10 Fun And Engaging Activities To Do With Your Baby In The Walker

Activities involving your baby in a walker can be both enjoyable and beneficial for their development. Supervision is crucial during these activities to ensure safety at all times. Engaging your baby in various fun and interactive exercises can help stimulate their cognitive and motor skills while keeping them entertained. Here are 10 engaging activities you can do with your baby in the walker to make the most of this stage of their development.

Key Takeaways:

  • Supervised Play: Ensure that your baby is always supervised when using the walker to prevent any accidents.
  • Obstacle Course: Create a mini obstacle course using pillows or toys to keep your baby entertained while in the walker.
  • Mirror Play: Place a mirror in front of your baby so they can see their reflection and engage in self-discovery.
  • Bubble Fun: Blow bubbles for your baby to chase around in the walker, promoting hand-eye coordination and motor skills.
  • Music Time: Play music and encourage your baby to dance and move around in the walker to the rhythm.
  • Sensory Play: Fill trays with different textures like rice, pasta, or water for your baby to explore while in the walker.
  • Outdoor Walks: Take your baby for a stroll in the walker outdoors, allowing them to experience new sights and sounds.

Sensory Exploration Activities

Balloon Taps

One fun sensory exploration activity you can do with your baby in the walker is balloon taps. Simply tie a balloon to the walker and encourage your baby to tap or pat the balloon as they move around. This activity helps your baby develop their hand-eye coordination and sense of touch.

Texture Tunnels

Any parent looking for a tactile sensory activity should try texture tunnels with their baby in the walker. Create tunnels using different textured fabrics, such as silk, faux fur, or crinkly material, for your baby to feel as they navigate their way through. This activity stimulates your baby’s sense of touch and introduces them to various textures.

Texture tunnels are a fantastic way to stimulate your baby’s sense of touch through exploration of different textures. It encourages sensory development and fine motor skills as your baby feels and discovers the various fabrics along the way. Ensure the fabrics are securely attached and safe for your baby to touch.

Musical Motivation

Homemade Instrument Play

Little ones love to explore new sounds, and what better way to do that than with homemade instruments? You can easily create shakers using rice or pasta in plastic bottles, drums out of containers, or even a guitar using rubber bands on a cardboard box. This activity not only enhances your baby’s sensory development but also encourages their creativity.

Walker Dance Party

Little ones in walkers can enjoy a dance party like no other. Set the mood with some upbeat music and watch as your baby bounces and moves around in their walker. This fun and interactive activity will not only keep your baby entertained but also help them improve their balance and coordination.

A Walker Dance Party is a great way to bond with your baby while encouraging them to be active and engaged. Make sure to create a safe environment free of any obstacles where your little one can move around freely. Additionally, always supervise your baby during this activity to prevent any accidents.

Cognitive Development Games

Colour and Shape Sorters

Many babies enjoy playing with colour and shape sorters, as it helps them improve their cognitive skills. The colourful shapes encourage visual stimulation and hand-eye coordination as they try to match the shapes to the corresponding slots. This activity also helps babies learn about colours and shapes in a fun and interactive way.

Peek-A-Boo Paths

An engaging game to play with your baby in the walker is Peek-A-Boo Paths. Create obstacles and tunnels using pillows, cushions, or blankets for your baby to navigate through. This game helps players develop problem-solving skills as they figure out how to move around obstacles. The element of surprise in peek-a-boo also stimulates their memory and keeps them engaged in the activity.

PeekABoo Paths can be a fun and interactive way to bond with your baby while also enhancing their cognitive development through play. Remember to always supervise your baby during this activity to ensure their safety as they explore and navigate the peek-a-boo paths.

Gross Motor Skills Enhancement

Obstacle Courses

Not only are obstacle courses a fun activity for your baby in the walker, but they also help enhance their gross motor skills. Placing cushions, pillows, or soft toys for your baby to navigate around can improve their balance, coordination, and strength. Make sure the obstacles are safe and secure to prevent any accidents.

Bubble Popping Parade

One exciting activity to engage your baby in the walker is a bubble-popping parade. Attach bubble machines to the walker, and let your baby chase and pop bubbles around the room. It not only provides entertainment but also helps develop their hand-eye coordination and tracking skills. Supervision is crucial during this activity to prevent your baby from touching the bubble machines and putting bubbles in their mouth.

Bonding and Social Activities

Follow the Leader

All babies love to play ‘Follow the Leader’ as it encourages them to mimic your movements, whether it’s clapping, stomping, or waving. This activity helps develop their motor skills and strengthens the bond between you and your baby. Make sure to choose movements and actions appropriate for your baby’s age and developmental stage to keep them engaged and safe.

Mirror Games

Activities like ‘Mirror Games’ involve you and your baby mimicking each other’s expressions and movements in front of a mirror. This game can be incredibly entertaining for babies as they discover their reflection and try to interact with it. Keep the mirror securely mounted and at a safe angle to avoid any accidents.

For instance, you can stick out your tongue or make funny faces, and watch as your baby tries to imitate you. It’s a fantastic way to enhance your baby’s social and emotional development.

Summing up

As a reminder, engaging your baby in activities while they are in the walker is not only fun but also contributes to their physical and cognitive development. From sensory play with different textures to interactive games like peekaboo, there are plenty of options to keep your little one entertained and stimulated. Remember to always supervise your baby while they’re in the walker and ensure the activity is age-appropriate. These activities can create a strong bond between you and your baby, as well as provide valuable learning experiences. So, have fun exploring these 10 fun and engaging activities with your baby in the walker!


Q: What are the benefits of using a walker for babies?

A: Using a walker can help babies develop their leg muscles and coordination. It also gives them a sense of independence and the freedom to explore their surroundings.

Q: At what age can a baby start using a walker?

A: Babies can start using a walker, typically around 6 to 8 months of age, when they are able to support themselves in a seated position.

Q: How should I choose the right walker for my baby?

A: When choosing a walker for your baby, make sure it has a wide base for stability, adjustable height settings, and safety features such as brakes and non-slip grips.

Q: Are there any safety concerns associated with baby walkers?

A: Yes, there are safety concerns with baby walkers, such as the risk of falling down stairs, tipping over, or reaching hazardous objects. Always supervise your baby while they are in the walker.

Q: Can I use a walker for my baby on all types of surfaces?

A: It is recommended to use a walker on flat and even surfaces to prevent tipping over or accidents. Avoid using it on uneven terrain or near stairs.

Q: What are some fun activities I can do with my baby in the walker?

A: You can play games like peek-a-boo, have a mini obstacle course, do sensory activities like feeling different textures, or simply go for a walk around the house or garden.

Q: How long should my baby spend in a walker each day?

A: It is recommended for babies to spend around 20–30 minutes in a walker a few times a day to prevent overuse and encourage other forms of exploration and movement.