10 Things You Need To Know Before Visiting UOB Alexandra Building

Many curious travellers like you have ventured to the iconic UOB Alexandra Building, but before your visit, there are crucial details to grasp. From its rich history to practical tips, this guide will ensure your trip is memorable, safe, and enjoyable. Let’s probe into the 10 must-know facts that will enhance your experience at this historical site.

Key Takeaways:

  • Security Clearance: Ensure you have a valid photo ID as security is tight in UOB Alexandra Building.
  • Visitor Registration: Visitors must register at the lobby counter before proceeding to their designated areas.
  • Meeting Room Bookings: If you have a meeting scheduled, make sure to book the meeting room in advance.
  • Proper Attire: Dress smartly and appropriately when visiting the UOB Alexandra Building.
  • Emergency Procedures: Familiarise yourself with the building’s emergency procedures upon arrival.

Location and Accessibility

Getting to UOB Alexandra Building

Before you set off for UOB Alexandra Building, you need to be aware of the different transportation options available to get there. With its convenient location near major bus stops and MRT stations, you can easily reach the building using public transport. The nearest MRT station is Labrador Park, which is just a short walk away, making your journey more accessible and hassle-free.

Keep in mind that there may be crowds during peak hours, so plan your journey accordingly to avoid any delays. Additionally, if you prefer a more scenic route, you can take a leisurely stroll from the MRT station to the building, enjoying the surroundings along the way.

Once you arrive at UOB Alexandra Building, you’ll find clear signages directing you to the main entrance, ensuring a smooth arrival experience. Whether you choose to travel by bus, MRT, or on foot, getting to this iconic building is a straightforward and pleasant experience.

Parking Options and Fees

To make your visit as convenient as possible, it’s important to know about the parking options and fees available at UOB Alexandra Building. With limited parking spaces on-site, it’s advisable to consider alternative parking arrangements nearby to avoid any inconvenience. There are several public car parks in the vicinity that offer hourly parking rates for your convenience.

Remember to check the parking rates and timings before leaving your vehicle to ensure a stress-free visit. Some car parks may have height restrictions or limited spaces, so it’s recommended to plan your parking in advance to secure a spot. By being mindful of the parking options and fees, you can focus on enjoying your time at UOB Alexandra Building without any parking worries.

The availability of parking spaces can vary depending on the day and time of your visit, so it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan in case the on-site parking is full. By exploring different parking alternatives and staying informed about the various fees and restrictions, you can make your journey to UOB Alexandra Building as smooth and stress-free as possible.

History and Architecture

The Building’s Rich Past

While visiting UOB Alexandra Building, you will be stepping into a place with a rich past that dates back to the early 1970s. The building was originally constructed to house the United Overseas Bank’s headquarters and has since become an iconic landmark in the Alexandra area. Over the years, it has stood witness to Singapore’s rapid development and has played a significant role in the country’s financial landscape.

The UOB Alexandra Building has been through various renovations and upgrades to keep up with modern standards while preserving its historical charm. As you walk through its corridors, you can sense the echoes of the past intertwined with the bustling energy of the present. The building’s rich heritage adds a layer of depth to your visit, allowing you to appreciate its significance beyond just a physical structure.

Exploring the UOB Alexandra Building gives you a glimpse into Singapore’s evolution and the resilience of its architectural treasures. From its humble beginnings to its current state as a thriving commercial hub, the building encapsulates the spirit of progress and adaptation that defines Lion City.

Unique Design Features

You will be enamoured by the UOB Alexandra Building’s distinctive design features that set it apart from other nearby buildings once you pass the grand entrance. The building’s distinctive facade combines elements of modern architecture with a touch of heritage, creating a visual feast for your eyes. The interplay of glass, steel, and concrete reflects Singapore’s cosmopolitan vibe and commitment to innovation.

As you venture further inside, you will encounter the building’s atrium – a breathtaking space that soars upwards, flooding the interior with natural light. This architectural marvel not only enhances the building’s aesthetics but also contributes to a sense of openness and unity. The atrium serves as a focal point for social gatherings, events, and daily activities, showcasing the building’s versatility and functionality.

The interior layout of the UOB Alexandra Building is thoughtfully designed to maximise efficiency and comfort for its occupants. With spacious work areas, state-of-the-art facilities, and sustainable features, the building embodies a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Every corner tells a story of meticulous planning and innovative design, creating a welcoming environment for all who step inside.

Architecture: The UOB Alexandra Building stands as a testament to Singapore’s architectural prowess and commitment to modernisation. Its fusion of historical elements with contemporary design principles creates a striking visual impact, making it a standout landmark in the Alexandra area. The building’s architectural integrity is evident in every detail, from its facade to its interior layout, offering visitors a glimpse into the city-state’s architectural evolution.

Security and Safety

Despite its welcoming atmosphere, UOB Alexandra Building takes security and safety seriously. Let’s probe into the key aspects you need to be aware of before your visit.

Building Security Measures

Measures: When entering the UOB Alexandra Building, you will notice a robust security system in place. Access to certain areas may require an access card, so make sure to check in with the reception if you need assistance. CCTV cameras are strategically positioned throughout the building to ensure a safe environment for everyone. Security personnel are also present to monitor the premises and assist visitors when needed.

Emergency Procedures

Measures: In the unlikely event of an emergency, such as a fire or evacuation, UOB Alexandra Building is well-equipped with emergency protocols. Emergency exits are clearly marked, so ensure you familiarise yourself with their locations. Regular drills and training sessions are conducted to prepare occupants for any unforeseen circumstances.

It is crucial to remain calm and follow the instructions provided by the building’s staff during an emergency. Your safety is of utmost importance, so adhere to the procedures in place to ensure a swift and orderly evacuation if required.

Safety: Your safety is prioritised at UOB Alexandra Building. Emergency exits are easily accessible, and the staff is trained to handle any emergencies efficiently. By staying informed and following the building’s protocols, you can enjoy your visit with peace of mind, knowing that your security and safety are well taken care of.

Opening Hours and Holidays

Regular Operating Hours

After exploring the UOB Alexandra Building, you might want to know the regular operating hours. One piece of advice for you is to note that the building is typically open from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays. This allows you to plan your visit accordingly and make the most of your time there. Remember to check for any updates or changes to the operating hours to avoid any disappointments.

Understanding the regular operating hours will help you schedule your visit effectively, ensuring that you have ample time to explore the building and its surroundings. Whether you’re visiting for business or leisure, knowing when the building is open will help you make the most of your experience. Take note of these hours to plan your visit seamlessly and enjoy everything the UOB Alexandra Building has to offer.

Make sure to keep in mind the regular operating hours as you plan your trip to the UOB Alexandra Building. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a returning guest, being aware of the opening hours allows you to organise your itinerary efficiently. By doing so, you can maximise your visit and have a memorable experience exploring this architectural gem.

Special Closures and Events

On top of the regular operating hours, it’s important to be informed about any special closures and events that may impact your visit. One key point to remember is that the building may be closed on public holidays and for special events. These closures can affect your plans, so it’s crucial to check in advance to avoid any inconveniences.

Understanding the special closures and events schedule is vital, as it ensures you don’t miss out on exploring the UOB Alexandra Building. Keep an eye out for any notifications regarding closure dates or special events that may coincide with your planned visit. By staying informed, you can adjust your schedule accordingly and make the most of your time at this iconic location.

Admission Fees and Packages

Ticket Prices and Discounts

For your visit to UOB Alexandra Building, the admission fees may vary depending on the exhibitions and events taking place during your visit. It is recommended to check the official website for the most up-to-date information on ticket prices and any discounts that may be applicable. There are often discounts available for students, seniors, and families, so make sure to enquire about these options when purchasing your tickets.

Remember to bring along any valid identification or membership cards that may entitle you to further discounts. This way, you can make the most out of your visit while saving some money at the same time. Keep in mind that some exhibitions or special events may require an additional fee on top of the standard admission price.

If you are looking to make the most of your experience at UOB Alexandra Building, consider opting for a package deal that includes access to multiple exhibitions or special guided tours. These packages can offer great value for money and allow you to explore more of what the building has to offer.

Guided Tours and Workshops

The guided tours at UOB Alexandra Building provide a unique insight into the history and significance of the exhibitions on display. Expert guides will lead you through the various galleries, providing fascinating anecdotes and detailed information about the artworks or artefacts. These tours offer a deeper appreciation of the exhibits and help bring the stories behind them to life.

If you have a specific interest or are looking to enhance your knowledge further, you may want to consider joining one of the workshops offered at the building. These workshops cover a range of topics and allow you to engage more directly with the art and history on display. Whether you’re a novice or an enthusiast, there is something for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

Guided tours and workshops are a fantastic way to make the most of your visit to UOB Alexandra Building. They provide an immersive and educational experience that will leave you with a deeper appreciation of the cultural treasures housed within the building.

Building Layout and Navigation

Once again, before you set foot in UOB Alexandra Building, it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with the layout and navigation within the premises. Understanding the floor plans and maps will help you navigate the building with ease and make the most of your visit.

Floor Plans and Maps

Navigation: As you enter UOB Alexandra Building, take note of the strategically placed floor plans and maps. These will guide you through the various levels, highlighting key locations such as the reception area, elevators, restrooms, and exits. Familiarise yourself with the different sections to avoid getting lost as you explore the building.

Accessibility Features: To ensure a smooth navigation experience, UOB Alexandra Building is equipped with clear signage in prominent areas, braille indicators for visually impaired visitors, and wheelchair-accessible routes throughout the building. These features aim to make your visit hassle-free and enjoyable, catering to individuals with diverse accessibility needs.

Accessibility Features

To further enhance accessibility, UOB Alexandra Building provides designated parking spaces for individuals with disabilities near the entrance. Inside, you’ll find spacious lifts equipped with braille buttons and audio assistance for easy navigation between floors. Additionally, the corridors are wide, allowing smooth passage for wheelchair users and those with mobility aids.

Amenities and Services

Food and Beverage Options

Not only does UOB Alexandra Building offer crucial banking services, but it also provides a range of food and beverage options for you to enjoy during your visit. Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up coffee or a delicious meal to fuel your day, you’ll find a variety of eateries to choose from. From trendy cafes to international cuisine, there is something to suit every taste bud.

Services like grab-and-go counters and sit-down restaurants are available within the building, making it convenient for you to grab a bite to eat while taking a break from your banking activities. You can relax and recharge in between your errands without having to venture far in search of sustenance.

Exploring the food and beverage options at UOB Alexandra Building can add a delightful culinary element to your visit, allowing you to experience a mix of flavours and cuisines in one convenient location.

ATMs and Currency Exchange

Services at UOB Alexandra Building extend beyond banking transactions to include ATMs and currency exchange facilities. You can easily withdraw cash or exchange currency for your travels without needing to visit an external location. These services offer you convenience and peace of mind, ensuring that your financial needs are met efficiently.

UOB Alexandra Building provides access to a network of ATMs, allowing you to withdraw money whenever necessary. Additionally, the currency exchange services enable you to obtain foreign currency for your upcoming trips. By utilising these facilities, you can manage your finances seamlessly and focus on enjoying your time in the building.

When relying on the ATMs and currency exchange facilities at UOB Alexandra Building, you can trust that your transactions are secure and reliable. The convenience of accessing these services on-site enhances your overall experience, giving you more time to explore other aspects of the building.

Exhibitions and Events

Despite your busy schedule, make sure to take some time to explore the Exhibitions and Events happening at the UOB Alexandra Building during your visit. The building hosts a range of interesting displays and activities that cater to various interests and preferences.

Permanent Exhibits

With a mix of historical artefacts, interactive installations, and informative displays, the Permanent Exhibits at UOB Alexandra Building offer a fascinating insight into the heritage and culture of the region. You can expect to find unique pieces that showcase the evolution of the area over the years, providing you with a deeper understanding of its rich history.

Exploring these exhibits will not only educate you about the past but also help you appreciate the present-day surroundings even more. The attention to detail and carefully curated collections make this a must-visit attraction for history buffs and curious minds alike.

For a truly enriching experience, take your time to read the descriptions and immerse yourself in the stories behind each exhibit. You may discover hidden gems that offer a fresh perspective on the area and leave you with lasting memories of your visit.

Temporary Exhibitions and Displays

The Temporary Exhibitions and Displays at UOB Alexandra Building provide a dynamic element to your visit, with rotating collections that ensure there’s always something new to see. From contemporary art showcases to thematic displays, these exhibitions offer a diverse range of topics to engage with.

With the flexibility to change regularly, the Temporary Exhibitions and Displays keep the space fresh and inviting, encouraging you to return for more discoveries. Whether you’re interested in modern art, cultural exhibitions, or current affairs, there is something for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

For instance, keep an eye out for any upcoming events or special displays that coincide with your visit. These limited-time showcases often provide insightful perspectives and a deeper connection to the local community, making your experience at UOB Alexandra Building even more memorable.

Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Keep in mind that UOB Alexandra Building is committed to ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities. The building has various facilities in place to make your visit as comfortable and convenient as possible. Here are some important things you should know before visiting.

Wheelchair Accessibility

With regards to wheelchair accessibility, UOB Alexandra Building is equipped with ramps and lifts to allow easy access to different floors of the building. The entrances and common areas are designed to be spacious and navigable for wheelchair users. Additionally, designated parking spaces are available for disabled visitors near the building entrance.

Assistive Technologies and Services

An array of assistive technologies and services are available at UOB Alexandra Building to assist visitors with disabilities. These include braille signage, tactile floor paths, and audio guides to help visually impaired individuals navigate the premises. Sign language interpreters can also be arranged in advance for those who require assistance during their visit.

To ensure a pleasant and seamless experience, you can request assistive devices such as wheelchairs or hearing aids from the building’s information desk. Staff members are trained to provide support and assistance to visitors with disabilities, making your visit to UOB Alexandra Building as stress-free as possible.

Photography and Videography

Now, let’s talk about photography and videography at the UOB Alexandra Building. When capturing memories at this iconic location, it’s vital to know the permitted areas and times for photography and filming.

Permitted Areas and Times

Any photography or videography for personal use is allowed in the public areas of the UOB Alexandra Building during regular operating hours. This includes the striking architecture of the building’s exterior and the bustling atmosphere around the entrance.

However, restricted areas such as office spaces, private meeting rooms, and employee-only zones are off-limits for photography and filming. Remember to respect the privacy of individuals working in the building and avoid capturing them without permission.

For the best lighting and fewer crowds in your photos and videos, consider visiting early in the morning or late in the afternoon. These times not only offer better conditions for capturing the beauty of the building but also allow you to avoid disturbing the daily operations of the businesses inside.

Commercial Photography and Filming

Times when commercial photography and filming are permitted at the UOB Alexandra Building are subject to approval from the building management. If you are planning to shoot for commercial purposes, it’s crucial to obtain permission in advance and comply with any guidelines set by the management.

The UOB Alexandra Building sees a high volume of visitors and regular business activities, so any commercial photography or filming must be scheduled to minimize disruption. Be prepared to work around the building’s schedule to ensure your shoot runs smoothly and respectfully.

The management of the UOB Alexandra Building values the privacy and integrity of its tenants and visitors. As such, strict guidelines are in place to regulate commercial photography and filming, aiming to maintain the professional environment of the building while accommodating necessary creative projects.

Food and Drink Policies

Eating and Drinking Areas

To make your visit to UOB Alexandra Building more enjoyable, any food and drink you bring along must be consumed only in designated eating areas. These areas are conveniently located throughout the building for your convenience. Remember to be considerate of others and keep these spaces clean for everyone’s enjoyment. Enjoying your snacks or lunch in these specified areas will allow you to recharge and continue exploring the building comfortably.

Prohibited Items and Behaviours

On your visit to UOB Alexandra Building, it is important to be aware of the prohibited items and behaviours. To ensure the safety of all visitors and staff, certain items, such as alcohol, illegal substances, and weapons, are strictly prohibited on the premises. Additionally, behaviours that disrupt the peace and harmony of the building, such as loud noise or unruly conduct, will not be tolerated. By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to a pleasant and safe environment for everyone.

On your exploration of UOB Alexandra Building, it is important to respect the rules and regulations set in place to protect the well-being of all individuals on the premises. By complying with the prohibited items list and behaving respectfully, you not only ensure your own safety but also contribute to the overall positive experience of everyone visiting the building. Note, your cooperation in following these policies is greatly appreciated by the staff and fellow visitors.

Drink responsibly and be mindful of the regulations in place to maintain a comfortable and safe environment for all. Whether you are enjoying a hot beverage from the café or sipping on a bottle of water you brought along, dispose of your empty containers in the designated bins and refrain from consuming alcohol on the premises. By following these guidelines, you contribute to a pleasant atmosphere where everyone can enjoy their visit to UOB Alexandra Building without any disruptions.

Lost and Found

Reporting Lost Items

All is not lost if you find yourself misplacing something during your visit to UOB Alexandra Building. The building has a dedicated Lost and Found department where you can report any lost items. Make sure to provide detailed information about the item you lost, including the time and location where you last had it. The staff will do their best to assist you in locating your lost belongings.

Retrieving Lost Items

Found: If your lost item is discovered and handed in to the Lost and Found department, you will be notified as soon as possible. Retrieving your lost items is a straightforward process. You may be required to show identification and provide a description of the item to claim it. The staff will ensure that your belongings are safely returned to you.

Lost: It’s important to note that not all lost items may be recovered. If you have misplaced something valuable, it’s recommended to check back with the Lost and Found department periodically to see if it has been handed in. Do not forget, it’s always a good idea to keep a close eye on your belongings to avoid losing them in the first place.

Retrieving: Your lost items promptly is crucial, especially if they are of sentimental or monetary value. Make sure to follow the necessary steps to claim your belongings from the Lost and Found department and be vigilant to prevent any further losses during your visit.

Feedback and Complaints

Providing Feedback

After your visit to UOB Alexandra Building, it’s important to share your feedback about your experience. Your feedback helps UOB maintain and improve their services for future visitors. Whether you had a positive or negative experience, your input is valuable. You can provide feedback by filling out a feedback form available at the building or by reaching out to the customer service desk.

When providing feedback, be specific and constructive. If you received exceptional service from a staff member or encountered any issues during your visit, make sure to include all relevant details. Your feedback should be honest and detailed so that UOB can address any concerns effectively. Recall, your feedback can contribute to enhancing the overall experience for all visitors.

UOB values your feedback and takes it seriously. By sharing your thoughts and suggestions, you are helping UOB Alexandra Building to continuously improve and deliver excellent service to all visitors. Your feedback is an important part of the continuous feedback loop that drives positive changes and enhances the overall visitor experience.

Making a Complaint

To address a more serious issue or express dissatisfaction with your experience at UOB Alexandra Building, you can make a formal complaint. If you have encountered any issues, such as poor service, cleanliness concerns, or any other significant problem, UOB encourages you to raise your complaint promptly. You can do so by speaking to a manager on site or by contacting UOB’s customer service department.

If your concern is not resolved on the spot, you can escalate your complaint by submitting a formal written complaint to UOB. Provide all relevant details, including the date and time of the incident, the individuals involved, and any supporting evidence. UOB takes all complaints seriously and aims to address them promptly to ensure a satisfactory resolution for all parties involved.

On occasions where you feel your complaint has not been adequately addressed, you can request to speak to a higher-level manager or supervisor. UOB is committed to handling all complaints with care and diligence, striving to resolve issues efficiently while maintaining a high standard of customer service.

Feedback and complaints play a crucial role in shaping the visitor experience at UOB Alexandra Building. Your input is invaluable in helping UOB identify areas for improvement and ensure that visitors have a pleasant and memorable experience. By providing feedback and raising concerns when necessary, you are contributing to the continuous enhancement of services and facilities at UOB Alexandra Building.

Summing up

Hence, armed with these vital tips, you are now well-prepared to explore the UOB Alexandra Building with confidence and ease. Remember to plan your visit during weekdays for optimal access to all the services, and be sure to take note of the building’s operating hours to avoid disappointment. By familiarising yourself with the location of key amenities such as ATMs and the customer service counter, you can navigate the building efficiently.

Additionally, make the most of your visit by embracing the architectural marvel of the building and appreciating its historical significance. Take time to explore the surrounding area and immerse yourself in the vibrant neighbourhood that UOB Alexandra Building calls home. With these insider tips, you can make the most of your visit and create lasting memories of your time spent at this iconic location.

In summarization, visiting the UOB Alexandra Building promises a unique blend of history, functionality, and modernity. By taking the time to familiarise yourself with these vital tips, you can launch on your journey with a sense of preparedness and excitement. So, pack your bags, set your itinerary, and get ready to uncover the treasures that await you at the UOB Alexandra Building. Enjoy your visit!


Q: What is the UOB Alexandra Building?

A: The UOB Alexandra Building is a prominent landmark and commercial building located in Singapore.

Q: What are the operating hours of the UOB Alexandra Building?

A: The UOB Alexandra Building is typically open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays, and closed on weekends.

Q: Is there parking available at the UOB Alexandra Building?

A: Yes, there is parking available at the UOB Alexandra Building for visitors, but spaces may be limited during peak hours.

Q: Are there dining options at the UOB Alexandra Building?

A: There are various dining options available at the UOB Alexandra Building, ranging from cafes to restaurants catering to different tastes.

Q: What are some nearby attractions to UOB Alexandra Building?

A: Some nearby attractions to the UOB Alexandra Building include parks, museums, and shopping districts, offering a variety of experiences for visitors.