Beware of phishing calls, SMSes, emails and websites

Scammers posing as Singpass Helpdesk representatives and asking users for personal details by phone are becoming a growing threat, however, this should never occur with Singpass Helpdesk officers contacting users claiming to represent us and asking for password and 2FA details via phone calls or emails. If there's ever any doubt, please call the official hotline at 63353533 so they can check to be certain.


Singpass is a digital identity authentication platform used by the Singapore government. It was launched in 2003 to provide a secure and convenient way for Singapore residents to access various government e-services. Over the years, it has evolved and expanded to include a wide range of services, from filing taxes to applying for housing grants. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into how it works, its benefits, and the various services it offers.

How Singpass Works

It works as a secure authentication gateway that enables Singapore residents to access various government e-services. To use Singpass, users need to register for an account by providing their NRIC or FIN number, mobile number, and email address. Once registered, users can log in to Singpass using their username and password, or via two-factor authentication methods such as SMS One-Time Password (OTP), Singpass Mobile App, or Biometric Authentication.

One of the main benefits of Singpass is that it provides a single sign-on feature, which means that users do not have to log in separately to each government e-service. Instead, they can use their credentials to access multiple e-services, making the process more efficient and convenient. Furthermore, Singpass ensures the security of the user's personal information by encrypting their data and storing it in a secure database.

Benefits of Singpass

It provides numerous benefits to Singapore residents, including:

Convenience - With it, users can access various government e-services from anywhere and at any time, without having to physically visit government offices.

Efficiency - it eliminates the need for users to fill in forms or provide physical documents, which speeds up the process of accessing government e-services.

Security - it uses robust security measures such as encryption and two-factor authentication to ensure the security of users' personal information.

Cost-effectiveness - it reduces the costs associated with the traditional paper-based system, such as printing and processing costs.

Environmental sustainability - it promotes environmental sustainability by reducing the amount of paper used for traditional paper-based processes.

Services offered by Singpass

It offers a wide range of government e-services that users can access using their Singpass credentials. These services include:

Tax-related services - Users can use it to file income tax returns, apply for tax relief, and check their tax status.

CPF-related services - Users can use it to check their CPF account balances, apply for CPF schemes, and submit CPF contribution information.

HDB-related services - Users can use it to apply for HDB flats, check their flat application status, and pay HDB-related fees.

MOM-related services - Users can use it to apply for work passes, check their employment status, and submit employment-related information.

Healthcare-related services - Users can use it to access their medical records, make appointments with healthcare providers, and apply for healthcare subsidies.

Education-related services - Users can use it to apply for school admission, check their examination results, and apply for education subsidies.

Financial-related services - Users can use it to access their bank accounts, pay bills, and apply for loans.

It is a crucial platform that has simplified and streamlined the process of accessing government e-services in Singapore. Its secure authentication gateway and convenient single sign-on feature have made it a popular choice for Singapore residents who want to access various government e-services from anywhere and at any time. With its numerous benefits and wide range of services, it has become an essential tool for residents who want to efficiently and securely access government e-services.

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