The Dos And Don'ts Of Buying Wedding Shoes

Most brides spend a great deal of time and effort finding the perfect dress for their big day, but the importance of choosing the right wedding shoes should not be overlooked. The right pair of shoes can complement your dress and keep you comfortable throughout the day, while the wrong pair can lead to blisters, pain, and discomfort. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind when shopping for wedding shoes.

Shop for shoes in the afternoon or evening when your feet are at their largest to ensure a comfortable fit throughout the day.
Choose shoes that match the style and formality of your dress to create a cohesive look.
Consider heel height and thickness to balance style and comfort.
Break in your shoes before the big day to prevent blisters and discomfort.

Wait until the last minute to buy your shoes, as this can lead to limited options and added stress.
Compromise on comfort for style, as you’ll be on your feet for long periods on your wedding day.
Forget to consider the venue when choosing shoe style and heel height, to ensure they are suitable for the location.

Key Takeaways:

  • Do consider your comfort: Prioritise comfort when choosing wedding shoes to avoid sore feet on your big day.
  • Do match your dress: Ensure your shoes complement your wedding dress in style, colour, and overall look.
  • Don’t forget the venue: Consider the venue and terrain to choose suitable shoes that won’t sink or get damaged.
  • Don’t leave it to the last minute: Shop for wedding shoes early to allow time for fittings and breaking them in.
  • Do think about heel height: Choose a heel height that you are comfortable wearing for the duration of the wedding.
  • Don’t compromise on quality. Invest in well-made shoes that will last the entire wedding day and beyond.
  • Do consider a second pair: Have a backup pair of comfortable shoes for dancing in the evening or if your feet get tired.

Understanding Wedding Shoe Basics

It’s necessary to have a solid grasp of the basics when it comes to buying wedding shoes. From different types to determining your style, this chapter will equip you with the knowledge you need to make the right choice for your big day.

Types of Wedding Shoes

For brides-to-be, wedding shoes come in various styles, each with its own unique features and benefits. From classic heels to comfortable flats, it’s crucial to choose a pair that not only complements your dress but also keeps you comfortable throughout the day. Recognising the right type for you can make all the difference on your wedding day.

Heels Flats
Traditional and elegant Comfortable and practical
Can elongate your silhouette? Ideal for outdoor weddings
Bring a touch of glamour Allow for easy movement
Not suitable for all-day wear May lack the formality of heels
Best paired with a ball gown Perfect for a bohemian style

Determining Your Wedding Shoe Style

Shoe style can vary greatly depending on personal preference and the overall theme of your wedding. Whether you opt for a classic, vintage, modern, or bohemian look, it’s crucial to choose a style that reflects your personality and complements your dress. Recognising your wedding shoe style will help you narrow down your options and find the perfect pair.

Dos of Buying Wedding Shoes

Wedding: Do Consider the Wedding Venue

Despite the excitement of choosing the perfect pair of wedding shoes, it’s crucial to consider the wedding venue when making your selection. Outdoor weddings may require more practical footwear options, such as flats or wedges, to navigate grass or sand effortlessly. Indoor venues may allow for more flexibility in heel height and style.

Wedding: Do Prioritise Comfort

Despite the desire to wear stunning heels on your special day, prioritising comfort should be a top consideration when choosing wedding shoes. Long hours of standing, walking, and dancing require footwear that will keep you comfortable and pain-free throughout the day.

The last thing you want is to be grimacing in pain rather than smiling with joy in your wedding photos. Opt for cushioned insoles and supportive shoe designs to ensure your feet stay happy all day long.

On Do Think About Heel Height

When considering heel height for your wedding shoes, it’s important to think about practicality as well as aesthetics. A mid-height heel can provide the elegance you desire while offering more stability and comfort than towering stilettos.

Coordinate with your dress.

Coordinate your wedding shoes with your dress to create a cohesive and polished look on your big day. Matching the colour and style of your shoes to your dress can tie your whole bridal ensemble together beautifully.

An Do Test Them Before the Big Day

For instance, try walking around your house in your new wedding shoes to ensure they are comfortable and well-fitting. Make any necessary adjustments or additions, such as gel insoles or heel grips, to guarantee a comfortable fit on the day.

Don’ts of Buying Wedding Shoes

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort for Style

For your big day, it’s important not to sacrifice comfort in favour of style when selecting your wedding shoes. While it’s tempting to choose a pair of shoes that look gorgeous, remember that you’ll be on your feet for long hours, dancing and mingling with guests. Choosing uncomfortable shoes can quickly turn your dream day into a painful nightmare.

Don’t Forget About the Season

Forget not to consider the season when picking out your wedding shoes. The weather can greatly impact your shoe choice, whether it’s sweltering heat, rainy weather, or a chilly winter day. Consider practicalities like sandals for summer weddings or closed-toe shoes for winter affairs, to ensure your comfort throughout the day.

Seasonal changes can significantly influence your choice of wedding shoes. Be prepared and choose wisely to avoid any weather-related mishaps on your special day.

Don’t Overlook the Colour Scheme

Don’t forget to match your wedding shoes with your overall colour scheme. Clashing colours can be a major fashion faux pas that distracts from your beautiful wedding ensemble. It’s crucial to select shoes that complement your dress and theme, creating a harmonious look from head to toe.

With careful consideration, you can ensure that your wedding shoes enhance your outfit without overpowering it. Matching the colour scheme will tie your whole bridal look together seamlessly.

Don’t Leave It to the Last Minute

Dont leave the purchase of your wedding shoes to the last minute. Rushing to buy shoes just before your wedding can lead to limited options and added stress. Plan ahead to allow time for fittings, adjustments, and breaking in your shoes for maximum comfort on the day.

Another point to consider is that last-minute decisions may not align with the overall vision you have for your wedding attire. Take the time to select the perfect pair that checks all the boxes for style, comfort, and suitability.

Don’t Ignore the Budget

Wedding shoes are a crucial part of your bridal ensemble, but don’t ignore your budget in the excitement of shopping. Overspending on shoes could mean less money for other important elements of your wedding. Set a budget and stick to it, ensuring you allocate funds sensibly across all aspects of your special day.

Leave room in your budget for any additional costs that may arise, but remember that being budget-conscious when selecting your wedding shoes will help you create an unforgettable day without breaking the bank.

Fit and Comfort

Understanding Shoe Sizing

Not all shoe sizes are created equal, which is why it’s crucial to understand how shoe sizing works when purchasing your wedding shoes. Different shoe brands may have variations in sizes, so it’s important to refer to the specific brand’s size guide to ensure you get the right fit.

The Importance of the Right Fit

An ill-fitting shoe can not only be uncomfortable but can also ruin your entire wedding day experience. It’s imperative to find the right fit to avoid blisters, sore feet, or even potential injuries on your special day.

For instance, a shoe that is too tight can cause pain and restrict your movement, while a shoe that is too loose can lead to tripping hazards and discomfort throughout the day.

Tips for Achieving Maximum Comfort

To ensure maximum comfort on your wedding day, follow these tips:

  • Get professionally measured: Visit a shoe store for an accurate measurement of your foot size.
  • Choose the right material: Opt for breathable materials, like leather, to prevent sweaty feet.
  • Consider heel height: Select a heel height that you are comfortable wearing for an extended period.

This will help you find wedding shoes that not only look stunning but also keep your feet happy throughout the celebrations.

More about Tips for Achieving Maximum Comfort

To ensure your wedding day is as comfortable as it is beautiful, pay special attention to the fit and comfort of your shoes. This is crucial in preventing any discomfort or pain that could distract you from enjoying your special day to the fullest.

Aesthetic Considerations

Matching the Shoe to Your Wedding Theme

Keep in mind that your wedding shoes play a crucial role in tying your entire bridal look together. One important consideration is matching the shoe to your wedding theme. If you’re having a beach wedding, you may opt for sandals or flats with a bohemian vibe. For a more traditional church wedding, classic pumps or elegant heels may be more appropriate. Consider the overall aesthetics of your wedding when choosing the style, colour, and material of your shoes.

Embellishments and Details

Your wedding shoes should not only complement your dress but also reflect your personal style. Your choice of embellishments and details can add a touch of uniqueness to your bridal look. Whether you prefer delicate lace, sparkling crystals, or romantic bows, make sure the embellishments on your shoes align with the overall theme of your wedding. Be mindful not to overwhelm your outfit with too many embellishments, as simplicity can often make a more powerful statement.

As far as embellishments, less is often more. Opt for subtle details that enhance the beauty of your shoes without overpowering your entire ensemble. Bear in mind, your wedding shoes should be a reflection of your personality and style, so choose wisely to ensure they complement your overall look.

Classic vs Modern Styles

Wedding shoes come in a wide range of styles, from classic to modern, and the choice between the two can greatly impact your overall bridal look. Classic styles, such as timeless pumps or elegant sandals, exude sophistication and timeless elegance. On the other hand, modern styles like statement heels or quirky flats can add a contemporary twist to your ensemble.

Plus, remember to consider your comfort and the practicality of the shoes when choosing between classic and modern styles. While stylish shoes may look stunning, they should also be comfortable enough to carry you through the day and night without causing any discomfort or pain.

Practical Advice

Where to Shop for Wedding Shoes

Where you shop for your wedding shoes can greatly impact the quality and comfort of your footwear. Opt for reputable shoe stores or bridal boutiques that specialise in wedding footwear. These establishments often have a wider selection of styles and sizes to cater to different preferences and needs. Additionally, consider shopping online but be cautious of counterfeit products and ensure you are buying from a trusted retailer.

Time Frame for Purchase

An important aspect to consider when buying wedding shoes is the time frame for purchase. It is recommended to buy your wedding shoes at least 2–3 months before the big day. This timeframe allows for any necessary alterations and ensures you have ample time to break in your shoes for added comfort on the wedding day.

Shoes are a crucial element of your wedding attire, and selecting the right pair requires careful consideration. Take into account the style of your dress, venue, and personal preferences when choosing your wedding shoes. Ensure they complement your overall look while providing the comfort you need to enjoy the celebration.

Return Policies and Warranties

Purchase wedding shoes from retailers that offer flexible return policies and warranties. These policies can provide you with added peace of mind in case the shoes are not as expected or require adjustments. Prioritise stores that allow returns within a reasonable timeframe and offer warranties for quality assurance.

When investing in wedding shoes, pay attention to the details of the return policies and warranties. Ensure you understand the conditions for returns, exchanges, and any warranty coverage to avoid any potential issues down the line.

Breaking In Your Shoes

Breaking in your wedding shoes is important to ensure maximum comfort on your special day. Start wearing your shoes around the house a few weeks before the wedding to soften them and identify any areas that may cause discomfort. Additionally, consider using gel inserts or heel grips to enhance the fit and prevent blisters.

Policies Do not forget, comfortable shoes are key to enjoying your wedding day. Prioritise proper fit and comfort when selecting your wedding shoes to make the most of this special occasion.

Final Considerations

Backup Options

Final considerations should always include backup options for your wedding shoes. It is advisable to invest in a second pair of shoes that are comfortable and stylish as a backup plan. This way, if anything happens to your main shoes on the big day, you have a reliable alternative to ensure you can still walk down the aisle with confidence.

Wedding Day Shoe Emergency Kit

Final preparations for your wedding day should include putting together a shoe emergency kit. This kit can include items such as blister plasters, spare heel tips, and cushioned insoles. Having this kit on hand can save the day if you encounter any shoe-related mishaps during the celebrations.

Plus, remember to assign a bridesmaid or trusted friend to look after your emergency kit on the day. This way, you can enjoy your wedding without worrying about any potential shoe emergencies.

Preserving Your Wedding Shoes Post-Event

On a final note, after the wedding day is over, it is necessary to take care of your wedding shoes to preserve them for the future. Clean your shoes according to the material they are made from, and store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Proper care will keep your wedding shoes in pristine condition, allowing you to cherish them as a memento of your special day for years to come.

Understanding how to care for and preserve your wedding shoes post-event is crucial in maintaining their quality and appearance. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your bridal shoes remain a beautiful reminder of the joyous occasion that marked the beginning of your new journey.

Summing up, when it comes to buying wedding shoes, there are certain dos and don’ts to keep in mind. Do consider comfort a top priority, opt for a style that complements your dress, and choose a heel height you can manage throughout the day. Don’t forget to break in your shoes before the big day, neglect the importance of quality materials, or leave your purchase to the last minute.

By following these guidelines and making informed decisions, you can ensure that your wedding shoes not only look stunning but also keep you comfortable and confident as you walk down the aisle. Recall, your wedding day is a special occasion, and your choice of footwear should reflect both your personal style and practical needs.


Q: What factors should I consider when buying wedding shoes?

A: When buying wedding shoes, consider factors such as comfort, style, heel height, material, and budget.

Q: How do I ensure the perfect fit for my wedding shoes?

A: To ensure the perfect fit for your wedding shoes, have your feet measured professionally, try on shoes in the afternoon when your feet are slightly swollen, and walk around to test comfort.

Q: Should I break in my wedding shoes before the big day?

A: Yes, it is recommended to break in your wedding shoes by wearing them around the house to avoid any blisters or discomfort on the big day.

Q: What are the dos of buying wedding shoes?

A: The dos of buying wedding shoes include choosing a style that complements your dress, opting for a comfortable pair, considering the venue, and selecting a shoe with good grip.

Q: What are the don’ts of buying wedding shoes?

A: The don’ts of buying wedding shoes include waiting until the last minute to purchase, sacrificing comfort for style, forgetting to consider the weather, and overlooking the importance of shoe accessories.

Q: How can I make sure my wedding shoes match my dress?

A: To ensure your wedding shoes match your dress, consider the colour, style, and embellishments of your gown when selecting your shoes. Bring a fabric swatch, if possible.

Q: What should I do if my dream wedding shoes are out of budget?

A: If your dream wedding shoes are out of budget, look for similar styles from other brands, consider renting designer shoes, or explore pre-loved options to find a more affordable pair.