The Complete Guide To UOB Lady Card Features And Perks

Many women today are looking for a credit card that reflects their unique needs and lifestyle. If you’re one of them, the UOB Lady Card could be the perfect match for you. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the various features and perks that come with this card, helping you understand how it can benefit you in your everyday life. From exclusive rewards and privileges to tailored benefits designed just for women, this card is not just a financial tool, but a companion that understands and supports your individuality. Read on to discover all that the UOB Lady Card has to offer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Diverse Rewards and Benefits: The UOB Lady Card offers a range of perks such as dining privileges, shopping discounts, and beauty treats tailored for female cardholders.
  • Exclusive Events and Workshops: Cardholders can access exclusive fashion events, beauty workshops, and networking sessions curated for the modern woman.
  • Customisable Card Designs: Personalise your UOB Lady Card with stylish designs and choose a card that reflects your personality and preferences.
  • Complimentary Travel Insurance: Enjoy peace of mind with complimentary travel insurance coverage when you charge your travel expenses to your UOB Lady Card.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Manage your finances with ease through flexible payment plans and instalment options available with the UOB Lady Card.

Eligibility and Application

Who is eligible for the UOB Lady Card?

While the UOB Lady Card is primarily designed for women, it is available to everyone who meets the eligibility criteria set by UOB. To be eligible for the UOB Lady Card, you need to be at least 21 years old and have a minimum annual income as specified by UOB. Additionally, you may be required to provide supporting documents such as proof of income and identification during the application process.

The UOB Lady Card is suitable for individuals who are looking for a credit card that offers exclusive perks and benefits tailored to women’s lifestyle needs. Whether you are a frequent shopper, traveller, or dining enthusiast, the UOB Lady Card provides rewards and privileges that cater to a range of interests and preferences.

If you meet the eligibility criteria and are interested in enjoying the perks and privileges offered by the UOB Lady Card, you can proceed with the application process to get your hands on this exclusive credit card designed to enhance your lifestyle.

How to apply for the UOB Lady Card?

For a seamless application process, you can apply for the UOB Lady Card online through the UOB website. Simply fill in the necessary details, submit the required documents, and wait for the approval from UOB. Alternatively, you can visit a UOB branch near you and speak to a representative who will guide you through the application procedure.

It is important to ensure that you provide accurate information and necessary documents during the application process to expedite the approval of your UOB Lady Card. Once your application is approved, you can start enjoying the exclusive privileges and rewards that come with being a UOB Lady Cardholder.

Credit Limit and Interest Rates

What is the credit limit for the UOB Lady Card?

Rates can vary depending on your creditworthiness and financial situation. The better your credit score, the higher the credit limit you are likely to be offered. Having a higher credit limit can provide you with more financial flexibility and purchasing power for your everyday expenses or larger purchases.

It’s important to manage your credit limit responsibly and avoid maxing out your card to maintain a healthy credit score. Exceeding your credit limit can result in over-limit fees and have a negative impact on your credit rating. Be mindful of, your credit limit is not a target to reach but a financial tool to be used sensibly to suit your spending habits and income level.

Should you require a higher credit limit on your UOB Lady Card, you may contact the bank to request a review of your limit. Ensure you keep your financial documents, such as proof of income and other relevant information, ready to support your request for a credit limit increase.

What are the interest rates for the UOB Lady Card?

Interest rates for the UOB Lady Card are important to consider, especially if you plan to carry a balance on your card. The standard annual interest rate for purchases is typically around 26.9% variable, but it may vary based on your credit profile. If you clear your balance in full each month, you can avoid paying interest altogether. However, if you do carry a balance, the interest charged can significantly add to your overall repayment amount.

For cash advances using your UOB Lady Card, the interest rates are usually higher than for purchases and begin accruing immediately, so it’s advisable to avoid using your credit card for cash withdrawals unless absolutely necessary. Understanding these interest rates is crucial to effectively manage your credit card usage and avoid unnecessary debt accumulation.

To make the most of your UOB Lady Card, it’s recommended to pay your balance in full and on time each month to avoid interest charges. By doing so, you can fully enjoy the benefits, rewards, and perks that come with your card without incurring additional costs. Make sure to stay informed about the current interest rates applicable to your card and review your monthly statements regularly to track your spending and payment behaviour.

Rewards and Cashback

What rewards and cashback benefits does the UOB Lady Card offer?

Not only does the UOB Lady Card offer an array of exclusive benefits tailored for women, but it also provides you with exciting rewards and cashback perks. With this card, you can earn rewards points every time you spend, whether it’s on shopping, dining, or travel. These points can then be redeemed for a variety of items such as vouchers, gifts, or even air miles, allowing you to make the most out of your purchases.

Furthermore, the UOB Lady Card offers cashback benefits on specific categories such as beauty, fashion, dining, and groceries. By using your card for these purchases, you can enjoy cash rebates which will be credited back to your account, helping you save more while you spend.

Additionally, as a UOB Lady Cardholder, you may also have access to exclusive promotions and discounts at partner merchants, giving you even more value for your money. Whether it’s special deals on fashion brands or discounts at spas and restaurants, the perks that come with this card can enhance your overall shopping and lifestyle experience.

How to redeem rewards and cashback points?

To redeem your rewards and cashback points with the UOB Lady Card, you can easily do so through the bank’s rewards redemption portal online. Simply log in to your account, view your points balance, and choose from a range of redemption options available. Whether you prefer shopping vouchers, lifestyle products, or converting your points to air miles, the process is convenient and hassle-free.

It’s important to note that the redemption options may vary, so make sure to check the latest rewards catalogue to see what offers are currently available. Some rewards may require a minimum number of points to be redeemed, while others may have limited redemption periods. By staying informed about the latest promotions, you can maximise the value of your rewards and cashback benefits with the UOB Lady Card.

Remember to keep track of your points expiry dates as well, to ensure that you make the most of your rewards before they expire. By being proactive in redeeming your points, you can enjoy the full benefits that come with using the UOB Lady Card for your everyday purchases.

Travel Perks

All Lady Cardholders can enjoy a range of exclusive travel perks and benefits with the UOB Lady Card. From complimentary travel insurance coverage to access to airport lounges, the card is designed to make your travel experiences more convenient and enjoyable. Additionally, you can earn higher rewards points when you use your UOB Lady Card for travel-related expenses, helping you save on future trips.

What travel perks and benefits does the UOB Lady Card offer?

To cater to your travel needs, the UOB Lady Card provides benefits such as travel insurance coverage, airport lounge access, discounted airport limousine services, and exclusive hotel and dining privileges. With these perks, you can travel with peace of mind knowing that you are protected and well taken care of throughout your journey. Whether you are a frequent flyer or an occasional traveller, the UOB Lady Card offers a host of benefits to enhance your travel experiences.

How to book travel arrangements with the UOB Lady Card?

Travel arrangements can be easily booked using your UOB Lady Card. Simply use your card to make travel-related purchases such as flights, accommodation, and tour packages, and you will automatically earn rewards points that can be redeemed for future travel expenses. Additionally, some travel bookings made with the UOB Lady Card may be eligible for discounts or special offers, providing you with savings on your travel costs.

Plus, with the UOB Lady Card, you can enjoy access to exclusive travel promotions and deals, allowing you to maximise your travel experiences while saving money. Whether you are planning a relaxing holiday or a business trip, the UOB Lady Card offers you a range of benefits to make your travels more rewarding and enjoyable.

Dining and Entertainment Perks

What dining and entertainment perks does the UOB Lady Card offer?

Unlike other credit cards, the UOB Lady Card offers exclusive dining and entertainment perks tailored to fit your lifestyle as a sophisticated woman. With this card, you can enjoy a range of benefits such as discounts at renowned restaurants, complimentary cocktails at trendy bars, and priority access to exclusive events and shows. Whether you are a foodie looking for a new culinary adventure or a socialite seeking the best entertainment experiences, the UOB Lady Card has got you covered.

Furthermore, the UOB Lady Card partners with leading dining establishments and entertainment venues to offer you special privileges and VIP treatment. From fine dining restaurants to live music venues, you can indulge in unforgettable experiences while saving money with discounts and promotions. Embrace the luxury lifestyle you deserve with the UOB Lady Card in your purse.

Make the most of your evenings out with friends or romantic dinners with your loved one by using the UOB Lady Card for exclusive perks and rewards. Elevate your dining and entertainment experiences with a touch of glamour and sophistication, courtesy of the UOB Lady Card.

How to redeem dining and entertainment rewards?

Any time you spend using your UOB Lady Card at partner restaurants or entertainment venues, you earn reward points that can be redeemed for dining and entertainment vouchers, discounts, or special experiences. Simply keep track of your points accumulation through your online account or monthly statements, and start planning your next culinary or entertainment adventure using your earned rewards.

Dining out or enjoying a night of entertainment has never been more rewarding than with the UOB Lady Card. Treat yourself to exquisite meals and memorable experiences, knowing that you are earning points with every swipe of your card. Indulge in the finer things in life with the UOB Lady Card’s dining and entertainment rewards programme, designed to cater to your taste for sophistication and luxury.

Dining and entertainment rewards redemption with the UOB Lady Card is hassle-free and convenient, allowing you to focus on enjoying your experiences while reaping the benefits of being a cardholder. Unlock a world of exclusive perks and privileges with each dining and entertainment transaction, making every moment more delightful and rewarding.

Shopping Perks

What shopping perks does the UOB Lady Card offer?

After getting your UOB Lady Card, you can enjoy a range of exclusive shopping perks tailored to suit your style. From discounts at selected fashion and beauty retailers to special offers on luxury brands, this card caters to your shopping preferences. You can also earn reward points for every pound spent, which can be redeemed for exciting shopping vouchers and gifts.

With the UOB Lady Card, you can access member-only shopping events and preview sales, giving you the opportunity to snag the latest trends before anyone else. Additionally, you can enjoy complimentary personal shopping services at partner stores, ensuring that you always look your best.

Furthermore, the UOB Lady Card offers purchase protection and extended warranty on your shopping hauls, providing you with peace of mind every time you shop. With these perks, you can shop to your heart’s content knowing that you are getting the best deals and protection.

How to redeem shopping rewards?

Lady, to redeem your shopping rewards earned through your UOB Lady Card, simply log in to your online banking account or mobile app. Browse through the rewards catalogue to choose from a range of vouchers, gifts, or even cashback options. Select the reward you desire and follow the prompts to complete the redemption process.

For instance, you can redeem your accumulated reward points for a shopping voucher to your favourite fashion or beauty store. Alternatively, you can use your points to offset your next shopping bill, allowing you to save even more on your retail therapy sessions. The redemption process is quick and convenient, making it easy for you to enjoy the benefits of your UOB Lady Card.

Wellness and Lifestyle Perks

What wellness and lifestyle perks does the UOB Lady Card offer?

Your UOB Lady Card comes packed with a range of exclusive wellness and lifestyle perks designed to enhance your overall well-being and enjoyment. Enjoy special privileges such as complimentary access to luxury airport lounges, exclusive invites to wellness events, discounts on spa treatments, and personalised beauty services. Pamper yourself with rejuvenating experiences tailored just for you, all thanks to your UOB Lady Card.

How to redeem wellness and lifestyle rewards?

What sets the UOB Lady Card apart is its seamless redemption process for wellness and lifestyle rewards. Simply accumulate points from your card spend and redeem them for a variety of perks such as yoga classes, beauty treatments, gym memberships, and more. With a user-friendly online platform, you can easily track your points, choose your rewards, and indulge in experiences that promote self-care and relaxation. Treat yourself to a range of lifestyle rewards and make the most of what your UOB Lady Card has to offer.

Wellness and lifestyle rewards can be redeemed either online through the UOB rewards portal or by contacting the UOB Lady Concierge directly. Whether you prefer a spa day to unwind after a busy week or a fitness class to stay active, the UOB Lady Card has you covered. Make the most of your card membership by exploring the diverse array of wellness and lifestyle perks available at your fingertips.

Insurance and Protection

What insurance and protection benefits does the UOB Lady Card offer?

Keep yourself covered with the UOB Lady Card’s comprehensive insurance and protection benefits. As a cardholder, you can enjoy travel insurance coverage of up to £500,000 for you and your family when you charge the full travel fares to your card. Additionally, you are entitled to purchase protection insurance, which provides coverage for your personal belongings against loss or damage.

Moreover, the UOB Lady Card offers medical protection insurance, ensuring that you are financially safeguarded in the unfortunate event of an accident or emergency medical situation while travelling. With these insurance benefits, you can have peace of mind and focus on enjoying your journey without worrying about unforeseen circumstances.

Furthermore, the card includes purchase protection insurance, which covers your eligible purchases against theft or accidental damage for a specific period after the purchase date. This benefit adds an extra layer of security to your shopping experience, knowing that your purchases are protected by the UOB Lady Card.

How to claim insurance and protection benefits?

On the occasion that you need to make a claim for any insurance or protection benefit provided by the UOB Lady Card, you can easily do so by contacting the UOB customer service hotline. The dedicated representatives will guide you through the claims process, ensuring that you receive the necessary assistance and support in a timely manner. Remember to have all relevant documents and details ready when making a claim to facilitate the process.

Offering a hassle-free claims procedure, UOB strives to deliver efficient and reliable service to its cardholders. Whether you are claiming for travel insurance, purchase protection, or medical protection benefits, the UOB Lady Card ensures that your claims are processed promptly, allowing you to receive the appropriate reimbursement or assistance when needed.

Fees and Charges

What fees and charges apply to the UOB Lady Card?

Lady UOB Card comes with various fees and charges that you should be aware of. These may include an annual fee, late payment fees, cash advance fees, and overseas transaction fees. The annual fee for the card is typically charged yearly and may vary depending on the type of Lady’s card you choose.

Additionally, late payment fees may apply if you do not settle your monthly bill on time. It’s crucial to keep track of your payment due dates to avoid these charges. Cash advance fees are charged when you withdraw cash using your card, usually at a higher interest rate than your regular purchases.

When using your UOB Lady Card for transactions abroad, you may incur overseas transaction fees. These fees are applied to purchases made in foreign currencies and are usually a percentage of the transaction amount. Familiarise yourself with these fees to understand the cost implications of using your card overseas.

How to avoid fees and charges?

One way to avoid incurring fees and charges on your UOB Lady Card is by making prompt payments. Ensure you pay your monthly bill on time to avoid late payment fees. Setting up automatic payments or reminders can help you stay on track with your payments.

Avoid cash advances as much as possible to steer clear of cash advance fees. It’s advisable to use your Lady Card for purchases rather than cash withdrawals. If you plan to travel overseas, consider using a card with no or lower overseas transaction fees to save on costs associated with foreign transactions.

By staying informed about the fees and charges that apply to your UOB Lady Card and adopting prudent financial habits, you can effectively manage and avoid unnecessary expenses related to card usage.

Card Security and Fraud Protection

What security features does the UOB Lady Card have?

To ensure the safety of your UOB Lady Card, it comes equipped with various security features that protect you from potential fraud. Any suspicious activity on your card will trigger an immediate notification to alert you. Additionally, the card offers advanced encryption technology to safeguard your transactions, whether online or in-store. You can set spending limits and receive real-time alerts for added security.

If you misplace your card, you can temporarily lock it via the UOB Mobile Banking app until you find it. Moreover, the card is embedded with EMV chip technology, making it virtually impossible for fraudsters to clone your card details when you use it at chip-enabled terminals.

UOB Lady Card also provides complimentary fraud protection insurance, giving you peace of mind knowing that you are covered in case of any unauthorised transactions. With these robust security features in place, you can confidently use your UOB Lady Card for all your purchases without worry.

How to report fraud or lost/stolen cards?

Protection is key when it comes to your UOB Lady Card. In the unfortunate event that you notice any fraudulent activity on your card or if it has been lost or stolen, it is crucial to act swiftly. You should immediately contact UOB’s 24-hour customer service hotline to report the incident and have your card blocked to prevent further unauthorised transactions.

Another important step to take is to file a police report if you suspect fraudulent activities on your card. This will help with the investigation and potentially aid in recovering any lost funds. Remember to keep all relevant documents and details of the incidents for future reference and follow-up actions.

Online Banking and Mobile App

How to access online banking with the UOB Lady Card?

For banking convenience with your UOB Lady Card, accessing online banking is simple. Begin by visiting the UOB website and selecting the option for online banking. You can then log in using your Lady Card details, including your account number and password. Once logged in, you will have access to a range of online banking services tailored to suit your needs.

Online banking with your UOB Lady Card allows you to check your balance, view transactions, make payments, and manage your account from the comfort of your own home. With secure encryption technology in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your financial information is protected.

Make the most of your UOB Lady Card by utilising the online banking platform for a seamless and convenient banking experience. Stay on top of your finances and take control of your account anytime, anywhere.

What features does the UOB mobile app offer?

Access the UOB mobile app to unlock a host of features designed to enhance your banking experience. From checking your account balance to transferring funds between accounts, the UOB mobile app offers a range of convenient services at your fingertips. You can also pay your bills, track your expenses, and set up alerts to stay informed about your account activity.

The UOB mobile app provides a user-friendly interface, making it easy for you to navigate and manage your finances on the go. With real-time updates and notifications, you can stay in control of your spending and savings goals. Whether you’re at home or on the move, the UOB mobile app is your go-to tool for all your banking needs.

With the UOB mobile app, you can manage your UOB Lady Card with ease and convenience. Enjoy the flexibility of monitoring your transactions, setting spending limits, and tracking your rewards points anytime, anywhere. Download the UOB mobile app today and experience a new level of banking convenience at your fingertips.

Customer Service and Support

How to contact UOB customer service?

Customer service with UOB is efficient and easily accessible. Not only can you reach out to UOB Lady Card support via their dedicated hotline, but you can also connect with them through email or visit a UOB branch personally. The UOB customer service team is well-equipped to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have regarding your UOB Lady Card.

What support options are available for UOB Lady Cardholders?

Cardholders of the UOB Lady Card are provided with a range of support options to enhance their overall experience. Whether you need assistance with card activation, transaction clarifications, or general account enquiries, the UOB Lady Card support team is there to help. You can access support services via phone, email, or in person at UOB branches, ensuring that you receive the support you need, whichever way suits you best.

It’s reassuring to know that UOB places a high priority on customer support and provides tailored assistance for Lady Cardholders. In addition to traditional customer service channels, UOB offers online resources such as FAQs and guides that can help you navigate your Lady Card benefits and features effectively. Rest assured that with UOB, you are not alone on your financial journey, as their support options are designed to address your needs promptly and professionally.

Comparison with Other Cards

How does the UOB Lady Card compare to other credit cards?

Now, let’s take a closer look at how the UOB Lady Card stacks up against other credit cards in the market. Below is a comparison table highlighting some key features for you to consider:

Features UOB Lady Card
Reward Points Generous reward points system with accelerated points for selected categories
Annual Fee Competitive annual fee with potential waivers based on spending
Benefits Exclusive privileges and promotions tailored for female cardholders

What are the unique benefits of the UOB Lady Card?

Does the UOB Lady Card pique your interest? Here’s a breakdown of some unique benefits that distinguish it from other credit cards:

Unique Benefits UOB Lady Card
Fashion Privileges Special discounts and deals at fashion outlets and beauty stores
Wellness Rewards Health and wellness perks such as gym memberships and spa discounts
Travel Benefits Travel insurance coverage and airport lounge access for frequent flyers

Any savvy shopper or frequent traveller would appreciate the added value that the UOB Lady Card brings. With a focus on fashion, wellness, and travel perks, this card is designed to cater to your lifestyle needs and preferences.

Understanding the unique benefits of the UOB Lady Card can help you make an informed decision when choosing a credit card that aligns with your spending habits and interests. Whether you’re a fashionista, fitness enthusiast, or jetsetter, this card offers a range of privileges to enhance your overall shopping and lifestyle experience.

Following this comprehensive overview of the UOB Lady Card features and perks, you are now equipped with the important information to make an informed decision on whether this credit card is the right choice for you. By understanding the exclusive benefits such as the personal concierge service, dining privileges, and luxury fashion rewards, you can leverage these advantages to enhance your lifestyle and enjoy various perks tailored to your preferences.

Furthermore, the flexibility of this credit card, offering the choice between the Lady’s Solitaire and Lady’s Classic Card, allows you to select the option that best suits your spending habits and financial goals. Whether you are a frequent traveller seeking travel rewards or a fashion enthusiast looking for exclusive discounts, the UOB Lady Card provides a range of benefits to cater to your needs.

In summation, the UOB Lady Card stands out as a prestigious credit card designed for modern women who value luxury, convenience, and rewards. With a host of lifestyle privileges, enhanced security features, and personalised services, this credit card offers a unique opportunity to elevate your shopping, dining, and travel experiences. Consider the UOB Lady Card as your ultimate companion in indulging in the finer things in life while enjoying exclusive perks tailored to your sophisticated tastes.


Q: What is the UOB Lady Card?

A: The UOB Lady Card is a credit card specifically designed for women, offering unique features and perks catering to their lifestyle and preferences.

Q: What are some key features of the UOB Lady Card?

A: The UOB Lady Card offers benefits such as exclusive access to ladies’ fashion events, discounts at beauty and wellness outlets, and reward points for every spending.

Q: How can I apply for a UOB Lady Card?

A: You can apply for a UOB Lady Card online through the UOB website, by visiting a UOB branch, or by contacting the UOB customer service hotline.

Q: What are the perks of using a UOB Lady Card?

A: Cardholders can enjoy perks such as discounts at partner merchants, access to VIP events, complimentary beauty services, and special rewards tailored for women.

Q: Is there an annual fee for the UOB Lady Card?

A: Yes, there is an annual fee for the UOB Lady Card, but this fee may be waived if you meet the minimum spending requirements or if you hold other UOB banking products.