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This website is created for all new army recruits and the existing NSmen and Reservists in mind. For most, enlisting is one of the most toughest times in one’s lifetime, due to the fact that they will be facing the harsh reality of leaving their comfort zone.

This website will offer features such as having a Second-hand resale system and User Generated Article Service along with all our standard features that you will be able to explore and enjoy in our website.

We want to prepare You, the users in anyway possible and that is the main reason and motivation for this website.

We hope that You will be able to use this website in order to fulfill Your needs and wants. Should you have any comments or feedback about our features, articles or anything related, please feel free to leave a comment. It will be greatly appreciated as we too are continuously striving in order to improve this website so that we can enhance Your user experience.

Thank you and enjoy!

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