Are SAFRA Gym Members Privileged With Unlimited Access To 7 EnergyOne Gyms Island-wide?

There’s a common question among fitness enthusiasts in Singapore: are SAFRA gym members granted unlimited access to the 7 EnergyOne gyms spread across the island? Let’s probe into the details to uncover whether this membership truly offers exclusive perks that allow members to enjoy workout sessions at any EnergyOne gym they desire. Stay tuned to find out more about the privileges that come with being a SAFRA gym member!

Key Takeaways:

  • SAFRA gym members have unlimited access to 7 EnergyOne gyms island-wide.
  • Privileges include access to various fitness equipment, classes, and facilities.
  • Convenience is offered with the availability of multiple gym locations across the island.
  • Members can enjoy a range of workout options at different gym branches.
  • Additional benefits, such as discounts and promotions, may be available to SAFRA gym members.

Background on SAFRA and EnergyOne Gyms

The Overview of SAFRA membership benefits

An exploration into the benefits of being a SAFRA member reveals a treasure trove of perks awaiting individuals seeking an active and vibrant lifestyle. With a SAFRA membership, one gains access to a myriad of facilities and activities catered to enriching both the body and mind. From enjoying exclusive discounts at partner outlets to participating in a diverse range of recreational classes and events, SAFRA ensures that its members are well taken care of both physically and mentally.

Furthermore, SAFRA members are entitled to utilise state-of-the-art gym facilities, including EnergyOne Gyms, strategically located across the island. These gyms boast top-notch equipment and professional trainers, making them a sought-after destination for fitness enthusiasts looking to achieve their health goals.

Moreover, SAFRA membership extends beyond just physical fitness benefits. Members can tap into various lifestyle perks, such as discounted movie tickets, access to SAFRA clubs, and exclusive invitations to members-only events. This holistic approach to member welfare sets SAFRA apart as an organisation dedicated to enhancing the overall well-being of its members.

EnergyOne Gyms: A brief introduction

With a reputation for excellence in the fitness industry, EnergyOne Gyms stand out as premier fitness centres that prioritise the well-being of their patrons. Boasting a wide array of cutting-edge equipment and amenities, these gyms provide a conducive environment for individuals to initiate on their fitness journey. Whether one is a seasoned gym-goer or a novice looking to kickstart their fitness routine, EnergyOne Gyms offer a welcoming space for all.

Moreover, EnergyOne Gyms are staffed by experienced fitness professionals who are dedicated to helping members achieve their fitness goals. Through personalised training programmes and expert guidance, these trainers play a pivotal role in supporting individuals on their quest for a healthier lifestyle. The emphasis on holistic wellness sets EnergyOne Gyms apart as more than just a typical fitness centre; it is a community that values each member’s journey towards better health.

Briefly delving into the ethos of EnergyOne Gyms reveals a commitment to cultivating a supportive and empowering environment for all individuals. By fostering a culture of inclusivity and encouragement, EnergyOne Gyms aim to inspire their members to push beyond their limits and strive for excellence in their fitness pursuits. This dedication to holistic wellness and empowerment positions EnergyOne Gyms as a beacon of fitness excellence in the local gym scene.

The Question of Unlimited Access

Even though SAFRA gym members are advertised to have unlimited access to 7 EnergyOne gyms island-wide, the term “unlimited access” may not be as straightforward as it seems. What does “unlimited access” really mean for these members in practical terms? Does it imply 24/7 access, or are there limitations on peak hours or certain facilities within the gyms?

What does “unlimited access” really mean?

Meaningful clarification is imperative to set realistic expectations for SAFRA gym members. Unlimited access may vary in its application across different gyms and time slots. It is vital to understand if there are any restrictions or conditions attached to this privilege. For instance, are there any blackout dates or special events that may limit access to certain facilities or branches for SAFRA members?

The importance of clarifying gym access for SAFRA members

Unlimited access to 7 EnergyOne gyms is undoubtedly a valuable benefit for SAFRA members. However, without clear guidelines on what this entails, there may be confusion or disappointment among members. Transparency regarding access hours, facilities available, and any exclusions is crucial to ensuring that members can fully enjoy and maximise their membership benefits without any unexpected limitations or restrictions.

Access to multiple gyms can offer a diverse range of equipment, classes, and environments for members to enhance their fitness journey. By clarifying the details of unlimited access, SAFRA can demonstrate its commitment to providing a premium fitness experience for its members, fostering loyalty and satisfaction within its community of gym-goers.

The Current State of SAFRA Gym Membership

Membership tiers and their corresponding benefits

To understand the current state of SAFRA Gym Membership, one must first grasp the various tiers available and the corresponding benefits they offer. SAFRA offers different membership tiers, each with its own set of privileges and access levels. Members can choose from options such as Ordinary Membership, Associate Membership, or the SAFRA EnergyOne Gym Membership. Each tier provides access to varying facilities and services, catering to different needs and preferences.

For instance, the SAFRA EnergyOne Gym Membership stands out for fitness enthusiasts seeking unlimited access to all 7 EnergyOne Gyms island-wide. This exclusive membership tier not only grants access to state-of-the-art gym equipment but also includes additional perks such as fitness classes, swimming pool usage, and access to other SAFRA facilities. The tiered system ensures that members can select a membership option that aligns with their fitness goals and lifestyle preferences.

By offering diverse membership tiers, SAFRA caters to a wide range of individuals, from casual gym-goers to avid fitness enthusiasts. Each tier is designed to meet specific needs, providing members with the flexibility to choose the level of access and benefits that best suit them. This approach not only enhances the overall membership experience but also reflects SAFRA’s commitment to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle among its members.

Any limitations or restrictions on gym access

Any limitations or restrictions on gym access are outlined clearly within each membership tier. While some tiers, such as the SAFRA EnergyOne Gym Membership, provide unlimited access to all EnergyOne Gyms, other tiers may have restrictions based on the number of gym visits or specific operating hours. It is vital for members to review the terms and conditions of their chosen tier to understand any limitations that may apply.

Understanding the limitations or restrictions on gym access is crucial for members to make the most of their membership benefits. By being aware of any constraints, members can effectively plan their workout schedules and maximise the use of available facilities. Clear communication of such limitations ensures that members can enjoy a seamless gym experience while adhering to the guidelines set by SAFRA.

To ensure a smooth gym experience, members are advised to familiarise themselves with any limitations or restrictions on gym access that may apply to their chosen membership tier. By doing so, members can make informed decisions and fully enjoy the benefits of their SAFRA Gym Membership. Clear communication and transparency regarding access restrictions are key to promoting a positive and fulfilling fitness journey for all members.

EnergyOne Gyms: An Island-wide Network

Keep in mind that being a SAFRA gym member grants access to not just one, but a network of 7 EnergyOne Gyms spread across the island. This network ensures that, no matter where you are in Singapore, you are likely to be in close proximity to one of these well-equipped fitness centres.

Location and accessibility of EnergyOne Gyms

Accessibility is key when it comes to committing to a fitness routine, and EnergyOne Gyms understand this well. With strategically located branches in different regions such as Tampines, Yishun, and Jurong, members can easily incorporate their gym visits into their daily schedules. The convenience of having multiple gyms island-wide reduces travel time and makes it more achievable for members to stick to their fitness goals.

Variety of facilities and equipment offered

Variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to fitness, having a range of facilities and equipment to choose from can make all the difference. EnergyOne Gyms pride themselves on providing a diverse selection of workout options, including cardio machines, free weights, resistance training equipment, and group exercise classes. This variety caters to the differing preferences and fitness levels of all members, ensuring that everyone can find something that suits their needs.

EnergyOne places a strong emphasis on creating an inclusive environment where members feel empowered to explore different workout styles and push themselves to reach their full potential. With professional trainers on hand to offer guidance and support, members can take full advantage of the extensive facilities available at each EnergyOne Gym.

The Benefits of Unlimited Access to EnergyOne Gyms

Convenience and flexibility for SAFRA members

One of the key benefits of having unlimited access to EnergyOne Gyms for SAFRA members is the convenience and flexibility it offers. With seven gyms strategically located across the island, members can easily fit their workouts into their busy schedules without having to travel far. This not only saves time but also makes it more likely for members to stick to their fitness routines consistently.

Furthermore, the ability to access any EnergyOne Gym means that members have the flexibility to choose a location that suits them best. Whether they prefer a quieter, more secluded gym environment or a bustling one with more energy, there is an option for everyone. This variety allows members to switch up their workout settings to keep things interesting and stay motivated on their fitness journey.

Having unlimited access to multiple gyms also means that SAFRA members can enjoy the convenience of using facilities that may be closer to their workplace, home, or other frequented locations. This versatility ensures that they can always find a gym nearby, making it easier to incorporate fitness into their daily lives.

Enhanced fitness experience with diverse gym environments

Flexibility in choosing from a range of EnergyOne Gyms offers SAFRA members an enhanced fitness experience by exposing them to diverse gym environments. Each gym has its unique layout, equipment, and atmosphere, providing members with the opportunity to explore and enjoy different settings for their workouts. This variety can help prevent monotony and plateauing in their fitness routines, keeping things fresh and engaging.

Furthermore, experiencing different gym environments can challenge members to try new exercises or workout styles that may not be available in their regular gym. This exposure to varied fitness approaches can expand their knowledge, skills, and overall fitness levels, contributing to a more well-rounded and holistic fitness journey. It encourages them to step out of their comfort zones and push their boundaries in a safe and supportive environment.

Benefits: Having access to multiple EnergyOne Gyms not only provides convenience and flexibility for SAFRA members but also enhances their fitness experience by exposing them to diverse gym environments. This unique privilege allows members to explore different workout settings, try new exercises, and ultimately, achieve their fitness goals more effectively. By embracing the variety and opportunities presented by unlimited gym access, SAFRA members can truly maximise their fitness journey and enjoy a well-rounded and fulfilling fitness experience.

Potential Drawbacks of Unlimited Access

Overcrowding and wait times at popular gyms

Unlike exclusive gyms with limited memberships, EnergyOne Gyms may face issues of overcrowding and longer wait times, particularly at peak hours in popular locations. Members who frequent these gyms might experience challenges in accessing equipment or classes due to the high demand. This could potentially lead to frustration and impact the overall gym experience for individuals seeking a seamless workout session.

On busy days, the influx of gym-goers could result in a crowded environment, making it difficult for individuals to maintain their preferred exercise routines. While the unlimited access benefit is appealing, it might present logistical challenges for EnergyOne Gyms in managing the flow of members and ensuring a comfortable workout space for everyone. In such instances, members may need to adjust their schedules or explore alternative locations to avoid peak hours and minimise potential disruptions.

Furthermore, extended wait times for popular gym equipment or fitness classes might deter individuals from fully utilising their memberships. The inconvenience of long lines and limited availability might overshadow the convenience of unlimited access, leading some members to reevaluate their gym choices in light of accessibility and usability.

Maintenance and upkeep challenges for EnergyOne Gyms

Gyms face constant maintenance and upkeep challenges to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for their members. With unlimited access to seven EnergyOne Gyms island-wide, the facilities may experience higher levels of wear and tear, requiring frequent maintenance checks and repairs. The increased foot traffic and usage of equipment could accelerate the rate of depreciation, leading to more frequent servicing and upkeep routines.

Plus, the larger number of members utilising the gym facilities across multiple locations could strain the resources allocated for maintenance, potentially affecting the overall quality of the gym amenities. Gym management must allocate sufficient resources and manpower to address maintenance issues promptly and uphold the standards of cleanliness and functionality expected by their members.

The Role of SAFRA in Promoting Fitness and Wellness

Once again, SAFRA proves its commitment to promoting fitness and wellness among its members. Established with the aim of enhancing the quality of life for NSmen and their families, SAFRA has played a significant role in providing facilities and programmes that cater to the fitness needs of its members.

SAFRA’s mission and objectives

The mission of SAFRA is to create a conducive environment for NSmen and their families to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle. By offering a range of sports and recreational facilities, including the EnergyOne Gyms, SAFRA aims to promote physical and mental well-being among its members. The objectives of SAFRA align with the national health initiatives, encouraging members to stay active and engage in regular exercise routines.

How unlimited gym access supports SAFRA’s goals


Unlimited gym access across all 7 EnergyOne Gyms island-wide provides SAFRA members with the convenience and flexibility to incorporate regular workouts into their busy schedules. This initiative not only promotes an active lifestyle but also fosters a sense of community among members who share similar fitness goals. By breaking down barriers to gym accessibility, SAFRA encourages members to take charge of their health and well-being.

Fitness: With unlimited gym access, SAFRA members can explore various fitness activities and workout routines to find what best suits their preferences and goals. This encourages members to stay motivated and committed to their fitness journey, leading to improved overall health and well-being.

Comparison with Other Gym Membership Options

Alternative gym memberships and their access policies

After comparing SAFRA Gym’s unlimited access to EnergyOne Gyms with other gym membership options in Singapore, it becomes evident that not all memberships offer the same level of convenience and flexibility. Some gyms restrict access to specific branches, limiting members to only one or a few locations. This can be inconvenient for individuals who prefer variety and accessibility in their workout routine.

On the other hand, certain gym chains, like Fitness First and Anytime Fitness, provide multi-access memberships that allow members to visit multiple branches across the island. While these memberships may come at a higher price point, the added flexibility can be a significant advantage for those who require access to gyms in different parts of Singapore due to work or travel commitments.

How SAFRA’s unlimited access compare to competitors?

An analysis of how SAFRA Gym’s unlimited access compares to competitors reveals that SAFRA offers a unique proposition with its island-wide access to 7 EnergyOne Gyms. This level of access is unparalleled by most gym memberships in Singapore, where restrictions on branch access are common. By granting members the freedom to work out at any of their facilities, SAFRA distinguishes itself as an attractive option for fitness enthusiasts seeking variety and convenience in their workout routines.

The Value Proposition of SAFRA Gym Membership

Calculating the cost-benefit analysis of unlimited gym access

Proposition: Despite the perception that gym memberships can be costly, the value proposition of a SAFRA gym membership, with access to 7 EnergyOne gyms island-wide, offers an attractive opportunity for fitness enthusiasts. Considering the average cost of a monthly gym membership in Singapore, which can range from £50 to £150, the unlimited access provided by SAFRA presents a compelling proposition. This membership not only grants access to top-of-the-line equipment and facilities but also includes a variety of fitness classes and programmes tailored to meet diverse needs.

For many, the convenience and flexibility of being able to work out at any of the 7 EnergyOne gyms without incurring additional costs can be a significant factor in their decision-making process. The cost-benefit analysis clearly tilts in favour of the SAFRA gym membership, making it a potentially cost-effective choice for individuals committed to their fitness goals.

When evaluating the overall value proposition, one must also consider the intangible benefits of being part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Being in the company of other fitness enthusiasts can improve the gym experience overall and encourage long-term adherence to a healthy lifestyle.

Are the benefits sufficient to justify the membership fee?

When weighing the benefits of the membership fee, it becomes clear that SAFRA’s EnergyOne gyms’ extensive offerings do in fact make the cost reasonable. With access to state-of-the-art facilities, personalised training options, and a diverse range of classes, members are presented with opportunities to meet their fitness goals in a conducive environment. The array of amenities and services available further enriches the membership experience.

For instance, members can take advantage of exclusive discounts on wellness programmes, personal training sessions, and other services that can enhance their fitness journey. These added perks not only differentiate the SAFRA gym membership from other offerings in the market but also demonstrate a commitment to supporting members in achieving their fitness aspirations.

Member Testimonials and Feedback

Real-life experiences of SAFRA members with unlimited gym access

On their journey to optimal fitness, many SAFRA members have shared their real-life experiences with the privilege of unlimited access to EnergyOne gyms island-wide. They rave about the convenience and flexibility this membership offers, allowing them to work out at any location that suits their schedule. For busy individuals juggling work and family commitments, this unrestricted access proves to be a game-changer in their fitness routine.

Members appreciate the top-notch facilities and equipment available at all 7 EnergyOne gyms, ensuring a quality workout experience every time. They also find the variety of classes and training programmes offered to be highly beneficial in achieving their fitness goals. Overall, the consensus among SAFRA gym members is that the unlimited access feature enhances their gym experience and motivates them to stay consistent in their fitness journey.

It’s clear that having unlimited access to 7 EnergyOne gyms across the island has positively impacted the lives of many SAFRA members. The convenience, quality facilities, and diverse fitness options have made this membership a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts looking to take their workout routine to the next level.

Common praise and complaints about the membership

Real-life feedback from SAFRA gym members highlights some common praises and complaints about the membership. Positive comments often focus on the affordability and value-for-money that unlimited access provides. Members also appreciate the friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere at the gyms, creating a comfortable environment for their workouts.

However, some members have raised concerns about overcrowding during peak hours, which can affect the availability of equipment and classes. Others have mentioned minor maintenance issues in certain gym locations. Despite these challenges, the majority of SAFRA members are satisfied with their membership perks and the overall gym experience.

The Future of SAFRA Gym Membership

Potential changes or updates to the membership benefits

Once again, SAFRA is considering potential changes or updates to its membership benefits to better cater to the needs of its gym members. With the ever-evolving fitness landscape, SAFRA understands the importance of staying ahead and enhancing its offerings. This could include introducing new fitness classes, partnering with nutritionists for tailored meal plans, or even expanding access to more premium gym equipment.

Feedback from members will be crucial in shaping these changes, as SAFRA aims to provide a holistic fitness experience that goes beyond just physical workouts. By gathering input from the community, SAFRA can tailor its offerings to suit a wide range of preferences and fitness goals. This collaborative approach ensures that members feel valued and heard, fostering a sense of belonging within the SAFRA fitness community.

As SAFRA continues to explore and implement new ideas, the future of gym membership looks promising. By adapting to the changing needs of its members and staying innovative in its approach, SAFRA is set to cement its position as a leader in providing comprehensive fitness solutions for all.

How SAFRA can continue to improve its gym offerings

Updates on how SAFRA can continue to improve its gym offerings will involve a multi-faceted approach. Investing in state-of-the-art gym equipment, expanding the range of fitness classes available, and recruiting top-tier fitness trainers are just some of the strategies SAFRA can employ. By providing members with access to the latest in fitness technology and expertise, SAFRA ensures that its gyms remain cutting-edge and enticing.

With a focus on member experience, SAFRA can enhance its facilities through thoughtful design and layout, creating an environment that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, fostering a sense of community through social events, fitness challenges, and networking opportunities can further enrich the overall gym experience for members.

With a commitment to continuous improvement, SAFRA is well-positioned to elevate its gym offerings and provide members with a truly exceptional fitness journey. By incorporating feedback, embracing innovation, and prioritising member satisfaction, SAFRA sets itself apart as a premier destination for fitness enthusiasts.

Addressing Concerns and Misconceptions

Clearing up common misconceptions about unlimited access

Many SAFRA gym members may have heard various misconceptions regarding their unlimited access to 7 EnergyOne gyms island-wide. It is important to clarify that this privilege indeed allows members to visit any of the 7 EnergyOne gyms without any additional charges or limitations. Some have questioned if certain locations might have restricted access, but SAFRA has confirmed that all 7 gyms are open for unlimited use to eligible members.

With the rise of social media and online forums, misinformation can easily spread, leading to confusion among gym-goers. Rest assured, SAFRA has made it a priority to ensure transparency and provide accurate information to address any doubts or misconceptions. By reiterating the terms and conditions of the unlimited access benefit, SAFRA aims to dispel any myths and offer clarity to its valued members.

For those wondering about peak hours or overcrowding at certain branches, SAFRA has implemented crowd management strategies to enhance the gym experience for all members. By monitoring usage patterns and adjusting facilities accordingly, SAFRA strives to maintain a conducive environment for fitness enthusiasts across all 7 EnergyOne gyms.

SAFRA’s response to member concerns and complaints

SAFRAs response to member concerns and complaints has been prompt and proactive. They have established channels for members to voice their feedback and have a dedicated team to address any issues that may arise. Whether it’s related to equipment maintenance, cleanliness, or overall gym experience, SAFRA takes every concern seriously and works towards swift resolutions.

Understanding the importance of member satisfaction, SAFRA continuously seeks ways to improve its services and facilities. By actively engaging with members and considering their feedback, SAFRA demonstrates a commitment to fostering a positive and enjoyable fitness community within their EnergyOne gyms. Members can feel confident that their voices are heard and that SAFRA values their input towards creating a better gym environment for all.

The Bigger Picture: Fitness Trends and Industry Insights

The growing demand for gym memberships and fitness services

Many individuals today are recognising the importance of health and fitness, leading to a surge in the demand for gym memberships and fitness services. With increasing awareness about the benefits of regular exercise on both physical and mental well-being, more people are prioritising their fitness goals. This growing trend has resulted in a diverse range of gym options catering to different preferences and needs.

An array of fitness facilities, classes, and training programmes are now available to accommodate varying fitness levels and preferences. From traditional gyms to boutique fitness studios offering specialised classes like spinning, yoga, and HIIT, individuals have a plethora of choices to tailor their fitness routines. This shift towards prioritising fitness reflects a broader cultural emphasis on holistic well-being and self-care.

As the fitness industry continues to expand, there is a growing emphasis on creating inclusive environments that promote diversity and accessibility. Gyms are no longer just spaces for physical exercise but are evolving into community hubs that foster social connections and support networks among like-minded individuals striving towards similar health goals.

How SAFRA’s unlimited access fits into the larger fitness landscape

Bigger than just providing access to multiple gym locations, SAFRA’s unlimited access embodies a larger trend within the fitness industry towards flexibility and convenience. In a fast-paced society where individuals juggle multiple commitments, having the option to choose from a network of gyms island-wide offers unparalleled convenience. This model not only encourages consistent exercise habits but also promotes exploration and variety in fitness routines.

By granting members the flexibility to access any of the seven EnergyOne gyms island-wide, SAFRA acknowledges the evolving needs and preferences of the modern fitness enthusiast. This approach aligns with the industry shift towards personalised and on-demand fitness experiences, where individuals seek flexibility in their workout schedules and locations. SAFRA’s unlimited access model not only caters to the diverse needs of its members but also sets a precedent for other fitness establishments to adopt more flexible and customer-centric membership structures.

Considering the broader implications of SAFRA’s unlimited access within the fitness landscape, it signifies a shift towards prioritising member convenience and satisfaction. By offering unlimited access across multiple locations, SAFRA sets itself apart as a fitness provider that understands the importance of adaptability and accessibility in promoting sustained fitness journeys. This customer-centric approach is likely to influence the industry by encouraging other fitness providers to reevaluate their membership offerings and consider more inclusive and flexible options to meet the evolving needs of fitness enthusiasts.

To wrap up

With these considerations in mind, it is evident that SAFRA gym members are indeed privileged with unlimited access to seven EnergyOne gyms island-wide. This access provides them with a wide range of facilities and equipment to support their fitness journey, catering to their diverse needs and preferences. The convenience of having multiple gym locations also allows members to choose a suitable workout spot based on their convenience and schedule, enhancing their overall fitness experience.

Furthermore, the additional perks and privileges offered to SAFRA gym members, such as access to swimming pools, sports facilities, and fitness classes, further enhance the value of their membership. These extras not only contribute to their physical well-being but also offer a holistic approach to health and fitness. By utilising these facilities, members can enjoy a well-rounded fitness regime that goes beyond just gym workouts, promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

To summarise, being a SAFRA gym member does come with its perks, including unlimited access to seven EnergyOne gyms island-wide. The facilities, equipment, and additional privileges provided cater to the diverse needs of members, offering them a comprehensive fitness experience. With the convenience, variety, and holistic approach to health and well-being, SAFRA gym members can certainly make the most of their membership and pursue their fitness goals effectively.


Q: Are SAFRA Gym Members Privileged With Unlimited Access To 7 EnergyOne Gyms Island-wide?

A: Yes, SAFRA Gym members enjoy unlimited access to all 7 EnergyOne Gyms island-wide.

Q: What facilities can SAFRA Gym members expect at EnergyOne Gyms?

A: SAFRA Gym members can expect state-of-the-art gym equipment, group exercise classes, swimming pools, and more at EnergyOne Gyms.

Q: Is there a need for SAFRA Gym members to make prior reservations to access EnergyOne Gyms?

A: No, SAFRA Gym members can walk in and access any EnergyOne Gym without the need for prior reservations.

Q: Are personal trainers available at EnergyOne Gyms for SAFRA Gym members?

A: Yes, SAFRA Gym members can engage personal trainers at EnergyOne Gyms for personalised fitness guidance and training.

Q: Can SAFRA Gym members bring guests to EnergyOne Gyms with them?

A: Yes, SAFRA Gym members have the privilege of bringing guests to EnergyOne Gyms by purchasing guest passes for their companions.