With its diverse range of stores catering to different needs and preferences, it makes shopping convenient without the need for multiple trips.

Food and Beverage Establishments

Visitors can satisfy their hunger pangs at the food courts or dine-in restaurants within it, which offer a wide variety of cuisines ranging from local delicacies to international favourites.

Cafes are also available for those who prefer lighter meals or want to grab a quick coffee fix while taking a break.

Education Centres

Several education centres have set up branches offering enrichment classes and academic support for children of all ages.

These centres provide tutoring sessions for various subjects, like mathematics proficiency coaching or language lessons, that aim to enhance students' learning abilities.

Government Agencies

Within it, there is the presence of key government agencies, such as the Housing Development Board (HDB) branch office.

That includes filing paperwork related to housing matters.

acquiring information about public housing schemes,

updating personal particulars,and much more.

Healthcare Services

It is home to healthcare facilities where visitors can access medical services, consultations, and treatment in specialised clinics.

The presence of doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals at these establishments ensures that residents have easy access to quality healthcare.

These are just some of the many commercial services available. With its wide range of amenities, convenience, and accessibility, it aims to cater to the various needs of individuals and businesses alike. Whether you need financial assistance, shopping options, dining choices, or healthcare services, it provides an all-encompassing solution for your daily needs.

HDB Hub's Role in Public Housing: Community Building Initiatives



HDB (Housing and Development Board) Hub is an essential platform that plays a vital role in fostering community building initiatives within public housing estates. As the central hub for all HDB-related services, it aims to provide residents with convenient access to various facilities and amenities that contribute towards creating vibrant and cohesive communities.

Services Offered

It offers a wide range of services that cater to the diverse needs of residents living in public housing. These services include:

Residential Services: It serves as a one-stop centre for all residential-related matters. Residents can obtain information on their flat transactions, application procedures, lease matters, rental payments, and any other residential queries they may have.

Community Engagement Programmes: It organises numerous community engagement programmes aimed at promoting interaction among residents and fostering a sense of belonging within public housing communities. These initiatives include events such as block parties, sports competitions, cultural celebrations, volunteer activities, and resident workshops.

Facilities Booking Management: Residents can utilise the online booking system provided to reserve common facilities such as multi-purpose halls, barbecue pits, and void decks for personal or community use.

Lifestyle Amenities: Residents can explore various lifestyle amenities, like retail shops offering daily necessities or specialised products and services catering to different interests, such as health and wellness centres.

Educational Resources: The hub also provides educational resources such as informational booklets and guides on sustainable living practices or home improvement tips for homeowners.

Advantages of HDB Hub's Role in Community Building

The active involvement of HBD Hub in community-building initiatives brings about several advantages:

Promoting Social Cohesion: By organising community events and programmes regularly, it facilitates interactions among residents from different backgrounds, fostering a sense of social cohesion and inclusivity within public housing estates.

Strengthening Neighbourly Bonds: Through its efforts, it encourages residents to build relationships with their neighbours, thereby creating a friendly and cooperative environment where people look out for each other's well-being.

Empowering Residents: The services offered empower residents by providing them with easy access to essential resources and information needed for homeownership or community involvement.

Enhancing Livability: By offering lifestyle amenities and facilities booking management systems, the hub contributes towards enhancing the overall livability of public housing estates, making them attractive places to live.

In conclusion, it serves as a crucial platform for community-building initiatives within public housing estates. Through its diverse range of services and programmes, it fosters social cohesion, strengthens neighbourly bonds, empowers residents, and enhances the overall livability of these communities. By actively engaging with residents through various channels, it plays a significant role in creating vibrant and cohesive neighbourhoods in Singapore's public housing landscape.

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