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Farrer Park MRT


Farrer Park MRT is a key transportation hub located in the heart of Singapore. This underground Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station serves as an important interchange, connecting various lines and providing easy access to surrounding areas. Farrer Park MRT is situated along the North East Line (NEL) and is adjacent to Little India, Jalan Besar, and Farrer Park neighbourhoods.

Location and accessibility

It is conveniently located at the junction of Rangoon Road, Serangoon Road, and Race Course Road. Its central location offers excellent accessibility for residents, commuters, tourists, and businesses alike.

Interchange Connections

As a major interchange station, Farrer Park provides seamless connectivity between multiple train lines.

North East Line (NEL): The NEL runs from Punggol to Harbourfront, passing through popular destinations such as Chinatown, Clarke Quay, Dhoby Ghaut, and Serangoon.

Downtown Line (DTL): The Downtown Line intersects with the NEL at Little India Station, just one stop away from Farrer Park. This connection allows commuters to easily access downtown areas like Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay.

Circle Line (CCL): While not directly connected to Farrer Park MRT via an underground linkway or platform transfer opportunity on site itself, it can be reached via short walks from nearby stations such as Dhoby Ghaut or Bras Basah Station.

Surrounding attractions and amenities

Aside from being a transportation hub, Farrer Park offers a range of attractions near its vicinity:

City Square Mall: Situated just opposite the station exit/entrance along Kitchener Link Road, City Square Mall provides plenty of shopping options, including fashion outlets, restaurants, and entertainment facilities.

Mustafa Centre: Located within walking distance from Farrer Park MRT, Mustafa Centre is a 24-hour shopping paradise offering a wide range of products at affordable prices.

Little India: Just a stone's throw away, one can explore the vibrant and culturally rich district of Little India, known for its aromatic spices, colourful textile shops, and traditional Indian cuisine.

Jalan Besar Stadium: Sports enthusiasts can catch live matches or participate in various recreational activities at Jalan Besar Stadium, located nearby.

Hospitals and Medical Facilities: Conveniently located near it are two renowned hospitals—Farrer Park Hospital and KK Women's and Children's Hospital—providing quality healthcare services.

Future Developments

As Singapore continues to evolve and grow, future developments around it are expected to further enhance connectivity and improve amenities. These developments may include improved pedestrian walkways, increased green spaces, more retail options, and enhanced accessibility to neighbouring residential areas.

In conclusion, it is not only a vital transportation hub but also an exciting destination that offers easy access to numerous attractions and amenities. With its strategic location in central Singapore, it serves as a gateway for residents and visitors to explore various parts of the city-state while also creating opportunities for urban development in the surrounding areas.

Services of the Farrer Park MRT


It is a prominent and bustling underground train station located in the heart of Singapore. It serves as a crucial transportation hub for both residents and tourists, connecting various parts of the city with its extensive network.

1. Train services

It is part of the North East Line (NEL) in Singapore's Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system. The NEL extends from Punggol to Harbourfront, providing seamless connectivity to major residential areas, business districts, shopping malls, and tourist attractions.

Key features of the NEL at Farrer Park MRT include:

Direct Connection: The station offers direct trains travelling northeast towardss Punggol or southwest towardss Harbourfront.

High-frequency Service: Trains operate at regular intervals during peak hours (around three to five minutes) and off-peak hours (around seven to ten minutes).

Night Rider Service: On Fridays, Saturdays, and eves of public holidays, night trains run on the NEL until around 2 a.m.

2. Accessibility Amenities

To meet diverse traveller needs, it offers various accessibility amenities. These include:

Barrier-Free Accessibility: Elevators are available across different levels to facilitate easy movement for passengers with strollers, senior citizens, or individuals with disabilities.

Wheelchair-friendly Facilities: Designated boarding bays make it convenient for wheelchair users to access trains safely.

Priority Queues: Special queues are provided for elderly passengers or people with disabilities during peak periods.

3. Passenger Services

It ensures that commuters have a comfortable travel experience by offering a range of passenger services, including:

Information Counters: Staffed counters are available throughout operating hours to assist passengers with queries related to directions, fare information, or other general information about the local area.

4. Retail and convenience stores

To cater to passengers' needs, it houses a variety of retail and convenience stores. These include:

Food and Beverage Outlets: There are cafés, fast-food restaurants, and snack kiosks where passengers can grab a bite or enjoy a beverage.

Retail Shops: Several retail outlets offer magazines, books, personal care items, stationery, souvenirs, and more.

5. Safety Measures

It prioritises passenger safety, with various measures in place:

Platform Screen Doors (PSDs): The NEL platforms feature PSDs for enhanced safety by providing segregation between the tracks and the platform area.

Emergency Assistance Points: Located along the platforms, emergency assistance points allow passengers to seek help during urgent situations.

In conclusion, it provides comprehensive services to commuters. From convenient train services that connect multiple destinations across Singapore to accessibility facilities for individuals with special needs, it ensures a seamless travel experience for everyone. Additionally, with its range of retail options and emphasis on safety measures, it offers much more than just transportation.

Services of the Farrer Park MRT: Train Services


It is a major Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train station located in the heart of Singapore. It serves as an important transportation hub, connecting various residential and commercial areas within the city.

The train services offered are reliable, efficient, and designed to cater to the diverse needs of commuters. Whether you are travelling for work or leisure, there are plenty of options available to ensure a seamless journey to your destination.

1. Train Lines

The North East Line (NEL) and Circle Line (CCL) are the two train lines that primarily serve it.

a. The North East Line connects commuters from northeast Singapore to several key destinations such as Chinatown, Harbourfront, Punggol, Serangoon, and Dhoby Ghaut.

b. The Circle Line enables passengers to travel around the city centre efficiently. This line connects various popular tourist attractions, shopping districts like Orchard Road and Marina Bay Sands, as well as important transportation hubs such as Buona Vista Interchange and Paya Lebar Interchange.

2. Operating Hours

It operates daily, with trains running from early in the morning until late at night. The operating hours vary slightly depending on weekdays, weekends, and public holidays but generally offer convenient timings that accommodate different schedules.

3. Frequency of trains

Commuters can expect a high frequency of trains at Farrer Park MRT station during peak hours, when demand is highest. During busier times like rush hour traffic or weekends, when more people tend to use public transportation services, train intervals are kept short so that waiting time is minimised.

During off-peak hours or late-night periods where demand may be lower, the intervals between trains may increase slightly; however, it remains a reliable mode of transportation.

4. Accessibility

It is equipped with various amenities and facilities that ensure accessibility for all commuters, including:

a. Elevators and Escalators: Elevators provide easy access for individuals with disabilities or those carrying heavy luggage or strollers. Escalators are also available to facilitate a smooth flow of passengers.

b. Platform Screen Doors: Platform screen doors have been installed along the platform edges for enhanced passenger safety.

c. Ramps and Handrails: Ramps allow wheelchair users or individuals with mobility limitations to navigate the station easily, while strategically placed handrails offer additional support for those needing assistance.

5. Passenger Information Systems

It provides clear and comprehensive information to commuters through various platforms, including:

a. Digital signage displays real-time train arrival times, service disruptions, or delays, as well as important announcements regarding any special events or changes in operating hours.

b. Public Address System: Regular updates are made over the public address system to keep passengers informed about any relevant news or alerts that may impact their journey.

6. Enhanced Security Measures

To ensure commuter safety, it implements stringent security measures throughout the station premises:

a. CCTV cameras are strategically located across the station to monitor activities and deter potential criminal activity.

b.Security personnel are present around the clock to maintain orderliness within the premises and respond promptly to any emergencies or situations requiring assistance.

Overall, it is committed to providing a safe, efficient, and user-friendly experience for all its passengers through its comprehensive range of services tailored towards meeting diverse commute requirements.

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Services of the Farrer Park MRT: Retail and Amenities


It is not just a transportation hub but also a vibrant retail and entertainment centre. Here is an extensive overview of the various services available at Farrer Park MRT:

1. Shops and Boutiques:

The retail area at Farrer Park MRT offers a diverse range of shops and boutiques catering to different needs. From fashion outlets to electronics stores, you can find everything you require conveniently located within the station premises.

2. Food and beverage outlets:

There are numerous dining options available for commuters and visitors alike at Farrer Park MRT. Whether you're looking for local delights or international cuisines, there's something for everyone here. Popular food chains, cafes, restaurants, and food courts offer a wide variety of menus to satisfy your cravings.

3. Supermarkets:

For daily groceries or last-minute shopping needs, several supermarkets are conveniently located in close proximity to the station exits. You can stock up on essential items or grab quick snacks on your way home from work or school.

4. Convenience Stores:

In addition to supermarkets, several convenience stores operate within the station premises for those looking for quick purchases like beverages, snacks, toiletries, or basic household items any time of the day.

5. ATMs and Banking Facilities:

To cater to financial needs conveniently, various bank branches have set up ATMs within the Farrer Park MRT station complex as well as offering counter services during regular business hours.

6. Medical Clinics:

Healthcare services are easily accessible, with medical clinics situated near the station entrance or exit points offering general medical consultations and treatments such as flu vaccinations or simple diagnostic tests.

7. Fitness Centres and Sports Facilities:

If you're interested in maintaining an active lifestyle or participating in sports activities after commuting through the MRT network, there are fitness centres and sports facilities located in close proximity to Farrer Park MRT. These facilities provide gym equipment, swimming pools, tennis courts, and other amenities for sports enthusiasts.

8. Beauty & Wellness Services:

To pamper yourself or get your much-needed beauty treatments done, there are salons, spas, and wellness centres conveniently accessible at Farrer Park MRT station.

In conclusion, it offers a diverse range of services encompassing shopping options, dining experiences, financial conveniences, clinics for medical support, fitness and wellness amenities, as well as entertainment outlets in the vicinity. This makes it an all-encompassing hub that caters to the needs and preferences of different individuals within its premises.

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